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Shinra Year Twenty Five

yeah, we're still here. go figure.

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Created on 2011-12-25 09:05:51 (#1263174), last updated 2011-12-31 (298 weeks ago)

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Name:Shinra Year Twenty-Five
Posting Access:All Members
Like [info]shinrayearone only moreso.

Shinra Personnel
President Shinra: [info]callmefinn
Vice-President Rufus: [info]rufus_sama
Weapons Dept: [info]a_scarlet_turk
Peace Preservation Dept: [info]protosoldier
Urban Development Dept: [info]dickiereeve
Space Dept: [info]tea_n_cigs
Science Dept: [info]translitgeek

Veld: [info]stuffyturk
Tseng: [info]heartlikealotus
Reno: [info]red_headed_turk
Rude: [info]bald_turk

Sephiroth: [info]silverspecimen
Kilroy: [info]shinlu_kilroy
Zack: [info]heartsblade
Cloud: [info]soldier_fanboy
Gackt: [info]gawthsoldier

Elsewhere in Midgar
Mukki: [info]sweat_boi

On the Wutai Side...
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