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Jul. 13th, 2006 02:54 am
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Veld: *your evil IS lame, Hojo. this is why my side's winning now*
Hojo: *you know, you could stop provoking me*
Hojo: *is going to spend a NICE FUCKING EVENING with two LOVELY WOMEN and you can go fuck off, Veld. or fuck Vincent, whatever.*
nolenteovolente: (wow they hate each other sometimes)
Veld: *better watch your blood pressure. it catches up with you.*
Hojo: *so does being an ass to people. I'm not the only person in the world who needs to learn that lesson.*
Hojo: *I do, however, remain impressed with how readily you offered me access to your bloodstream earlier in your haste to regain your balls.*
Veld: *see, I KNEW there was a catch!*
Hojo: *not that I would do anything. that I'm going to tell you about.*
Veld: *So help me if I turn into anything diabolical... or CUTE or something... I'll... THINK OF SOMETHING*
Hojo: *picks out a nice plum wine, and a bottle of scotch while he's at it*
Hojo: *oh no, nothing that complex*
Veld: *>.>*
Hojo: *certainly isn't bastard enough to apply fertility drugs or anything* *you trust me, right?*
Veld: *and just when I start to maybe thing you're all right you pull WEIRD ASS SCIENCE STUNTS on me.*
Hojo: *you have a funny way of demonstrating that you think I'm "all right"*
Hojo: *besides, as long as you and Vin are "safe" you won't have an issue. oops, wait, you don't actually know the importance of that "in-character" do you? hope your sixth grade sex ed class sunk in.*
Veld: *well, I was getting around to that. who pissed in your cheerios?*
Hojo: *you did*
Veld: *I think I would remember that. Geez.*
Hojo: *arrives home and starts on dinner while Lu lies down*
Iffy: Thanks. ^^
(Hojo: And hey, it's not like Vin would have to carry the kid to term. I scare the shit out of both of you and then I put it in an artificial womb and everybody's happy.)
(Veld: But is the scaring the shit out of people necessary? and why in GOD'S NAME would you want TWO VERY CRAZY PEOPLE to breed? There is no logic there.)
(Hojo: When one of the two people is you? Yes.)
(Hojo: And because if you go far enough into crazy you come out the other side. And also because it's fun.)
(Veld: You know, we should just go to fisticuffs and stop the petty little poking.)
(Hojo: Hey, you pick the field you're good at, I pick the field I'm good at.)
(Veld: Or we could try Scrabble. That's gotta be healthier.)
(Hojo: I might be up for that. How many languages?)
(Veld: Oh, start out easy. Say three?)
(Hojo: Common, Wutaian, and?)
(Veld: Oh, I'm feeling basic. Costan?)
(Hojo: Sure. Inverted Mideel style, implied letter accents, three-minute time limit?)
(Veld: Naturally.)
(Veld: And you check any surprise needles and I'll be sure to leave my gun with Scarlet or something.)
(Hojo: Deal.)
(Hojo: *has a custom-made set of tiles for Cetrain scrabble*)
(Veld: *notices and mildly covets. hey, they're pretty.*)
(Hojo: Shall we make both Reysin and Notaru romanizations of Wutaian legal?)
(Veld: Considering the contradictions sometimes... better just stick with Reysin.
(Hojo: Pansy.)
(Veld: Well FINE. If you can handle it, nerdling.)
(what are we, like five? wait, nevermind. yes.)
(Hojo: Oh, I can handle it. Native language, bitch.)
(Veld: Doesn't mean you can navigate the grammar. Native speakers get lazy.)
nolenteovolente: (Vin: *happy enough to sit off and watch TV or read a book at this point*)
(Hojo: Inverse Mideel makes slang legal, don't forget.)
(Veld: Oh, no wonder you wanted to use that. Well. Good thing I picked some stuff up while you and Yukio perved about with your survelliance hobby.)
(Hojo: Oh, I wouldn't have it any other way. Throw down, bitch.)
(they're still just talking about RULES? god, it must take them like A WEEK to play the game.)
(I'm sure it does.)
Veld: *puts down a word that roughly translates into a type of... rice farming?!*
Hojo: *lays down a Costan word for sunburn. One of sixteen in the language.*
Reno and Aeris: *we all know what happens when Valentines and Dragoons fight by now*
Veld: You sure there's not an 'e' on the end of that?
Hojo: Only if it's a feminine sunburn.
Veld: Well, considering the player. Anyway. *lays down word for a flanking manuever in Costan. which is rare because they're a usually neutral county in wars*
Hojo: *lays down the Wutaian word "Xi" on triple word score*
Hojo: Cheap, but effective.
Veld: I'm sure you're quite familiar with that.
Hojo: More letters, fewer editorials.
Veld: *makes hand gesture* *gets rid of a z and a u on a type of tequila*
Veld: And I think that's a double.
Hojo: Not bad.
Hojo: *empties his tray on a Common word for corrupt politician*
nolenteovolente: (ShinRa?)
nolenteovolente: XD
Veld: But that's a proper name.
(god, he plays Scrabble like my DAD)
nolenteovolente: (your dad and Veld would like each other XD)
(It can't actually be shinra. That's not enough letters to empty a tray.)
Hojo: Derived from Shinra, but no longer technically a name.
(I know. I figured not. XD he just had to protest. because he's losing. XD)
(I always beat my family at Scrabble because I understand Latin roots. XD and Dad always protests. it's kind of like a pattern.)
Veld: Just checking. *hrm. so many vowels.*
Veld: *old Common word for the sound water makes in a pipe*
Hojo: You sure that does have an e on it?
Veld: You did say slang was legal. It's an old Kalm dialect.
Hojo: *nods* *lays down the Wutaian word for cross-dressing*
(There's something special about being able to perform psychological warfare with scrabble tiles. XD*)
(yes, yes there is.)
Veld: *adds on to the word to make it specifically dealing with a court setting*
Hojo: *adds a prefix referring to foreigners*
Veld: *glares* *puts down a Costan word for a weapon that works a little like a cactuar*
Hojo: *sets down a very vulgar Common word for hired killer*
Veld: *oh you wanna play that way?* *puts down a racial slur for an exile*
Hojo: *a-m-n-e-s-i-a*
Veld: *f-l-a-y*
Hojo: *why look, I can use that l to spell s-l-u-t*
Veld: *and I can put s-c-i-e-n-c-e over in this other place. as in slut of?*
Hojo: *and I can use that to spell p-s-y-c-h-o. double word points.*
Veld: *but why stop there? just add p-a-t-h to the end, and well, you've got the sort of thing you make for a living.*
Hojo: *look, I can spell e-l-e-m-e-n-t, as in compounds are only the sum of their basic elements*
Veld: *Your point? It's all e-v-i-l anyway.*
Hojo: *maybe I should make sure all psychopaths end up in the l-o-o-n-e-y bin, where they belong?*
Veld: *m-a-d scientists first.*
Hojo: *we're all mad here, my dear mad-m-a-n*
Veld: *but isn't s-a-n-i-t-y overrated anyway?*
Hojo: *that depends on how we d-e-f-i-n-e sanity, doesn't it?*
Veld: *some random insult in Costan that roughly translates to "your mom"*
Hojo: *h-o-n-e-y-b-e-e* *goes back for tiles* *empty box*
Veld: When did we run out of tiles? *s-p-e-n-d-e-r*
Hojo: Just now, apparently. Shall we total up the scores?
Veld: Well, that's the point, isn't it?
Hojo: Go ahead.
Veld: *adds up his score* I take it you've added yours already.
Veld: *had to use pen and paper. Vin's the one with the number talent*
Hojo: *nods* 387.
Vin: *ordering pizza with Palmer's credit card*
Veld: *frowns* We tied.
Hojo: *sighs* Alex? Levi? I think we get the point.
Veld: *checks math* Yes, 387.
Veld: You sure you did your math right?
Vin: *glance* Yes he did.
Hojo: Thanks for impugning my math skills. *walks away*
Veld: *rolls eyes* Geez. I was just checking. Sensitive. God.
Hojo: I have work to catch up on.
Veld: *checks watch* Ya, me too. Good game anyway.
Hojo: Yeah. Good game.
Veld: Next time, Cetrain. No slang.
Hojo: Sure thing.
Veld: *goes off to yell at Reno or something*

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'Hojo: *nods* *lays down the Wutaian word for cross-dressing*
(There's something special about being able to perform psychological warfare with scrabble tiles. XD*)
(yes, yes there is.)'

I died. XD <3

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