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[Scarlet found Reno in the lift while going to see Rufus, she has dragged him up with her to the office, mostly because he wrote of a lot of weapons in the past]

Reno: I ah, have, ah...

Scarlet: No work to do. *knocks* You haven't done anything since Vincent and Veld left.

Reno: ... been a little crazy. *knocks on the door*

Rufus: Come in.

Scarlet: I found our missing Turk. *walks in flipping through files* Also I've done a firm weapons count of everything.

Reno: *groans* Take a vacation and everyone thinks you're going AWOL. And Ex-Turk.

Rufus: How many are we missing?

Scarlet: Since production? More than I'd like to count. How far back do you want to go?

Scarlet: *has a seat*

Reno: *does the same*

Rufus: I've had some rather unpleasant reports of weapons smuggling under the Plate. Mostly, I want to know how many of those are probably ours.

Reno: It don look like most of them are ours. They knockoffs

Scarlet: *looks at Reno*

Rufus: ...Oh, really?

Rufus: That is... rather more disturbing than I thought.

Reno: *nods*

Reno: Wha happens is they pick up our weapons, make copies an then either give em back or keep em.

Rufus: *nods* Am I the only one bothered by the idea that someone has the capacity to manufacture weapons down there?

Scarlet: You'd be amazed what you can do when you basically live in a scrap-yard sir.

Reno: Yeah, they do mako injections an everythin below plate, Ru-man.

Rufus: *nods, frowning* What can we do about that?

Scarlet: It's going to be difficult, I'm working with Reeve about giving Zak a budget and creating a new division strictly for Slum Renovation and clean up

Rufus: Good.

Reno: I actually wanted ta talk to you about that too.

Reno: I don't *sigh* I have to stop being a Turk.

Scarlet: *looking at him*

Rufus: What?

Scarlet: Would you like me to leave?

Reno: Naw, I just. You got the memo about Valentine, right?

Rufus: That he was your father, yes.

Reno: If I keep getting those shots, I'm going to go crazy man.

Reno: Its dumb luck and reading people that's kept me alive as it IS.

Rufus: Well, I certainly don't want you going crazy. Is there nothing else that can be done?

Reno: Without the shots I'm not going to risk someone getting killed because I can't perform.

Scarlet: Vincent was always crazy, Reno. He heard things from as far back as I've known him.

Reno: Yeah, so have I and The shots made him worse.

Scarlet: *nods*

Rufus: Where would you like to transfer to?

Reno: I've already got a few ins underplate. If you want, I can start running Intel, if you trust me to do that.

Reno: I've already given Cloud a lot of information, and I obviously look a lot different, moving into the bar with Cleo will be easy I'll just claim Vin as my brother.

Rufus: Have you talked to your mother?

Reno: Yeah, she's ... upset.

Reno: My old man sorta adopted me, I was born after they got married, but yeah. Shit ya do for money.

Rufus: *nods*

Reno: Nothin ta do bout it now.

Rufus: Intel sounds like a good place for you.

Reno: If ya sure man.

Rufus: You work well with under-plate people; they trust you. Taking advantage of that seems like the best plan of action. With your... altered appearance, the odds that anyone will recognize you as a former TURK are significantly lessened.

Reno: *nods* I'm gonna go then. I'll work on the reports and start moving some wiring inta tha bar then. There's a lot goin on down there lately.

Scarlet: Always picks up when a new person take the lead.

Rufus: *nods* Keep me apprised.

Reno: Yeah, and they been reportin murders lately, its got everythin jacked up.

Scarlet: I try to tell Sephiroth that, but I don't think he grasps the concept.

Rufus: We're all a little new in the city management aspects.

Reno: you'd have to live down there ta get it. Not live down there as Rufus, or as an authority figure, but really down there.

Scarlet: Its a hard thing to grasp, really it is. I mean, people just sorta get tossed in dumpsters most the time down there.

Reno: And the ODs are never reported.

Scarlet: Not to mention the kids that just "go missing"

Rufus: *nods* All things I'm trying to fix.

Reno: I'll work on it.

Scarlet: Zak's position will help considerably.

Rufus: *nods* Also the education programs that are being implemented.

Reno: I'll be enrolling in the school down dere too. Prolly should give myself a criminal record so just poppin round don't look suspicious

Rufus: *nods* Nothing too horrific, I think?

Scarlet: You're how old Re?

Reno: Twenty three.

Scarlet: Armed robbery, manslaughter, maybe questionable murder count, defense lessened your charge, say you were... 15?

Reno: That gives me a 10 year, cut down for good behavior?

Scarlet: Would work'

Rufus: Good.

Scarlet: The regular SOLDIERS and police should not know the record is falsified.

Scarlet: We have an inner leek as a problem so this shouldn't be classified

Rufus: As far as I'm concerned, Reno's new assignment doesn't leave this room.

Scarlet: Well, Zak, Cloud and Sephiroth know him on sight.

Rufus: Tell them, and I suppose whoever else would know you.

Scarlet: They would be it.

Rufus: Good. *nods*

Reno: *nods* I'll be on ma way then.

Scarlet: I'll make sure the police know to keep an eye on Reno Valentine as he's been released from prison.

Rufus: Good. We can... what's the phrase? Haul him in for questioning from time to time?

Reno: Har har har. *sticks his tongue out at them both*

Rufus: Well, it IS a reasonable way for you to make a report.

Reno: yeah, just have Seph, Cloud or Zak come arrest me, I'll fight with em *snickers*

Scarlet: OH and I think Kilroy needs a promotion

Rufus: Mention it to Sephiroth.

Reno: *salutes and walks out*

Scarlet: We're going to have to fight a war to get that place under control, sir. I've got faith in you. But Reno may be in over his head.

Rufus: *laughs a little* I think we're all in over our heads, Scarlet. The question is, can we learn to swim before we drown?

Scarlet: Not water logged yet, am I?

Rufus: I daresay not.

Scarlet: Well, I don't worry about him getting himself killed as much after reading his new proficiency reports. *sighs* And Tseng is cutting Turks down right? I need to talk to him about budgets.

Rufus: Yes. Some of the former TURKs are getting shifted to SOLDIER, and some are being let go. I think he's aiming for about two dozen total, including general building security.

Scarlet: Two dozen TURKS?

Rufus: Most of them without treatments, I believe.

Scarlet: *Frowns* I don't think that we require that many Turks. The whole purpose of my old division was dirty work. And you couldn't possibly need two dozen bodyguards if you plan on keeping your nose clean.

Rufus: They're not for me. *sighs* I really don't foresee a need for assassins in my organization; I'm giving Tseng the job of handling internal security. Clearly we need some.

Scarlet: *nods* Perhaps then an Intel class below the Turk class itself unless we want to dissolve the program entirely? TURK has a connotation to it that we may want to lose entirely.

Rufus: It connotes, among other things, a group of people that shouldn't be crossed.

Scarlet: *nods* You're the boss.

Rufus: I discussed this at length with Tseng and Sephiroth.

Scarlet: *shrugs* I just remember how people treat Turks from the Turk side. I'm sure you three are capable.

Rufus: Bitter about being one of Shinra's attack dogs, Scarlet?

Scarlet: Yes.

Scarlet: Bitter about being used, but at least we are mostly all alive to be bitter. I'm confident in you, Rufus.

Rufus: I appreciate that.

Scarlet: When we find out who is smuggling those weapons, however, I don't think being soft on them is a good idea.

Rufus: I'm willing to be gentle up to the point where someone hurts my people. After that? I am merciless.

Scarlet: *nods* OH, Reeve is working on a new robot prototype. I think you'll find it VERY interesting. I have a report on it under the weapons specks and my budget requirements. If we are stepping up the Turk program, I don't know how much will be left for SOLDIER. But that's what meetings are for.

Rufus: A robot?

Scarlet: An amazing little robot.

Rufus: *flips through the report*

Scarlet: *waits with a smirk*

Rufus: ...a stuffed cat?

Scarlet: The moogle is stuffed, the cat isn't.

Rufus: Ah. Of course. PR, I take it?

Scarlet: Intel.

Scarlet: *stands up* I'm going to have to get going, I'll see if I can bring a prototype up next week. If you need anything just call.

Rufus: Will do.

Scarlet: *salutes and leaves*
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