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Part one of quitting the Turks is stopping them mako shots.

[Hojo is being hojo-y in the labs when Reno walks in]

Hojo: *bent over the counter, working*

Reno: *does not knock at all, never does* *has his new weapons evals with his left handed scores* *walks RIGHT up behind Hojo and watches what he is doing*

Hojo: *studying geostigma samples under a microscope*

Reno: Hey doc? *still right there*

Hojo: *jumps, possibly knocking into Reno*

Reno: *scuttles back, knocking into a sliding tray* Ah... hey? *puts the stuff back, hopes its where it was before he knocked it*

Hojo: Gah. Reno? What is it?

Reno: I wanted to know if you had time to look over these records, that I dropped ah. *picks them up* And I wanted to talk to you about Valentine's mental evaluations and the shots and stuff.

Hojo: *rubs temples* If you put them in order, I suppose I could. Why the interest in Valentine's mental state?

Reno: *still ordering* I'mkindahearingthings.

Hojo: *far more interested than is probably healthy* Ohhh?

Reno: *hands files to Hojo* Ah... yeah.

Hojo: *accepts* What kind of voices?

Reno: Not mine kind?

Hojo: Tiny bit more specific, if you please?

Reno: *looks around* It..it's a long story.

Hojo: *leads Reno into his office and sits down* Okay, I'm comfortable.

Reno: You know how Rude and I always seem to know wha each other is thinkin?

Hojo: *nods*

Reno: s'cause I can hear what he is thinking

Hojo: There's no evidence that Vincent is telepathic, if that's what you're asking.

Reno: No, but that's what I'm sorta gettin at.

Hojo: Go on.

Reno: *sighs* Look at the accuracy report I gave you, I know shooting right is unimpressive. Hell I know blind luck is why I am alive right now.

Reno: And I know, considering my ah... whats the word? Considerin Vincent, ya were expecting more out a me.

Hojo: *flips through, listening*

Hojo: Go on.

Reno: Well read tha other report. *sighs* I'm starting to hear things I don't wanna hear. This guy, his name is Jon.

Hojo: You're just starting to hear him now?

Hojo: ... why didn't it occur to you to shoot left-handed before?

Reno: I'm right handed.

Reno: I can't use my left fer nothin, didn't figure shootin be any different.

Hojo: *laughs*

Reno: *not as amused*

Hojo: *waits for Reno to answer the first question*

Reno: This Jon guy's off his rocker and after seein... Gigas and Hellmasker I'm worried.

Reno: It's all fire and damnation and ranting about blood and purifying the evils.

Hojo: You're not going to turn fuzzy any time soon. It took years of work to get that reaction out of Vincent, and he'd had the voices for years.

Reno: I know that. But ... could YOU live with that in your head all tha time?

Hojo: Like sharing an apartment with Adrian?

Reno: It isn't like a roommate, its when I'm sleeping.

Reno: I get the worst nightmares.

Hojo: *nods*

Hojo: Anything else?

Reno: Images, an alter, lots of blood, screaming, and I get them when I'm awake now.

Reno: I ... *tilts head* You don't believe me with the Rude thing at all do you?

Hojo: When did they start?

Hojo: What makes you think I don't believe you?

Reno: When I was a kid. They got worse when the mako shots started.

Reno: Its hard to believe for one thing and I don't know I just don't think you do.

Hojo: I'm willing to believe a lot more than I was a few weeks ago. I'm suspending judgement until I have reason to believe or dismiss it.

Hojo: Let's try taking you off the mako shots and see if that stabilizes the situation.

Reno: And then what? I can't exactly be a Turk without them, no real hurry to die a painful death.

Reno: Or get someone else killed.

Hojo: So get yourself reassigned.

Reno: *sighs* Hey, is Rufus around? Actually wanted to talk to him about this.

Hojo: He's not feeling well, but you can try his office.

Reno: *nods* So I'm not gonna go crazy?

Hojo: Not likely. I'll keep an eye on you, of course. Feel free to call me if things get worse.

Reno: I could prolly prove I'm not crazy with the mind reading thing if you wanted me to.

Hojo: If you like.

Reno: alright, just start thinking about something.

Hojo: *thinks about a peanut butter sandwich with no crusts, cut diagonally*

Reno: *laughs* Peanut butter sandwich no crusts cut diagonally?

Reno: That's a strange thing to think about.

Hojo: I haven't had lunch yet.

Reno: *shrugs*

Hojo: Why do you bring this up in relation to the voices? Do you think it's telepathy?

Reno: Maybe I hope it is so I'm not crazy? I dunno, I have to really think hard to pick up someone who isn't Rude.

Reno: Rude and I can go back and forth like talkin.

Reno: But this guy doesn't know I'm there.

Hojo: *nods*

Reno: And I can't control when he talks.

Reno: So yeah.

Hojo: Well, we'll see how the reduction of mako works out.

Reno: You want me to tell ya if anythin changes?

Hojo: Please.

Reno: *nods and then leaves* Thanks.

Hojo: *gets his lunch out of the file cabinet behind him*


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