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[Very early morning at the skating rink. Seph and Cloud are meeting with their prospective coach.]

Gretchen Weiss: ::already there and waiting::

Seph: *dressed in nondescript sweats with his hair braided back, carrying his shiny new skates*

Gretchen: ::built along the same lines as Lu, but with the much sturdier build of an athlete, dari hair pulled back in a Princess Leia buns but behind her ears::

Cloud: *looking very much like an 80s girl, legwarmers and all*

Cloud: *nervous* I hope she likes us.

Gretchen: ::highy olympic in her little red skating dress, tan stockings and white skates::

Seph: We'll do fine.

Gretchen: Mr. Houjou? Mr...er...Miss Strife?

Gretchen: ::could have sworn CLoud was a dude::

Cloud: Mister. ^^;

Seph: Good morning.

Gretchen: ::blink:: Oh. All right. ::scribbles on clip board:: Gretchen Weiss. ::offers hand::

Seph: *shakes*

Cloud: I, um...dress like a girl sometimes...*shakes hand*

Gretchen: So I see.

Gretchen: ::no further comment on that:: Tell me have the two of you skated together long?

Gretchen: ::shakes::

Cloud: *bright red* Well, actually...

Seph: Cloud's been skating quite a while, but we've just started working together.

Cloud: *phew!*

Cloud: *so didn't want to say since yesterday*

Gretchen: ::nods:: very good

Gretchen: have you ever competed?

Seph: I haven't.

Cloud: I did a couple of juniors back home...but not in a long time.

Gretchen: I see... ::makin' notes::

Gretchen: All right. Well, let me see what you can do. A bit of foot work, some lifts, synchronized jumps

Gretchen: no throws please

Seph: *nods*

Gretchen: I didn't bring my helmet today...

Gretchen: ::signals to sound guy for some music:: ::"Skaters Waltz"::

Cloud: Yes, ma'am. *steps on ice*

Seph: *follows Cloud*

Cloud: *skates around a bit to warm up* *fancy footwork*

Gretchen: ::observes::

Seph: *does the same, trying out some things he saw on the competition tapes the night before*

Gretchen: ::notes::

Cloud: *skates by Seph* Double toe loop?

Seph: *nods*

Cloud: *builds momentum* *looking over at Seph*

Seph: *nods*

Cloud: *jumps*

Seph: *jumps in tandem*

Gretchen: oo

Gretchen: very nice

Gretchen: ::makes notes::

Cloud: *smiles* Wanna lift me?

Seph: My pleasure.

Cloud: *skates into his arms*

Seph: *lifts*

Cloud: *does a full split in midair*

Gretchen: ::eyebrows::

Gretchen: ::noteses::

Cloud: *grip slipping a bit* Ok put me down...quick...

Seph: *puts him down*

Gretchen: hmm

Gretchen: all right, very good

Gretchen: you both seem to have the skills down fairly well

Gretchen: decent creativity

Gretchen: you just need to work on your finesse a bit ::smiles::

Gretchen: yes, yes I think this will do

Cloud: *beams*

Seph: *grins*

Gretchen: ^_^

Cloud: So, you'll coach us?

Gretchen: Yes, I will.

Gretchen: I assume the two of you are interested in entering the upcoming competition?

Seph: If you think we'll be ready in time.

Cloud: *yay!* We'd love to.

Gretchen: I think perhaps ::smiles::

Gretchen: there is no rule against same-sex pairs in skating, just as there is no rule against boy-girl synchronized swimming

Gretchen: however, that does not mean people will take to it

Gretchen: still, I think we can come up with something appropriate

Cloud: *squee* Cool!

Seph: *nods slowly* What are you thinking of?

Gretchen: well, we could do this one of two ways

Gretchen: either Mr. Strife can go all out and play the part of the lady, as he is now. ::nods to his skirt::

Gretchen: or you can both wear pants and focus more on a unified routine

Gretchen: I think you could do either successfully.

Gretchen: Also, having two males poses some interesting challenges.

Gretchen: Mr. Strife is a good deal smaller so lifts should not be a problem

Seph: I think Cloud's much more inclined to play the girl's part.

Gretchen: Conversely, no one has yet done quads in pairs.

Gretchen: a ladies legs usually cannot handle it ::is so the reason she's coaching and not skating atm::

Cloud: Guys outfits are so boring.

Cloud: *wants to be a pretty ice princess, kthx*

Gretchen: ::chuckles:: all right then.

Gretchen: ::notes::

Gretchen: hmmm yes I think I can come up with something.

Gretchen: perhaps something a bit more fun and playful to start with

Gretchen: that's usually a better bet for a debute

Seph: *very pleased with the idea of being the first to do something*

Cloud: Oh, that would be great. ^^

Gretchen: ^_^

Gretchen: ::amused by them::

Gretchen: for right now I want you two to practise doing moves together

Seph: *nods*

Gretchen: synchronizing is actually the toughest part for most couples

Gretchen: also, please make sure you have all your jumps correct. you're required to have at least three at this level

Gretchen: all must be at the very least doubles.

Seph: *nods*

Seph: Doubles are not a problem.

Seph: *chuckles* Too bad we can't do the backflip in competition, hm, Cloud?

Cloud: *giggles* Yeah...

Gretchen: I was serious when I mentioned quads.

Seph: *nods* We could do it.

Gretchen: Most men have trouble with them and only one woman has ever attempted one successfully.

Gretchen: ::nods:: THAT would be something.

Cloud: Tenshi could do it, no problem. He's really strong.

Cloud: *a little starry-eyed*

Seph: I'm sure you can do it too, Croudo.

Seph: *clears his throat* I mean, Cloud.

Gretchen: ::amused::

Gretchen: Good. Please don't try anyhting without me, tho. I don't need you breaking ankles ;P

Gretchen: Make sure you have your tripples down solidly first

Seph: *nods*

Cloud: Okay.

Seph: Shall we practice a bit, then, Croudo?

Cloud: *smiles* Sure.

Seph: Maybe I should work on my Wutaian accent. Not speaking the language very well would be a good reason not to do interviews.

Cloud: That's probably a good idea.

Cloud: There's bound to be a lot of interest if we're the first...

Seph: Damn my pride.

Seph: *pulls a triple*

Seph: If I weren't so damned proud, we could just go out and take seventh or whatever and no one would ever notice us. But I have to be the best.

Cloud: *skates a bit* *tries a triple, pops* It's just how you are...

Cloud: And I wouldn't respect you if you didn't try your best.

Cloud: *tries again, lands it a little shakily* It's part of why I love you.

Seph: *sighs* I wonder how long we can run this before people get curious and try and figure out who we are?

Cloud: Maybe you could put glasses on like Superman. *giggles*

Cloud: Seems to work for him...

Seph: *laughs* Then I'd look like my dad, and nobody would ever guess it was me.

Cloud: You'd look hot with glasses.

Seph: You think?

Cloud: *nods and giggles* Yeah, really.

Cloud: Sophisticated guys with glasses are sexy.

Seph: You wanna wrap up here and go find me some glasses, then?

Cloud: Sure! *grins*
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