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Seph: Ice skating?

Cloud: It's really fun. ^^

Seph: And it's certainly not very strenous. Perfectly appropriate to my level of recovery.

Cloud: It's good exercise, too.

Seph: Excellent.

Cloud: *gets coat* I can show you how...it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Seph: Most things are. *pulls his coat on*

Cloud: *digging in closet* *slings skates over shoulder* You can rent skates when we get there.

Seph: Okay.

[Science of time lapse, and the boys are at a large indoor rink]

Seph: *has braided his hair back and dressed as nondescriptly as possible*

Cloud: *is wearing a very cute sweater and tights* *sits and takes boots off* The rental booth is over there...

Cloud: *thinks* Actually...I can go get some skates for you. They'll probably ask for your ID and stuff.

Seph: Thanks.

Cloud: Size 12 right?

Seph: *nods* Thanks for understanding.

Cloud: *smiles* It's okay. *scurries to the booth*

Seph: *watches him go*

Cloud: *comes back with a pair of size 12 skates* Here you go.

Seph: *puts them on* What do I do with my shoes?

Cloud: *points to a row of lockers* We can put them there for now.

Cloud: *holds up a key*

Seph: *picks up his shoes* Lead the way, Cloud.

Cloud: *puts his skates on* *leads Seph to a locker and sticks his boots inside* Here we are.

Cloud: *takes Seph's shoes and puts them in too* *locks* Okay, time to get on the ice. *grins*

Seph: *walking in the skates without a problem*

Cloud: o_O (Wow, he's so cool!) *trails behind him*

Cloud: Okay...*steps onto the ice and skates out a bit* Just take baby glides at first.

Seph: *watches him*

Cloud: Just push off with the one foot, then the other. *demonstrates* And then when you wanna stop...just turn your feet like this. *stops*

Seph: *steps onto the ice*

Cloud: *skates up to him and takes his hands*

Seph: Skates are supposed to bite into the ice?

Cloud: Um, not that much...just relax a little.

Seph: *imitates Cloud*

Cloud: *skates backwards slowly, leading Seph* Easy does it...

Seph: *getting the hang of it with unnerving quickness*

Cloud: Wow...you're doing good. *smiles*

Seph: That's right, you've never seen me learn anything.

Cloud: Hmm?

Seph: *skating easily now*

Cloud: *lets go of Seph and skates more quickly, still backwards* You've really gotten the hang of it fast. Not even falling down.

Seph: Am I supposed to fall down?

Cloud: Falling down is bad. *giggles* It's just...most people fall down a few times before they get it.

Seph: I'm not most people.

Cloud: *smiles* I know. *skates a figure eight* *yes, he is good*

Seph: *follows without thinking about it*

Cloud: *whee!* *spins a little* Having fun?

Seph: *nods* Yeah, this is cool.

Cloud: *skates over to Seph and holds his hand* Mom used to take me to the pond every winter when I was little.

Cloud: *smiles and skates around Seph* It's the only thing I miss about back home.

Seph: Ice?

Cloud: Pretty much. It was the only fun thing to do, and I was good at it.

Seph: *nods* You look good doing it.

Cloud: *blushes* When I was really little...I wanted to be a figure skater. *giggles and skates away* *leaps a single axel*

Cloud: *so showing off for Seph*

Seph: Very nice. Do it again?

Cloud: Okay! *spins around, and repeats the jump*

Seph: *copies him*

Cloud: o_O Wow!

Seph: What? Did I do it wrong?

Cloud: No, not at all, it was perfect. *and so pretty*

Cloud: I've never seen anyone do it that quick. It took me weeks.

Seph: *shrugs* I'm a quick learner.

Cloud: I see that. *giggles* Wanna take a cocoa break?

Seph: What, you tired already?

Cloud: H--hey, no way!

Cloud: *zooms away* *Scott Hamilton backflip!*

Seph: Now that was impressive.

Cloud: *grins* Well, it's not really legal in competition...but it's REALLY fun.

Seph: *laughs* There are competitions for this?

Cloud: *eyes wide* Dude, it's like a really huge deal. People wear really pretty outfits and come up with the best routines and get judged...there's prize money and medals and stuff...

Cloud: *such a skating fanboy*

Seph: What, for skating in circles? *easy double axel* This isn't - hard.

Cloud: Well, it's not just jumping around and stuff. You get judged on artistic merits too.

Seph: Artistic merits?

Cloud: *nods* *twirls a little* It's not just about how fast you are, or how high you jump. It's also how pretty you look when you do it. It's kinda like dancing.

Seph: And... men do this too?

Seph: I suppose it's like the style section of sword forms, hm?

Cloud: *nods* Yeah, you could say it's like that. There's separate competitions for men and women, and also ones where people skate together in pairs.

Pairs? Like sparring?

Cloud: *giggles* Not really...you work together and stuff.

Seph: Do tell.

Cloud: *skates back over and holds his hand* Pairs are a guy and a girl. A lot of it is like singles, only synchronized...you match your partner's rhythm as closely as possible. But then there's throws and lifts and stuff, too.

Seph: Lifts? *picks Cloud up*

Cloud: *whoa* Hey!

Seph: *grins* Something wrong, Cloud?

Cloud: Uh, nothing...*trying to play it cool*

Seph: So now what?

Cloud: *wow, high up* Um...twirl me out, and then I hopefully land and don't crack my head open.

Seph: *does so*

Cloud: *spins in the air and gracefully lands on one skate*

Seph: Very nice.

Cloud: *smiles and stops* Wow...that was like, a triple loop.

Seph: That's good, right?

Cloud: REALLY good. *giggles* You know, with a bit of practice, and a lot of makeup, I could probably pass as a girl and we could totally win.

Seph: *laughs* Wouldn't that be illegal or something?

Cloud: So? *bats eyelashes*

Seph: Is there anything in the rules that says the partners HAVE to be of the opposite sex, or is it just tradition?

Cloud: *thinks* I'm not really sure...I mean, I never thought about it. I guess girls are easier to throw for a guy, so that's why it's like that.

Seph: Maybe we should check that out. Because I don't want to win by cheating.

Cloud: *giggles* Okay. I'll look it up when we get home, and then we can start practicing for our gold medal!

Seph: *looks around the rink* Is there a way to get the place without all these people in it?

People: *are watching them in awe*

Cloud: *blushes in embarrassment* You can rent private time. But it's a lot of money.

Seph: How much, a lot?

Cloud: Like, a hundred gil an hour, I think.

Seph: *shrugs* How much time would we need?

Cloud: For what? *blinks*

Seph: To prepare to win a gold medal.

Cloud: *blinks again* You're serious?

Seph: I'm good at winning competitions, Cloud.

Cloud: *squee* Well, we need to come up with a routine and stuff...maybe if we practice a couple hours a day, like really early...

Seph: *nods*

Seph: Before Zak gets up.

Cloud: *nods* Wow...can't believe this.

Seph: We probably ought to find a sensei.

Cloud: Yeah. We could probably ask the manager, there's a lot of top skaters who practice here.

Seph: *nods* Want to do that, then?

Cloud: *smiles* Sure. But first, cocoa. I'm a little cold.

Seph: Sure.

Cloud: *skates off ice* Do you want anything?

Seph: Nah. I think I'll fiddle around out here while you get warm. My muscles are just getting warmed up.

Cloud: *smiles* Okay. *walks to snack bar*

Seph: *skating* *doing random spins*

Seph: *Scott Hamilton backflip*

Cloud: *drinking cocoa* *dreamy staring at Seph*

Manager: *staring dumbfounded at Seph* *looks down at Cloud* Haven't seen you kids around here before. You're really good. Got a few minutes?

Cloud: *blushes* Um, well...okay, I guess. *yells to Seph* Se--er, Tenshi! Someone wants to talk to us.

Seph: *textbook stop* *glides over to Cloud*

Manager: That's some impressive skating, son. *holds out hand* Max Benton, I'm the manager of this rink.

Seph: *shakes* Tenshi Hojou.

Cloud: *shakes after* Cloud Strife.

Max: Nice to meet you. Listen, you kids ever think about competing?

Seph: Well... we haven't been at this very long.

Cloud: Yeah, we were kind of just doing it for fun.

Max: *narrows eyes shrewdly* Really? 'Cause you've got great stuff. A lot of power in your jumps, but you're graceful too. You'd do very well together.

Seph: We were talking about finding an instructor, actually.

Max: *nods* You don't say? I know just the person. Gretchen Weiss herself is looking for students. *gets a notepad and a pen out and scribbles out contact info*


Seph: You know her?

Cloud: Yeah, she's only like the most winningest coach EVER...all the Nibel National Champions in the last 20 years have had her as a coach...and the last 4 Olympic champions...

Max: *grins and hands paper to Seph* Listen to your friend, he knows his stuff.

Seph: Yeah, I'm kinda new at this.

Seph: *takes paper*

Seph: *hands it to Cloud* Want my PHS?

Cloud: It's okay, I've got mine. *gets PHS out*

Max: Listen...Skate Midgar's in a few weeks. I know it's short notice, but if you practice hard, with your talent...you'd really have a shot at taking the gold.

Seph: *blinks* Well, we could give it a try.

Cloud: *dials up number*

Max: *grins* Alright, you kids take care. And good luck.

Seph: Thanks.

Cloud: *omgomg so nervous* *click* [Hello?]

Gretchen: Hello?

Cloud: [Miss Weiss...? Um, this is Cloud Strife...Mr. Benton at the Midgar Skyrink gave me and my friend your number, we're looking for a coach.]

Gretchen: [Max Benton? Wonderful! Pair skaters or ice dancers?]

Cloud: *omgomg* [We're doing Pairs...]

Gretchen: [Wonderful! Pairs. When can I see you, darling? What is a good time?]

Cloud: *eyes go wide* [One moment, I'll ask.] *to Seph* Um...when's a good time for you?

Cloud: She wants to meet with us.

Seph: Well. Now is okay. Or tomorrow morning, I suppose.

Cloud: *nods* *into PHS* [Is tomorrow morning okay?]

Gretchen: [Tomorrow? Wonderful, darling. I meet you at 7?]

Cloud: [Wow, great! Thank you so much, Miss Weiss! <3]

Gretchen: [Delighted, darling. I watch you skate, we will see how many medals we can win.]

Cloud: [Okay! See you then!] *click*

Cloud: Ohmigods, ohmigods...*puts phone away*

Seph: *raises an eyebrow*


Cloud: *squee*

Seph: Fantastic. *grins*

Cloud: Sephi...why are you doing this?

Seph: What do you mean?

Cloud: Well...I mean, I had a dream to do it ever since I was little, and never thought I'd have the chance. But you just started skating today, and now you want to compete. How come?

Seph: *shrugs* I'm a born competitor?

Seph: I was born and raised to be the best at all possible things.

Cloud: *nods* I guess that makes sense...

Seph: This is just a new arena to compete in. Something I have to learn how to do.

Cloud: *frowns a little* Is that all? I mean, don't you want to try it for fun?

Seph: ...Fun?

Cloud: Yeah, fun. To enjoy yourself.

Seph: Competing *is* fun.

Cloud: Okay...I guess everyone has fun in different ways.

Seph: Hanging out with you is fun, too. And you're really graceful out there.

Cloud: *blushes*

Cloud: You really think so?

Seph: Yeah. I've never seen you move that well.

Cloud: *smiles shyly* Thanks...

Seph: So we'll meet with this woman tomorrow and see if she thinks we're competition-level?

Cloud: *nods* Yeah. Wanna go home, partner?

Seph: Sounds good to me. *looks at his feet* Maybe I should pick up some skates.

Cloud: *giggles* That'd probably be a good idea.

Seph: I can't imagine she'd take us seriously in rented skates.

Cloud: We'll stop on the way home. I know a place in Sector 2.

Seph: Great.

Cloud: *tiptoes and kisses Seph* Let's go, Tenshi-sama.

Seph: *ruffles his hair*
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