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Adrian: *has a half-empty blood packet sitting beside him*

Rude: ... *opens bar door* ...

Hojo: That was a brisk walk...

Reno: *slinks in like a dog that's going to get whipped*

Hojo: Adrian!

Hojo: How are you doing?

Rude: *looks around, hoping for Tifa and not hoping for Veld*

Adrian: *looks up from dagger* Hojo! *grins* I'm fine. Undead, but otherwise great. And you?

Reno: *walks behind the bar to mix a drink*

Vin: *upstairs with Veld* Hey, Velly?

Hojo: A bit disconcerted by recent events. Otherwise, not bad.

Tifa: *is hanging out in the kitchen, will bob Reno on the head for messing in her bar area*

Veld: Hmm?

Vin: Know how at the party I said I wanted to go live in costa?

Rude: ... *sits at bar*

Veld: Yes, I think I remember something like that. I also recall I was a bit inebriated.

Adrian: Oh? What's been going on?

Vin: What would you say if I said I was serious.

Reno: *looking at Adrian* Where's marcus?

Veld: I'd say I would have to think about it.

Hojo: We've got a bit of a problem.

Adrian: Marcus? He's upstairs recovering.

Vin: *sighs* Veld, I've found a place in costa I would like to get rid of this fucking demon tonight and I want to leave. I'm tired of this.

Hojo: We should check on him.

Veld: *blinks* Well this is sudden.

Adrian: *blink* ... We do? What sort of problem? Something wrong with Marcus?

Hojo: ... *looks at Reno*

Vin: *hands over a book on the private beach house* Sorta, yeah. But I'm serious I'm sick of everything but you, and after you I'll STILL be sick of everything.

Reno: I think he's dead, Adri.

Veld: *chuckles* Well, there are a few things that need to be tied up around here.

Adrian: WHAT?! Damnation, I just checked on him earlier! He was fine! *hops up and runs upstairs*

Hojo: *follows Adrian*

Reno: *staring at the bar*

Vin: Chaos. After that?

Rude: ...

Veld: Well, I need to sign over our ownership paperwork. Oh and I have a god summon I need to pass off to someone.

Marcus: *wakes up when people come in* ... eep? *yawns*

Veld: And there's my resignation papers for the university.

Vin: These?

Hojo: *looks at Marcus, unsure* Adrian, do you know a priest named John?

Rude: ... (Hey, pal...) *worried and kind of ineloquent*

Veld: ....You really have thought this over.

Vin: *so printed them out* Yes.

Vin: We can't help anything here, and I'm ... sortaworriedaboutyourhealth

Adrian: ...Damnation. *sigh of relief* He's...alright. ... Huh? John? That's a pretty common name, but... I can't think of one offhand.

Adrian: ...why?

Veld: So retirement for real this time?

Reno: (I hope I'm wrong and crazy. I don't want people to really get hurt)

Vin: yes.

Adrian: *squats down and makes sure Marcus is okay*

Vin: I know how much you would love to yell at kids to stop necking on your beach.

Hojo: The, ah, voice in Reno's head. He said his name's John, he's a preacher, and he apparently thinks you're not moving fast enough.

Rude: ... ... (I know.)

Veld: Only if I can shoot at them too. Else the deal is off.

Adrian: *strange look* Reeally. Honestly, I'd like to see how fast HE'S moving, then. It's been busy lately.

Marcus: *looking at Hojo* ...eep.

Vin: I just got you that gun, shame if you won' tuse it.

Hojo: The interview itself was not terribly enlightening, but at the end he apparently told Reno two things: that Marcus was gone, and that he'd killed your parents.

Reno: (I'm sorry.)

Veld: Then let's go get Chaos's punk ass out of your system.

Adrian: ... what? That can't be right. Damnation, Marcus is here and I sort of talked to Alex about the parent thing. He essentially told me that...well, I was the one that did that.

Rude: ... ... (...about what?)

Hojo: ... You did?

Marcus: *stands with a bit of effort and looks from Adrian to Hojo* Eep! Eepeep.

Adrian: ... *nods* I don't remember doing it... Alex forgave me, though.

Reno: (drag'n ya into this shit. I promised not to get creepy with it. And... this is creepy)

Adrian: *still feels a bit guilty about that* *blinks at Marcus* Calm down, you should be resting.

Vin: Do we want to wait for Mitri? This SHOULD go smoothly, Adri and I talked it over.

Hojo: ... *blink*

Hojo: *blink blink*

Hojo: Tell me it's not that obvious. Please.

Adrian: ... what is it, Hojo?

Veld: I'm not the expert. You should make sure Adrian can handle it.

Marcus: *nodnodnod*

Reno: *oooo pretty table*

Rude: ...

Hojo: John's you. Not you-you, but other-you. Like Vincent. That's why Reno can pick up on him.

Rude: ... (Not your fault, kid.)

Rude: (And it wasn't...that creepy.)

Vin: whats going on out there?

Reno: You're a bad liar, Rude.

Adrian: ... *odd look* But.. I don't hear voices in my head.

Rude: ... *sigh*

Veld: Hell if I know. Kids making a damn racket or something.

Hojo: You don't have to. Reeve doesn't. Vincent's condition is actually an unusual variant more akin to schizophrenia.

Rude: ...sorry.

Hojo: Good lord, I'm blind.

Reno: *gets up* (I'm going to go see if I'm a crazy freak or just a freak. Back in a second)

Adrian: ... *blink* But this John.. I mean... *looks back at Marcus* Did I...? He?

Marcus: *nods at Adrian*

Reno: *walks up the stairs* *pokes his head in* Am I crazy?

Hojo: No, Reno. You talk to the voices in other people's heads.

Vin: Should I care and go check?

Rude: *waits, listening*

Adrian: ...damnation. *horrified*

Reno: ... what?

Veld: Eh, sure. Just be sure to arm yourself.

Hojo: John is apparently a... part of Adrian.

Adrian: ... What brought all of this up?

Vin: *pets the rocket launcher but takes a gun out with him* Always.

Hojo: Reno started being noticed by John instead of simply hearing him.

Hojo: Reno, would you care to elaborate?

Reno: *scuttles into the room putting Hojo in-between him and Vin as Vin scares the CRAP out of him*

Veld: Yell if you need backup.

Adrian: ...?

Hojo: *blinks at the idea of being the safe one*

Adrian: *is perfectly safe!! -_-*

Reno: *looking at Vin* I hear things. I always heard things. usually just a buzzing and mostly bad dreams. But lately... I've heard... this John guy

Reno: He sounds just like you, and I hear him when I'm walking around awake. And he KNOWS I can hear him. And that... *looks at the floor* That scares me.

Adrian: *listening quietly*

Rude: *outside the door, arms folded, listening in*

Reno: It isn't like Valentine.

Vin: Are you saying that because you don't want to accept it?

Reno: *glares* Fuck you. No.

Vin: It's a valid question, Reno.

Hojo: We've covered this, Vincent.

Vin: *nods*

Marcus: *nuzzles Adrian's ankle*

Reno: *looks at Marcus* *tries to pretend Marcus is rude* (eep?)

Reno: *crouches*

Adrian: *smiles and looks down* *quietly* Thank you, Mark.

Hojo: Vincent, John knew something that Reno didn't. Marcus verified. I'm satisfied that John is who we think he is.

Marcus: *blink* (Well, this is new, isn't it?)

Reno: *falls over onto his backside* (you talk?)

Marcus: (Of course I talk. I was once human, you know. Ah, I've forgotten the joys of words! I can only send Adrian feelings and the like. )

Vin: *looking from one to the other* *Twitch*

Reno: ... (What stopped you from being human then?)

Veld: *does that sneaky thing that he always does* Good evening, Rude.

Rude: *was falling asleep* *so wakes up*

Vin: Is he talking to the dragon?

Veld: Not a very good sentry, are you.

Hojo: ... Looks like it.

Marcus: (John came out... it was the first I'd ever seen of him. He nearly killed me, but Adrian took control once again and saved me. I didn't really have the chance to tell him what had happened and warn him of his inner self...)

Rude: ... *swallows* ...maybe not.

Veld: I have a favor to ask.

Vin: So, what is he?

Hojo: Marcus? A dragon.

Adrian: *squats down by Marcus and Reno* You can talk to him? *happy about this*

Rude: ...what.

Marcus: *nods*

Reno: (so he's got another personality?)

Reno: ah... yeah, talking. He says he wishes he could talk to you.

Veld: See, I'm actually going into retirement now. Meaning, I'm moving out of Midgar.

Rude: *suppresses shock and joy admirably*

Veld: So I'm leaving it up to you to make sure Tifa's safe. You're not her guardian, I'm leaving that up to Cleo.

Marcus: (Yes. Fortunately, John does not come out often. He is quite violent. .. Heh, and I wish I could talk to Adrian. Ah well. )

Rude: ... *blinks*

Reno: (I could tell him for you.)

Rude: I will.

Veld: Yes, you can do your happy dance later.

Reno: (And yeah, he doesn't like me either, John, don't feel bad.)

Adrian: It would be like old times again, if that were so. *smiles*

Rude: *straight face*

Vin: *watching* *oddly not bothered* So Hojo, was this like the mental ward or should I let Hell front a while for the full effect?

Rude: *can't help it, and covers his mouth, turning it into a cough*

Marcus: (I don't believe John likes anyone. You could tell him? I think he needs to know. )

Veld: I'd be half tempted to bring her along, but she's not my daughter. And she's starting school again and all that...

Hojo: Oh, the mental ward was much louder.

Reno: (What do you want me to tell him?)

Rude: *nods, sober again* School is important.

Vin: Well.. its a bit unseemly to scream and carry on, I have my dignity you know. I could poke Veld?

Hojo: No no, if you poke Veld, there will be shooting, and there were no guns allowed on the ward.

Veld: You're a good kid, Rude. I'd have left you in charge if I was thinking clearly.

Marcus: (Tell him that now that he's mindful of John, perhaps he'll be able to keep him under control. And not to worry -- he isn't to blame for what happened. I know he'll worry about that. )

Rude: ...thank you, sir.

Vin: Oh not that much, just, enough to get him to flail. Like tell him I let Tifa drink or something.

Veld: So are we waiting for the crazies to start screaming?

Hojo: If you like. Though if we get John's attention this will get much louder very quickly.

Rude: *glances at door* ...

Reno: (yeah) Adrian? Marcus says that now that you are mindful of John maybe you could try to control him better. But he really wants you to know that it isn't your fault and he's not upset with you.

Reno: *deranged little laugh*

Rude: They'll be fine.

Rude: ...we all will, eventually.

Adrian: ... *nods* Yes... I had no idea. *eyes Reno* Maybe I can find him and... keep him away from you. *sigh* Bless you, Reno.

Adrian: *pets Marcus*

Reno: John really has this thing for sinners. he's upset that you're letting them live. I'm assuming he means us.

Reno: I dunno that he knows who *I* am yet though.

Hojo: I suppose that depends on how much attention he pays to what's going on around Adrian.

Adrian: Hm... I don't want to hurt any of you.*looks back at Hojo* ...Do we really have to get John's attention? I don't really like that part of me now that I know about him. Damnation on John.

Hojo: He's still there.

Veld: I suppose so. I still worry, though. But I'm old, that's what we old people do best.

Reno: ... I could try ta talk to him? I suppose.

Vin: I hate to interject, but now that we know Reno's not crazy can we try to get rid of chaos?

Vin: I've got a plane to catch next week.

Rude: *nods, still listening* ...don't worry so much. You're retired.

Adrian: *blinks over at Vin* Oh, there will be MUCH damnation on Chaos. For one, it's good for everyone, and for another, it'll be lovely stress relief.

Veld: Right. I get to shoot at debaucherous young folk on a beach starting next week.... *evil grin*

Hojo: *shrugs* Whatever.

Hojo: *thinks a nice beachhouse in Costa sounds nice*

Rude: *is kind of creeped out* ...

Vin: *would prolly let Hojo visit as he is not evil*

Rude: ...remind me not to visit Costa.

Adrian: *looks back at Hojo* Do you think if I could talk to John, then he'd leave Reno alone?

Hojo: *is thinking more along the lines of buying one nearby*

Veld: I'm joking. Really. Well, maybe half joking.

Rude: *still creeped* ...

Hojo: Possibly. Either that or try to kill us all.

Vin: Oh it will be lovely. you kids come around telling us to save the world and we'll just burry you in our 17 acres somewhere.

Vin: Lovely flower beds then.

Hojo: Vincent, could you possibly just pretend to be sane enough that I don't worry you're a threat to perfectly harmless beach bunnies?

Vin: *low and evil snicker*

Adrian: *blink* Well. Damnation. ... Do you think I could keep him under control? I mean... I didn't know about him in the past, so I didn't have much of a choice. But my will is strong when I am mindful of things.

Rude: ... ... ...whatever you say.

Hojo: *picturing Hellmasker rampaging through one of those Frankie and Annette beach pictures*

Vin: *would find that image humorous were he like Reno and able to tune into such things*

Reno: *far more bothered by Vin than John*

Rude: *far more bothered by John than Vin*

Veld: *is thinking of uses for his sniper rifle and really not bothered by any of you kids*

Adrian: I think I could keep him under control, if he would show himself. Coward.

Vin: *thinking about roses, as he knows they would do well with a body as mulch*

Hojo: ... Well, I did bring along some of the serum I used to use to induce Vincent's secondaries...

Veld: I think they're about to attempt an exorcism. Want to go make sure our kids don't kill themselves?

Vin: does that work for Reeve?

Hojo: Just, you know, randomly.

Rude: ... *nods*

Rude: *goes in*

Hojo: I only had occasion to use it on him once, but it did.

Veld: *goes in with Rude*

Reno: Maybe I could try?

Adrian: *smiles* I'm glad you're so resourceful. If it would make John leave Reno alone, then I'd go through with it.

Reno: Like without tha shot?

Hojo: We could try, certainly.

Rude: ... *does not want to see Reno!John again*

Reno: *sighs* ... (Adri?)

Adrian: (Huh? Are you John? Damnation on you, stop hurting people!)

Reno: (its ME adri, Reno)

Reno: (I'm gonna look for John though)

Hojo: *looks for a chair* Have a seat, Vincent, I think they might be a while.

Veld: *leans against wall, rolls eyes*

Adrian: (Oh. ... Hi, Reno. Where are you looking? My head or yours? ) Do you have to use one of those shots? *looking over at Hojo*

Vin: *sits on the floor* Want a beer?

Hojo: Not necessarily, but it could speed things up. And can I have a gin and tonic, Vincent?

Rude: *kind of doesn't want to watch, but what can ya do?*

Reno: *growls* (No Adri, in your head. No shots if this works I'm just.... why did you have an image of Vin getting dressed in your head?)

Vin: *goes to mix drinks and pop popcorn*

Adrian: (... what? That makes no sense! Must be John! Follow him!)

Veld: *quick glare at Adrian*

Hojo: *pulls out a paperback copy of Dune and gets comfy*

Reno: (this is your head and you walked into their room from the looks of things... *pokes around more* I've never done this shit before, sorry)

Vin: *hands out booze and munches on popcorn*

Vin: *gave Veld tea*

Veld: *yay tea*

Hojo: *sips and absently munches popcorn*

Adrian: (...that's...odd, Reno. And it's alright. I thought I was just here in my head by myself, but no. )

Reno: Hey, Vin, Gigas is a creepy fuck, shut him up.

Vin: *salutes and tips back the jack*

Reno: (dum deee dum... hellfire? Damnation? Where are you? I'm sinning and shit)

Adrian: ... *twitch* (...what are you doing?)

Veld: *snickers*

Reno: (I've got no idea man.)

Adrian: *grabs head* Ack, LOUD! DAMNATION.

Hojo: *looks up*

Reno: (John?)

Adrian: *looks over* I think he's up...

John: *in Adrian's head* (AH, now I can see yooou!)

Reno: (yes yes, I reek of sin)

Hojo: *slams back the rest of his drink* Showtime, gentlemen.

Vin: *stands*

John: (You do, you disgust me!)

Adrian: Um. *looking at everyone* ... are you going to attack me?

Reno: (awwww, I'm really hurt. Hurt! I'm going to go listen to dashboard confessionals now and slit my arm but not enough to do any damage)

Veld: *sets mug aside, crosses arms*

Adrian: *twitch*

Reno: (Oh WOE as me the crazy ALTERNATE personality for a priest doesn't like me whatever shall I DO my life is ruined!)

Reno: *yes tormenting the crazy*

John: (*laughs* *fights for control over Adrian* Go ahead, boy, CONFESS, then.)

Adrian: *reaches for Reno* *halt* *crap* Why are you making him mad?!

Reno: Nice job, Adrian.

Veld: *snatches some popcorn, munch*

Reno: (Confess what? That you've given me a bad taste in my mouth with your rambling crap?)

Vin: *sits back down* *munch*

Hojo: *has some more popcorn*

Adrian: *pulls arms back and keeps them by his side* What do you mean, PATHETIC LAMB. .... *cough*

Reno: Oh I don't know, FUCKING LUNATIC. Killing's a sin you know.

Adrian: *sits on the floor* Out, out, Reno, I think he's awake! *pulls out dagger quickly and tries to pin Reno's foot to the floor with it*

Veld: *to Vin* At least they're talking out loud now. Weird telepathy shit.

Hojo: *leans over to Vincent* Bah?

Hojo: *snickers*

Rude: *totally ready to intervene*

Vin: *snickers*

Reno: *jumps backwards, he's a quick little shit*

Adrian: *yanks dagger back* I didn't... kill! No.. just... *holds head* It was what judgment called for them. DAMNATION on the armies of darkness... *keeps his hands to himself*

Vin: *twitch* Oh shit.

Rude: *creeeeeeped oooooouuuuuttttt*

Veld: *raises eyebrow* You alright kid?

Hojo: Funny, I thought there was something about "thou shalt not kill" in there somewhere.

Reno: Armies of darkness? Good movie, why don't you like it?

Adrian: *goes into a fit of giggling* CHAOS, I sense you here! Wouldn't you like to say hello, lord of hell?

Vin: ...I'll be alright as long as their crazy stays away from my crazy.

Veld: Hojo, are you armed? Because you should be.

Rude: ... ... ... ... ... ... *takes out handgun and holds it*

Adrian: *turns and looks at Vincent* We have SO MUCH TO FINISH.

Hojo: I have Vincent's old faithful. Didn't you notice me carrying this large shotgun?

Adrian: SILENCE, we're going to do it the right way.. not..not like *holding head*

Veld: *looks* Right. *blinks* I'm going senile.

Vin: I demand that back.

Hojo: Can it wait until after your crazy meets his crazy?

Vin: Oh certainly.

Reno: So we want john to get rid of Chaos?

Reno: *still watching Adri*

Vin: Well the procedure is rather agressive.

Vin: And kills the host, namely me.

Vin: But I've died like 5 times this month.

Adrian: Incompetent witch! *hisses at Reno* ... *calms a bit*

Hojo: Just a little death?

Veld: *twitch*

Reno: WITCH!

Reno: What the fucking hell?

Rude: *thinks his handgun is too small for this kind of batshit*

Vin: He'd prolly do a good job. Hey witch?

Reno: Oh suck my fucking cock, Valentine.

Veld: That would be incest, Reno.

Hojo: *refrains from making any incest jokes*

Vin: And you're not my type.

Veld: And we don't do that here.

Adrian: *shakes head* I... fires of HELL, YES... hee hee... *growing a bit more calm* Hee... *can be heard saying a prayer over and over*

Reno: John?

Vin: Let the witch work, you know how I hate a bitchy witch

Hojo: You know, I preferred psychology when the batshit people were actually delusional.

Vin: Oh?

Adrian: ...Amen... *looks up* *blink* I didn't hurt anyone, did I?

Rude: ... ...

Adrian: *looks around*

Hojo: Yeah. Life was simpler.

Marcus: *hasn't moved like the whole time* *stares*

Reno: Adri?

Vin: Oh not going to burn Reno at the stake?

Adrian: *nods* Yes... How's your head, Reno? Is John *twitch* ... gone?

Reno: Bite me, Valentine, just bite me.

Veld: We have lots of tinder in the kitchen.

Reno: And you two, Dragoon.

Reno: Well he went after ma foot. How ya feelin?

Vin: Reno turned me into a newt.

Reno: *GLARE*

Rude: ... ...

Adrian: Oh, I'm fine. ... So I can keep him under control, then?

Hojo: .. a newt?

Vin: I got better.

Adrian: *looking down at hands like they're going to jump up and strangle someone*

Reno: Ya did pretty good.

Veld: I hate to be a spoilsport, but is the priest sane enough now? It's getting near my bedtime.

Reno: *rolls eyes at Veld* What do you think I look like? How should I know?

Adrian: John is rather loud. But that's alright. I'm used to Veld, after all.

Hojo: *snickers*

Veld: I bet I'm louder.

Reno: No one is arguing that... *rubs temples*

Adrian: I...wouldn't doubt it. Damnation on all this NOISE. *stands back up*

Veld: Easy there, crazy priest.

Hojo: ... When did I become the sane one? This is disconcerting.

Reno: Rude's saner than you are, you just know tha system, Hojo.

Reno: *head pain*

Adrian: I'm perfectly sane. It's just John that isn't. .. He makes no sense.

Rude: ...so we're all better?

Adrian: ... what's the matter, Reno? *noting head pain*

Reno: I feel a little light headed.

Vin: Would you like some tea? Velly's got witchhazel.

Reno: I hate you so much, tea sounds nice.

Vin: So can we get rid of chaos? I really have a trip to pack for.

Veld: *is really trying not to laugh*

Adrian: I'm ready to banish Chaos at all times. I have been for YEARS.

Reno: *muttering*

Vin: I've got it all set up and Rude could hold the mirror's rope, he's a big guy.

Rude: ...

Rude: Mirror?

Veld: Yes, you can't have a good exorcism without a mirror!

Vin: Yeah, going to call Chaos out through my eyes and trap him in the mirror and then smash it, sending him to hell.

Adrian: I believe we should wait for Dmitri, though. It will take the both of us to really be sure to get rid of him. *can't wait*

Adrian: *it might as well be like Christmas*

Reno: ... I can help if you need me. Just let me rest a minute

Rude: ... ... *staring at Vincent* (This is completely batshit.)

Reno: (Yep, but I'm going to go with it.)

Reno: (Help me find tea?)

Adrian: *noting Hojo's Dune book* Ooh. What's that?

Rude: (Sure.)

Hojo: Oh, just a science fiction novel. It's good. *hands it to him*

Vin: Velly, lets make sure Reno's not conjuring spirits in the kitchen?

Veld: I already hid the caldron.

Adrian: *is grinning -- whee, fangs* *eyes it* Oh, I know this one! I've...ah, read it. It was good.

Reno: *looking for tea*

Vin: Let's go downstairs then. Hojo, want to help out?

Rude: *finds it - hands it to him*

Adrian: ... conjuring spirits?

Reno: *it is witchhazel* I hate them. *makes*

Vin: Well, he's a witch.

Vin: Or John called him one.

Veld: And hey, I'm all for believing crazy priest's alternate personality.

Rude: ... ...

Adrian: ... And John thinks I'm the antichrist. *shrugs* If that's what you'd like to think, I'll look over it when dealing out damnation. ^^

Hojo: What? Oh, sure.

Rude: ...do you weigh less than...a duck?

Reno: of course I weigh more than a duck. *prolly not if its a monster zombie duck*

Reno: *pretty damn skinny*

Vin: and no, Chaos is the antichrist.

Rude: ...then you're a witch.

Reno: ... (jerk)

Vin: Can he wiggle his nose to a cute sound effect chime?

Rude: ... (I try my best.)

Veld: Hide all the brooms.

Reno: (you tell them I wiggle my nose and I'll... think of a threat later)

Reno: *sips tea*

Adrian: Yes, well, then I clearly must be in league with him. You know, helping out all you sinners. Damnation. *hides a broom*

Vin: Actually, we could use the witch *heading to the basement*

Reno: I don't know why I help you fucks. *follows*

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