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[Reno and Rude arrive in the labs to go see Hojo]

When you see a (blah blah) it's internal converstaion

Reno: *and in the labs*

Rude: ... (It's Shin-Ra's fault. Shin-Ra is gonna fix it.)

Cat: *ears perk as they enter* *trots over* Mrow?

Reno: (they can't fix Valentine)

Rude: ... *looking down at cat* (They didn't try. They wanted him like that.)

Reno: Hey JerryCat *yes jerry garcia reference*

Reno: *looks around* (Where these fuckers get off too when ya need em?)

Pepper: *turns and looks* Oh, hello! What can I do for you?

Hojo: *totally in bed*

Rude: ... *stepping around lab tables and fugelages*

Reno: Ah... *looks at Rude* (should I just ask for help?)

Rude: ...

Pepper: Heh, I'm afraid I'm the only one around...

Rude: ... *nods* (Yeah, ask him.)

Reno: *looks from Pepper to Rude* (Just, "hey I'm going crazy fix me?")

Rude: ... *nods*

Rude: (He probably hears it all the time.)

Reno: *sighs* (Alright, you say so. If this doesn't work wanna get a beer?)

Rude: ... *nods*

Pepper: *thinks their silent language is a liiittle odd, but hey, he's seen stranger things*

Reno: Ah, can you make me not crazy?

Rude: *trying to keep a straight face*

Pepper: *blink* Well, I can certainly try. Is it the voice?

Reno: *knows this* (You are just as crazy as I am. You know that? Next thing you'll wanna shoot the poor guy)

Reno: *deeeep breath* John.

Rude: ... *hard, very hard, to keep straight face* (I'm not going to go crazy. I'm not.)

Reno: *looks at Rude* (dude, I didn't mean that and you know it)

Rude: ... ...

Pepper: John? Well... what's he doing?

Reno: I've been hearing him for a long time. *sits down and pets the cat that he's named Jerry because of the Greatful Dead*

Reno: And at first it was like ... *thinks* Zoning out at church.

Pepper: *nods and listens*

Reno: I don't think he... *stops talking* *looks at Rude* (this sounds crazy, doesn't it?)

Pepper: *is not looking at him like he's crazy*

Rude: ... (Well, what did you think it would sound like?)

Reno: ...(right) *to Pepper* I know I'm making him up. Alright? But this is how I'm going to explain it. It is like he didn't know I could hear him at first

Pepper: Oh?

Reno: Yeah. Like... He's just ranting.

Reno: And I catch him in tha middle sometimes.

Pepper: And then he realizes you're listening?

Reno: no.

Rude: ... *folds arms*

Reno: At least, *pets cat* At least not lately.

Reno: *till lately*

Pepper: Hm... And can you understand what he's saying?

Cat: .. *purrs*

Reno: Its easier to understand what he's saying when he talks in Midgarian, but he don't do it often.

Pepper: *nods* I see.

Reno: *looks at Rude* (Is this making sense?)

Rude: ... (Doesn't matter if it does or not. It just needs to get fixed.)

Pepper: *thinks it makes sense based on what's been gathered from Vincent*

Rude: ...what can you do. *not a question*

Reno: But yesterday he knew I was there.

Pepper: Oh?

Reno: Yeah, I don't think he was too happy bout it.

Pepper: Why do you say that? ...And how're things in your head at the moment?

Rude: ... *kind of bothered by all this, but doesn't show it*

Reno: *looks at Rude* (I'm sorry I didn't tell you)

Reno: (Didn't want to screw things up.)

Reno: Now, quiet.

Rude: *shakes head dismissively*

Pepper: *nods* How about earlier?

Rude: ...

Reno: He told me I shouldn't be hearin him, went off on me fer a good fifteen minutes. And then I couldn't hear him no more.

Reno: Its not like I control when I hear tha fucker. It's like watchin a movie wit Cueball, fucker won't stop pointin out all the damned plot holes and if somethings not tha same from one frame ta tha other.

Pepper: Heh. *nods* I'm guessing you're wanting something to keep him quiet, then?

Reno: Oh Cueball don't talk.

Rude: ...

Rude: (There were no guns in Wutai in 1456 and you know it.)

Rude: (And shuddup.)

Reno: *looks at Rude* (Oh, she changed her shirt color, and why do they have on shoes! Damn overobservant motherfucker.)

Reno: (and you wanted me to talk to him. This is part of it)

Rude: ... (They should keep track. All I'm saying.)

Pepper: *smirks* Oh, so you want to keep John quiet, then?

Reno: Hows come I can't hear you and I can hear cueball and Reverend John of Damnation Depot?

Rude: ... ...

Rude: (He's a reverend?) *must keep straight face*

Reno: (He preaches hellfire and end a tha world stuff, so I think?)

Hojo: *walks in, yawning*

Pepper: *blinks at Hojo* Morning.

Reno: Hey Hojo.

Hojo: Hi.

Rude: ... *looks at Hojo*

Reno: (he's harmless man.)

Rude: ...

Hojo: What's going on today, hmm?

Rude: (So tell him you're crazy already.)

Reno: *rolls his eyes at Rude* shut up already man, I'm getting there *knows Rude hasn't said a word* *looks over at Hojo* Hi, I'm fucking batshit.

Rude: *tiny smile for a second*

Hojo: Of course you are you work here. *picks up stuff on Pepper's desk and leafs through it* But why are you here today?

Rude: ... *doesn't like the way he put that...*

Reno: (You know, you're kind of intimidating man, sit down, and no I'm not watching sixteen candles with you later)

Reno: *sighs* His name is John and he realized I'm listening today.

Pepper: *sideways glance at Hojo and the papers and then at other stuff on his desk*

Hojo: And how did he react to that?

Hojo: This looks good, Pepper. I think you're very close.

Hojo: We'll have to get Zack's girlfriend up here...

Reno: *doesn't like that Rude's unhappy* About as good as yer wife will react to you and Pepper.

Rude: ... *doesn't uncross arms* (...)

Pepper: *blink*

Hojo: ...So he's unflappable and largely ignoring it?

Reno: Well then no. He was pissed till I stopped hearing him.

Reno: And I'd like to not hear him again, he's crazier than I am.

Rude: ...

Hojo: We can try you on the standard antipsychotics. They seemed to work well enough for Vincent before we put the mako in his system.

Pepper: *winces at head a minute* Excuse me. *gets up and wanders over towards the medicine cabinets*

Rude: ... *frowns more* ...

Pepper: *hi, surprise migraine! ow.*

Reno: *looks at Rude* (what?)

Hojo: The other option would be psychotherapy with me, of course.

Hojo: *looks after Pepper* Are you alright?

Reno: *shrugs* Whatever man, yer the one with the head degree.

Hojo: Would you prefer drugs or something more... permanent?

Rude: ...

Hojo: You don't seem inclined to spend several hours a week with me.

Pepper: I'm...fine. *takes something for it and rubs his forehead a minute*

Rude: ... *is uncomfortable* (I don't like this. Something is weird.)

Cat: ... Mrrow? *looking at Pepper oddly* *sniffs*

Hojo: You don't sound fine, Pepper. Go lay down for a few minutes. It's time for Irena to get up anyway.

Rude: (But it's probably nothing.) *shakes head, looks at the cat*

Reno: *looks at Pepper* *looks at Hojo*

Reno: I don't mind spendin time wit ya doc. I'm not Vincent.

Pepper: *would normally argue, but ow* I think I'll do that.

Reno: *still looking at Pepper*

Pepper: *wanders over to the couch and blinks at Irena*

Rude: *waves hand* (Go on. Don't mind me, I've just been paranoid recently.)

Reno: Sorry bout yer head, Pepper.

Hojo: Fair enough. So what does this person say?

Irena: *rolls over and looks up at Pepper*

Cat: *growls and snaps tentacle while looking at Pepper go* .... *turns back to Reno and looks like it wants to be loved on*

Reno: (Veld isn't going to kill you.) *loves on Jerry*

Reno: Ever start to nod off in church?

Pepper: 'S alright, Reno. Just a headache. ... Hey, Irena. Share the couch for a minute?

Reno: *pet pet* It's sorta like that.

Rude: ... (Didn't say anything about that.)

Reno: (Right, well her gun toting dad stand ins are scary.)

Reno: Fire, brimstone, death to sinners, yadda yadda, goin to hell.

Cat: *puuuurr*

Hojo: I don't really go to church, but I've known Adrian long enough that I get the idea.

Irena: *sits up and slides over so Pepper can sit*

Reno: But...like, I got this feelin that he never knew I could hear him. And today he stops, like, dead stops and then lets in on ME addressing me by name.

Rude: ... (Maybe.)

Reno: (Maybe you don't cry in sixteen candles)

Rude: *almost cracks a smile* (Maybe.)

Pepper: *plop* *mumbles about headaches for a minute -- go on, go 'way*

Hojo: Did you ask him what was different?

Irena: *reaches up and pets Pepper on the head* D'you need to lay? I can move.

Rude: (Don't make me bring up Breakfast Club.)

Reno: (EVERYONE dances with them in that scene but you)

Reno: I was too shocked that he knew I heard him.

Rude: (No, everybody doesn't. Only you do.)

Pepper: Nyah, that's alright. I won't make you move. *leans his head back instead*

Hojo: What do you know about him? Name, anything like that?

Reno: John.

Rude: (And I don't think everybody does the lipstick trick either. But there you go.)

Reno: and I have no idea anything else. Rev John McHellfire from the Damnation Depot for all I know.

Reno: (I was DRUNK. Don't even make me start telling people about your blanket)

Hojo: Okay, and John think people are going to hell, etc. Hmm. Can you do me a favor?

Rude: (All the blackmail is worse for you, anyway. Ya got nothing.)

Hojo: I'm assuming you can't hear him now?

Reno: (Yeah,but see, you have a reputation, and I don't now hush up, Tha doc is talking to me)

Reno: *thrusts a thumb at Rude* Na, Chrome dome won't shut up.

Rude: (All you have to do is stop looking over here. XD)

Pepper: *talking to himself very quietly with his eyes closed*

Reno: (Oh it doesn't work that way and you know it, baldy)

Hojo: I'm sure he doesn't, but the person you're concerned about is John, so let's stick to discussing him.

Reno: No I can't hear him.

Reno: not now, and I don't know when I will again.

Hojo: Alright, next time you do, I want you to try to talk to him. Ask him who he is, what he wants, where he's from. Anything to get him talking.

Reno: What are you thinking is wrong with me then?

Pepper: *passed out* *zzz*

Rude: *very straight face*

Hojo: I'm not sure. Vincent's generally enjoyed harrassing him because they had nothing else to do. The fact that this John does makes me think it might be something slightly different.

Reno: Ya ever have a silent converstation, doc?

Rude: ...

Hojo: Expound.

Reno: (He think's we're both crazy and I want to make sure he knows YOU ain't)

Pepper: *twitch*

Rude: ...

Reno: Like... ah... hand Rude somethin ta read.

Rude: ... ...

Rude: *very uncomfortable*

Reno: (please)

Rude: ... (Okay, pal.)

Hojo: *blinks* *hands Rude something off Pepper's desk*

Rude: *reading*

Reno: Look over his shoulder, doc.

Hojo: *looks*

Rude: *holds paper between them*

Reno: Stop readin so fast, jackass.

Rude: *straight face* *reads slow as molasses*

Reno: When reconstucting the tendons, I realized that dying them makes it easier to do trial and error. It also makes me curse less.

Reno: *looks over his shoudler at Rude and Hojo* Ya want me to keep going?

Rude: *hands paper to Hojo*

Rude: (And what if this means I'm crazy, pal?)

Hojo: No, that's... sufficient.

Hojo: *thinking*

Reno: (You ain't crazy)

Hojo: Which of you is that? Could you do the trick with someone else?

Rude: ... *eyes Hojo*

Reno: I picked up on baldy first.

Rude: ...he reads people.

Reno: He had a lot goin on in his head and I wanted ta know.

Reno: But no, I can't tell what yer thinkin.

Hojo: Do you think perhaps this John is someone you can just "read"? Someone separate from yourself that you inexplicably have a connection to?

Reno: That's wha I'm hopin he is.

Reno: Cause then I'm not crazy and maybe you can shut him off?

Reno: He really don't like me listenin and I don't like hearin him.

Hojo: If we could determine who he is and why you are connected to him, than yes, we could likely remedy the situation.

Rude: ... (Sounds a little too easy, but I think he's telling the truth.)

Reno: Great, so now I gotta go knock on church doors.

Reno: "Pardon me, but did you get interupted by someone in your head? that was me, can you come to the lab with the zombie cats so I can fix this?"

Reno: I have a feelin that'll go BAD.

Hojo: You ask him in your head first, obviously. It'd be simplest to pin him down that way. If he wants to get out of this arrangement too, he should be happy to help.

Reno: He told me if he ever sees me he'll cut my head off in little parts and string my up by my lungs.

Hojo: We'll send someone else to round him up, then.

Hojo: Isn't that what Turks are for?

Rude: ...

Reno: I dunno what we-they are for anymore, ta be honest.

Rude: ... (All we do anymore is Shanghai candidates for SOLDIER...)

Reno: (They don't need all of you, why I got cut, why Ao quit, they should drop Serge too)

Reno: (All they need are you, Laney and Se. )

Rude: (That'd give me a 90 hour work week, pal.)

Reno: (Not really, your hours should be dipping. What you guys DOING anyway, we don't need a huge army no more)

Rude: ... (...top secret.)

Reno: *blinks*

Reno: *whips head around and looks at Rude* ...

Rude: If he can figure out who and where, the Turks will take it from there.

Rude: *looking at Hojo*

Hojo: Thank you, Rude.

Reno: (Top secret my ass.)

Reno: *looks at Pepper again*

Rude: ... (Whatever lets you sleep.)

Irena: *asleep on Pepper's shoulder*

Pepper: *zzz*

Reno: *gives Rude a look* (We'll see, Rude)

Reno: Pepper needs ta go home and sleep.

Rude: *evasive*

Reno: *won't pry* (Do you need me back?)

Reno: *clears his throat*

Rude: ... (Not...yet.)

Reno: *didn't quite catch all of that*

Reno: Got him.

Reno: something about blood... armies of light and darkness... and rebels... god this guys derranged.

Hojo: Sounds like he's been reading too many Cetrain folklore stories.

Rude: ...

Reno: *closes his eyes to hear better* surrounded by sinners, the fires of hell will lick their flesh away and yet they shall not perish...

Rude: ...ask him where he is, pal.

Hojo: *hmmm... this worked with Vincent...* John! I need your attention.

Reno: Ahh shit. That was gross...

Reno: ... He don't know I'm here yet....I don't think.

Hojo: Hmm.

Reno: now he does.

Hojo: Talk to him.

Rude: ... *kind of creeped out but hides it*

Reno: *sighs*

Rude: ...where is he?

Reno: *talking out loud to rude is strange* I'm asking.

Rude: ... *waits impatiently*

Rude: *kind of worried*

Reno: *makes a face*

Reno: Oh fuck... fucking shit. It's Adrian.

Rude: ...what!?

Reno: ... or... Adrian wouldn't tell me he's going to hunt me down an kill me. Maybe he's got a brother?

Hojo: Well, that's a start.

Reno: Sounds jus like him. An he says he can see me.

Hojo: We'll ask Adrian if he knows any priests named John... See you right now?

Reno: He says he knows wha I look like.

Rude: ...

Hojo: Can you tell what he looks like?

Reno: Asking.

Reno: Ah think he's bluffin.

Reno: You wanted to talk to him, Hojo?

Hojo: If you don't mind.

Reno: Warnin ya, he's hostile.

Hojo: I wouldn't have it any other way, I assure you.

John: ... *laughs*

Hojo: John?

Rude: ... *creeeeeeeped*

John: Ee hee hee, so you know my name. I've had a proper introduction then, sinner? *looks around, grinning*

Rude: *weird face*

Hojo: Not quite. The young man only knows your name and that you are a preacher. I was hoping you could tell me a bit more about yourself.

Hojo: *stands in front of him*

Hojo: Now now, John, please, help me out here.

Rude: *swallows*

John: Let me see... let me see... Yes, I'm a preacher. Let me see myself, pitiful lamb. *looking for something reflective enough to get a good idea*

Hojo: Why do you want to see yourself?

John: So I'll know.. so I can find him. *odd look* No, I'm afraid the end times are coming regardless.. Your fight will just postpone the inevitable.

Rude: *is creeped out more by this than Gigas*

Hojo: Why do you want to find him? And as for the end times, I like to think god is on our side.

John: *twisted smile* Of course he issss. I'll find him, for he's unworthy.. but enough of that...

Rude: *still weird face*

Hojo: John, you don't want to be attached to the young man, correct?

John: It seems to me he's been listening.. listening to the plans... *grumbles at inner Reno and sits down*

Rude: ... ...

Hojo: He's not been listening intentionally so much as he picks up on you by accident. He's come to me because he wants to be separated from you. He's not... he knows he's not worthy to listen to you.

Hojo: So you see, I'm trying to help you both.

John: I don't want him to listen. *giggles* You bet he knows he isn't worthy. ... 's that so?

Reno: *so heard that, Hojo*

Rude: *is indignant, uncrosses arms* ...

Hojo: *trying to make this work, thank you* I need to figure out why the young man is picking up on you in particular, so that I can sever the connection.

Hojo: If I could meet with you, we could hopefully determine the cause...

John: And how do you plan on severing the head--hee, connection? Hee, oh I'm difficult to come across... I stay hidden until I can serve my purposes... When that fool can't get the work done...

Hojo: Which fool is that?

Hojo: I'm not sure yet how to sever the connection, I need more information before I can posit a strategy.

Rude: *kind of hovering and staring at Reno-John*

John: *looks down* SILENCE, LAMB. *glances up, smiling* Adrian... Oh, sometimes he just can't bring himself to accomplish what needs to be done. He tests my patience, now.

Hojo: And what does Adrian need to do that he's not accomplishing? I think he's been quite the busy beaver the last few weeks...

John: *reaches down to grab the dagger that Adrian carries, but alas, it isn't there* He lets them SLIIIIDE. Far too many, far too many.. it's been quite some time..

John: *growls at inner Reno*

Hojo: Well, I'll go ahead and let Adrian know you feel that way.

Hojo: But in the meantime, there's still the matter of your connection to the young man.

Hojo: I think he will join me *cough* in assuring you that he has no interest in listening to your, ah, plans.

John: I didn't ask for it. Keep him away, yes. Away from my plans... Away from the will of the gods which does not belong to him... *snicker*

Hojo: I'm sure the gods are more than capable of keeping close those they choose, and keeping away those they do not favor.

Rude: *rubs neck* *wonders if smacking Reno-John would help anything*

Hojo: Let the young man come back now, John, and you can get back to what you were doing.

Reno: *would be hurt, thank you*

John: *glances at self and talks in a rather high-pitched voice* Oh, you miiight want to watch your language, young one! *snickers and voice goes back to normal* I should think so.. too far behind... A WASTE.

Reno: *slumps but catches himself* Fucking goddamnedmotherfucker.

Hojo: *pauses to wonder, briefly, how he has managed to get along with Adrian for so many years*

Reno: ... He's gone.

Reno: *panting* I'm never doin that shit again.

Hojo: Well then, I suppose we should go see Adrian.

Rude: ... *adjusts sunglasses, lookin at him*

Reno: *shakes head* SHUT UP!

Rude: ...

Reno: *rubs temples*

Rude: ... *looks at Hojo*


Reno: ... Marcus is gone

Reno: John killed Adrian's parents?

Reno: ... *shakes head*

Rude: ... ... ...

Reno: (I'm scared, pal.)

Hojo: ...

Hojo: We definitely need to go see Adrian. Is he at the bar?

Rude: ... (No shit.)

Rude: ...probably.

Reno: *dragging his heels* I ... I really don't want to do this.

Hojo: I'll go without you if you prefer.

Hojo: I need to speak to Adrian regardless.

Adrian: *humming and making dagger nice and sharp and shiny*

Reno: ... *looks at rude* (I need to go, don't I?)

Rude: ... (Yes, get it over with. This is freaky, pal.)

Vin: *trying to think about how to tell Veld he wants to run away to Costa with him*

Reno: No, I'll go.


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