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[Hojo and Lu have Alllooooonnne time in the lab. Poor Kilroy has no idea what she's walking into]

Hojo: *has fallen asleep over a geostigma report*

Lu: ::has been making Bambi eyes at Hojo all week::

Lu: ::notes this::

Kil: *has got a box of strawberry pokki for cloudibus, to cute his emo. fuhahahahaaa.* ... *opens lab door quietly, planning to foist pocky on spiky* *ninja*

Lu: ::shakes head and smiles::

Lu: ::kisses Hojo's cheek to wake him up::

Hojo: *snrk* *blink* Wha? Lu?

Lu: there are softer things to rest on than reports ::smile::

Lu: I need to teach you to sleep. ;}

Hojo: Softer things like my lovely wife?

Kil: *sneak. sneak, snea--whut* *flattenbylockers.* <_>

Lu: ::chuckles::

Lu: perhaps

Lu: ::arm around him::

Hojo: *stands up and puts his arm around her*

Kil: *whut. romantiq hojo. does not paaaarse*

Lu: ::the oh-so-cute-how-can-you-reist-me look::

Lu: ^^

Lu: you take your work so seriously...

Lu: so dedicated

Hojo: *cannot resist her*

Hojo: I can't help it. Do you mind?

Kil: *WHUT* @_@

Lu: not at all

Hojo: *leans down and kisses her*

Lu: I find it very endearing ::all close to him, traes his jaw with one finger::

Lu: ::kisses::

Pepper: *reading in the other room* *blink*

Kil: *my braaaaaaaain* *whut* 8aaaa owowooww*

Lu: ::flashback to Nibel and their days of dateship::

Lu: ::smoochness::

Kil: *tilts over 30 degrees* @_@

Hojo: I'm glad you put up with endearingly cute flaws.

Pepper: >>

Lu: ::enjoying this:: how could I not?

Kil; *yeah, like jenova lust* *OW OW MENTAL IMAGE MY FECKING MIND*

Lu: you put up with me ^_~

Kil: *45 degrees*

Pepper: <<

Kil: *50* eeeenh.

Hojo: *holds Lu close* No, you put up with me. *smooch*


Hojo: *looks up* Did you hear something, Lu?

Kil: ...haaate.

Hojo: Did somebody fall down back here? *goes looking*

Kil: *under a bunch of empty water bottles* HATE! Virulent, raging hatred and spleen.

Hojo: Kilroy? What's wrong?

Cat: *trots over* Mrrow?

Kilroy: *gets flat* Nothing. everything's spectacular. And shibby. Now I will get up off th floor and not need any unusual makou treatments.

Hojo: ... Alright. *scritches cat behind the ears* I think Sephiroth and Zack are both asleep.

Cat: *purrs and sniffs at Kilroy -- hey, no one looks threatened. 's all good*

Pepper: *wanders over* Er... is everything alright? I thought I heard something.

Hojo: Just Kilroy being Kilroy, apparently.

Kilroy: *flips birds YOU. You branshattering poindextrous asscondor--

Hojo: ... Kilroy, please, watch your language. There's a lady present.

Kilroy; I should start shaking you down for compensation every time you make my neurons misfire and die.

Pepper: *blink*

Kilroy: Pardon me. Arse condor.

Pepper: ... What're you talking about?

Kilroy; HOJO. Snoggery.

Hojo: I think he walked in on Lu and me.

Pepper: ... Ah.

Kilroy: I was attempting to visit Cloud, and seeing Hojo gives me brain lock, as we well know.

Hojo: If you're going to come into the lab, you're going to see me. This can't really be avoided.

Kil: I didn't expect to see you in flagrante delicto.

Kil; and I am not obliged to like you overmuch, thanksmuchly, neuron nullifier.

Hojo: That was hardly flagrant. You hang out with Zack and Cloud after all.

Kil; yes, but you are Ukoku Hojo and they are not.

Hojo: *deep breath*

Kil: Also, as you should be aware, we are very bitter, precious.

Hojo: *deep. breath.*

Kil: >3

Pepper: *blink* *looks from one to the other*

Kil: *ohohoho~*

Hojo: Well, that's perfectly understandable, all things considered. I suppose I'll just have to escort my wife down to our bedroom so you're no longer subjected to our behaviour.

Lu: ...

Kil: Thank you, Hojo. *bows*

Lu: ::blushes profoundly::

Kil: *mouths 'sorry' to Lu*

Hojo: *whisks Lu off her feet, kisses her, and carries her off toward the elevator*

Lu: ::trying hard not to laugh, acutally:: ^^;;;

Pepper: ...

Lu: ::is whisked:: ::whee!:: ^^; ::giggles like a teenager::

Kil: *snerk* *just likes bothering Hojo. take THAT, o he who is heavyhanded with mako dosages for small women*

Pepper: ... *pets the cat*

Hojo: *goes off to face his horrible punishment, which is quality time with Lu*

Kil: *exhales* If I didn't suspect he's not that sorry he annihilated a good chunk of my long term memory, I'd probably get along with him better...

Pepper: *goes and arranges papers and half-sings, half-hums "Skullcrusher Mountain"*

Kil: *snerks, retrieves pocky* Sorry. wheeedling.

Lu: ::oh horrid punishment indeed- NOT LIKE THAT! is not her son thanky::

Pepper: *arranges papers* And all the fools who live their foolish lives may find it quite explosive... But it won’t mean half as much to me if I don’t have you heeere.. *hums*

Kil: ...I like the Mandelbrot Set song more.

Pepper: Is that so? *switches over and half-sings that one*

Pepper: Mandelbrot Set, you’re a Rorschach Test on fire.You’re a day-glo pterodactyl. You’re a heart-shaped box of springs and wire. You’re one badass fucking fractal. *whee*

Cloud: *walks in* *blinks*

Pepper: *humming now -- hasn't noticed Cloud*

Cloud: *suppressing giggles* *creeps toward Pepper*

Pepper: *does not notice teh creeping*

Cloud: *taps him on the shoulder* Hi, Dad.

Cloud: Nice song.

Pepper: You’re one badas-- Ack! *drops papers* ... Heh. Isn't it?

Kil: 8perk* Cloud! *rummage in pocket* I bear...broken pocky. Sorry. I fell on it after Hojo fried my mind. AGAIn.

Cloud: *snickers*

Pepper: *goes about picking them up*

Cloud: *helps Pepper*

Cloud: That's okay, Kil. *hands some papers to Pepper* Broken Pocky is better than no Pocky.

::as people wonder once again why the elevator doesn't seem to be working ::

Pepper: What're you up to, Cloud? Besides sneaking around and listening to my horrible singing? *arranges papers back in order*

Cloud: I was just coming to check on the guys...and also get something for this headache.

Kil: *smiles* I just wanted to see how you were doing. And stave off your emo ith the force of pink cookie.

Pepper: Oh? What sort of headache?

Cloud: The back of my head is killing me. I think it's where I hit it.

Kil: *touches gently the hed*

Cloud: I'm feeling better, Kil. *smiles* Me and Seph had a long talk, and worked it out.

Pepper: Hm... I see. *sets papers down and digs out some pills*

Kil: *beams* I'm really glad.

Cloud: I wanted to talk to you, though.

Kil: 8tilts head* eh?

Cloud: Miss Scarlet put me in charge of the Underplate Initiative until Zak gets better. He's awake, but it's going to be a while before he gets better.

Pepper: *gets some water and hands it to Cloud, along with two pills*

Cloud: And I was wondering if you were interested in helping. *takes pills* *to Pepper* Thanks, Dad.

*nods to Pepper

Pepper: Oh, it's nothing. *makes sure papers are in order* *wipes a speck of Hojo drool off of one of them*

::elevator still mysteriously stuck::

Pepper: *has absently noted that -- how mysterious. only not*

Kil: Sure! Definitely. Any time. *eyes 'vator* How long has that been on the fifty-fif...th...oh my brain.

Pepper: Five minutes, 17 seconds. 18. 19. *puts papers away*

Cloud: *winces* Just...try not to think about it.

Kil: ...thinks of small fuzzy rabbits instead.*

Cloud: *nibbles on broken Pocky*

Ki;: But! Yes. I will aid you with the underplate business.

Cloud: Thanks, I appreciate it. This is sort of...overwhelming. I want to make sure I don't mess up all the hard work Zak's been doing, so I want to have people I know I can rely on with me.

Pepper: *not neurotic. at all.* ... *scoots over to computer and hums "Love Shack"*

Cloud: And you're a really good shot. ^^

Kil: that's understahndable. And I doubt you will mess it up. But yes. ...Heh. Thank you. ^^

::elevator finally unsticks::

Lu: ::would never do THAT in an elevator- much less a GLASS one::

Cloud: *smiles* Okay, I'll see you later then. I'm gonna take a nap and then I have to start going through Zak's reports.

Pepper: *what a mysterious elevator -- not like it matters when you're going home*

Kil: *salute/vulcan hand sign* and I...will go prod my brother. he's probably in the lounge on the sofa. with no bones. having crasjhed here again.

Cloud: *giggles* Tell him I said hi. *waves to Pepper* Bye, Dad.

Kil: Shall do. ^^

Pepper: See you later, Cloud. *waves*

Pepper: Hope your head feels better.

Cloud: I'll be fine. *smiles and walks out with a little spring in his step*

Pepper: *goes back to singing Skullcrusher Mountain since it is mad sciencey love*

kil: *heads for the evelator*

Cloud: *presses the elevator button*

Kil: *does the waitydance~*

Cloud: *humming Material Girl as he waits*

Elevator: *ding*

Cloud: *gets in* *notices Kilroy and holds the door* Hey, Kil!

Lu: ::will apologize to Kil later::

Kil: *siiidle in* Thank you ^^

Cloud: *lets the door go* No prob.

Kil: *leans on elevator back wall* Man. I love these things. ** The view's amazing. well, it's lkacklustre on smog days, but.

Cloud: Yeah, it's pretty cool.

Cloud: *peers at Kilroy* Can I ask you something?

Kil: 8tilts head* Certainly.

Cloud: You have such cute hair. Why don't you ever do anything with it? ;_;

Cloud: *shakes head* Nope, that's just no good. A SOLDIER is supposed to always do their best, right? That means in cuteness too!

Cloud: *whips a comb out of his pocket* *determined look*

Kil: o.o! merbifweh. um. okaaay?

Kil: *usually just has a ponytail in*

Cloud: You mind? *not really asking*

Kil: ...no~ooo?

Cloud: *smiles* *takes ponytail out and combs away*

Kil: 8squint* 8eee. this is nice.*

Cloud: *starts a french braid* I learned how to do this from my hairdresser. It's a pretty easy braid.

Cloud: It's like a ponytail, but much cuter. ^^

Kil: How d'you do that? I wonder if Ken'yuu'd be willing to learn. *calls Nii by his proper given name rather than the alias*

Cloud: You just split the hair in bunches, and weave it tightly together. *will so draw diagrams* *done!*

Kil: ...Hey, I like that. It won't flop out on me like my usual ghetto-tacular ponytail-like object.

Cloud: Ok, turn around.

Kil: 8does*

Cloud: *squeals* SO CUTE! XD

Cloud: Like one of those Stacey dolls...

Kil: *laughs* Stacey has more in the knocker area; I on the other hand was mistaken for a male back when.

Elevator: *ding*

Cloud: Aww, that stuff's overrated. I think you're pretty. You just can't be bothered with it.

Kil: This's my stop. Going to poke Ken'yuu~

Kil: ...*HUGS Cloud* You, sir, are an amazing kid. No one shoudl ever say different.

Cloud: *hugs back* Aww, thanks. If you ever want to look cute, just let me know. *smiles and waves*

Kil: Shall do. ^_^

Lu: ::having dealt with Hojo, returns to lab::

Pepper: *typing and humming old Junon folksongs*

Lu: ::walks back in:: ^^

Lu: ::returns to paperwork:: did I miss anything?

Cloud: *gets off elevator and heads for the weapons room*

Reno: *is just flabergasted*

Cloud: *walks in* Oh, hey Reno. Didn't know you were in here.

Pepper: No, not really. Cloud talked with Kilroy a bit, and had a headache. Then they left.

Reno: Spike, look at these targets?

Lu: yes, sorry about that.

Cloud: *cocks his head and looks* Wow.

Reno: Left mothergoddamned fucking hand

Cloud: Freakin' sweet aim, dude.

Reno: I'm right handed!

Reno: And ... confused.

Pepper: 'S alright. *types quietly*

Lu: ...are you okay?

Cloud: Hrm. Maybe you're...*thinks* ambidexual?

Cloud: Like, you can use both your hands.

Reno: That ain't tha righr word an I'll ask cueball wha tha right one is.

Pepper: Hm? *looks over his shoulder* Yes... why?

Reno: So yer my new ShinRa contact?

Cloud: *nods* Miss Scarlet put me in charge, until Zak gets better.

Rude: *opens door with his foot and has a big freaking box in his arms*

Rude: *puts it down on a table* ...

Cloud: o_O

Rude: *starts rummaging, taking out gun parts*

Kil: 8follows rudei in* We haff a bocks.

Reno: Cueball here makes his own weapons

Rude: *screwdriver behind his ear*

Cloud: Wow, cool.

Rude: *looks up briefly*

Reno: Hey, crome dome *jerks head over and then looks at his targets*

Cloud: *looks curiously at the parts*

Rude: ... *blinks at them* ...

Kil: *peers into box*

Rude: *still tinkering* ...you did that?

Rude: *silently laughing to himself* ...no way.

Reno: *holds up gun in left hand* *pushes the target button* *unloads clip*

Rude: ... *eyebrows raised in surprise* ...

Cloud: Nice!

Kil: ...Holy mother Tiamat.

Reno: Goddamn Valentine. *angry*

Cloud: Whoa, what was that for?

Pepper: ... *half-smiles in a reassuring manner*

Lu: you just seem extra quiet

Rude: ... *clicks handgun into one piece and walks toward him*

Kil: Reno, spill.

Rude: ... *waits for explanation, but doesn't really need it*

Rude: *polishing handgun, not looking at him*

Reno: *looks at Rude*

Pepper: I do? I was singing earlier.

Pepper: Well, sort of.

Rude: ...ambidextrous?

Rude: ...

Reno: Thanks. Vincent Valentine, accordn to shot records is ambidestrous. Shoots with both hands.

Lu: Well, if you've got anything on your mind ::kind smile::

Rude: ... *looks at Reno's left hand, doesn't say anything*

Reno: Well when Valentine shot my right hand and then the next day Veld did, I sorta HAD ta use my left to shoot

Rude: *finishes polishing, puts rag in his pocket* *puts a clip in* ... *listening*

Reno: And obviously, I didn't die.

Kil: And you're as good with your left. Blessing out of crisis.

Reno: I'm BETTER with my left. I can't shoot fer beans

Rude: ... *shoots twice*

Rude: *examines nozzle* ...

Lu: ::workworkwork::

Kil: and you'd rather not be better because that's - like Vin and Vin is odd.

Pepper: *figures that casually telling Lu that he's had a crush on Hojo for the past twenty-something years would not go well* Oh, it's nothing. *pets the cat*

Reno: *looks around* Ah, well, I'm hearing things too...

Kil: *sympathy* Ah, feck.

Lu: um okay

Rude: ... *side-glance* ... *shoots once*

Lu: ::would so totally break her brain::

Rude: ...you need to see Hojo then. Or another doctor.

Reno: *derranged laughter* Eh, everyone who works here's flippin crazy.

Reno: *goes to see what Rude put together.

Pepper: *which is why he would not mention it -- he's considerate of Lu's brain* I just worry about Cloud sometimes, though he seems to be doing better. *typey*

Cloud: Rude's right. There's crazy, and then there's crazy.

Lu: They're good boys. ::weird, but good:: I'm sure they'll find their way ^^ ::typeses::

Kil: *grins* True. and voices - they're annoying. I can relate. Jenova's a slut from Mars. *sobers* But yes. See Ken'yuu or Hojo or Pepper. Please?

Reno: Talked ta doc H already. Gave me some meds, so I could sleep.

Kil: do they stop the noise?

Reno: Yeah. But they knock my ass out.

Rude: ... *hands it to him, pointing at things*

Cloud: If it's voices that are the problem...why don't you talk to Mrs. H.?

Kil: Mph. Shit. ...*ping lightbulb* Lu-san! Cloud, you're a jjeenyuss.

Cloud: When Jenova was in my head, she made it stop. She's really smart about that stuff.

Reno: Yeah, well Jenova ain't my issue man. This is shit I made up myself.

Cloud: So? I'm sure she can help.

Kil: And my dear spazzbrother learnt from her how to block Jenova, too. Thus I learnt.

Reno: *ooooo lookit the handgun* Rude man, *holds it up*

Rude: ... (Mako rounds. Slow death by poison if you shoot a non-vital spot.)

Rude: (Rounds are expensive, so don't practice too much.)

Pepper: I'm sure you're right. *smiles and goes back to work silently, as usual*

Reno: *slides in a clip from another gun* Righto.

Reno: *Fires once* *adjusts for kickback* Damn... nice man.

Rude: *nods* ...

Rude: ...left hand.

Rude: ... *looking at Reno's left hand, which is holding the gun*

Reno: Left hand. *laughs again*

Rude: ... (I'll have to make you another. That one's for the right.)

Reno: *nods* (If I go fucking crazy I won't shoot ya, alright?)

Rude: ... (...)

Pepper: *typey, but eyeing a geostigma sample eerily*

Kil: Rude, that's a work of art not a firearm. <3

Lu: ::types oblviously::

Reno: Oh please, you should see his pet projects.

Lu: ::Hojo had danged better be napping::

Hojo: *snore*

Reno: He's the brain and I'm tha... ah, shit. The person he puts up with.

Lu: ::good::

Rude: ... *wordlessly goes back to the box*

Cloud: You sound worse than me, dude.

Rude: ... *takes out large slats of metal*

Reno: *eyebrow raise to Cloud*

Rude: *measuring tape*

Cloud: Putting yourself down like that. You shouldn't, you know.

Pepper: ... *typey, wondering just how confident he is in his ability to create a cure for geostigma... hm.*

Rude: *power drills them together*

Reno: I've got test scores ta back my attitude up wit, Spike. Unlike you Mr Flippin off walls killn giant spiders.

Kil: Reno, the way you think is likethrowing fractals into a pinstripe universe, and we need you.

Pepper: *has a feeling they're going to have a breakthrough soon*

Kil: You think out on mars, pull ideas from nowehere and make them work.

Rude: ... *just putting it back together after taking it apart*

Reno: *shakes head*

Cloud: *snorts* I had help. And besides, I seem to recall somebody taking out a bunch of vamps. *nods to Kilroy* Yeah. You're a lot more useful than you give yourself credit for.

Reno: I just led ya'll there, Spike. Not my fault people listened.

Pepper: *can just see the pieces coming together with a bit more time*

Reno: Goddamn buzzin. Is Hojo up in e's office?

Rude: *lifts up one end of something that looks like a gun and glances over* ...yeah.

Kil: he is.

Rude: *taps it against the table*

Cloud: I still think you should talk to Mrs. H.

Rude: *adds more parts*

Cloud: If nothing else, it'll probably make you feel better.

Reno: I gonna go bugg'em. I'll be see'n a lotta ya spike. *shrugs* I can never catch her and... I dunno, I get tha feelin that Hojo wants to help me. Like he feels badder somethin

Kil: *maybe he;s not TOOOO bad* well - that's good.

Pepper: *eyes geostigma sample...a syringe... and then the computer* *typey* ... *typey*

Cloud: *nods* Well, take care of yourself, then.

Rude: ...*puts gun down* ...I'm coming too.

Kil: *wants to hug the reno*

Reno: *would prolly like a hug*

Reno: *not going on a killing spree yet*

Kil: ...Aw, screwit. *hugs Reno* *short woman!*

Reno: *hugs* Nice hair, Kil.

Rude: ... *adjusts sunglasses, waiting*

Reno: Awright buddy, lets go see docter frankenstien and Hojo.

Reno: *really likes the zombie cat*

Kilroy: Cloud did it. ^^

Rude: *glance back at Cloud in particular* ...don't touch.

Rude: *nods to Reno*

Reno: *nods back and out the door* (I'll be fine.)

Cloud: I won't. *winces*

Rude: ... *another warning glance at Cloud*

Cloud: ^^;

Rude: *out the door* (I don't know.)

Cloud: Kil, I get the feeling he doesn't like me very much.

Reno: *lights up under the no smoking sign* (Spike'll not touch anything. He's a good kid)

Kil: *ruffle* He jsut doesn't want us going 'eeee shiny and epxloding the joint.

Rude: ... (Whatever you say, pal. I just don't like him.)

Cloud: *picks up the gunblade ammo he came down for* See ya later.

Reno: *puffs* (I'll be fine)

Reno: *puffpuff* (Just stressed)

Rude: *takes cig and light from Reno* ... (I don't know. I'll believe that when I hear it from the doc.)

Kil: *slautes* ... *decides she'll test her kata*

Reno: *elevatoring*

Rude: (If something weird is going on with you, it's not like you can do much about it.)

Pepper: *smirking, though the way his eyes look don't quite match up*

Rude: (At least, not on your own.)

Reno: *looks up* (I know, I'm just scared. Valentine doesn't scare me as much as... god. Haven those things in my head all the time) *shivers*

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