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[ShinRa Christmas Party, shenanigans ensue]

Cloud: *taking forever in the bathroom*

Rude: ... *not wearing sunglasses, in a fancy suit with bowtie*

Tifa: *eee! no sunglasses!*

Reno: *oh dear god he tied his hair back and is in a tie*

Rude: *trying to avoid Scarlet, as the party is always her baby and she always has that mistletoe trick thing*

Tifa: So, Rude, you like my dress?

Zak: *is sitting on the couch, drinking something froofy*

Seph: *sitting next to Zak*

Zak: *hitting on anything that walks*

Rude: ... *nods* ...pretty. I like yellow.

Scarlet: *by Rufus* See, things will go perfectly well. I'm glad you chose to do this.

Tifa: *grins*

Tifa: So... what do you usually do at these things.

Rude: ... ...

Reno: Fall alseep.

Rude: ...after getting drunk.

Tifa: *scrunches nose* Right.

Rufus: *nods* Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Reno: And dancing on a table.

Rude: ...only you, pal.

Reno: I had a whole squad of back up dancers last time man.

Tifa: *giggles*

Tifa: I can imagine.

Rude: ... ... *Dark Nation does not count*

Reno: Well, Reeve and I both sparked the punch. Rude here passed out as he is want to do.

Reno: He's lucky I didn't draw on him.

Rude: ... *scratches neck* ...

Reno: Well, ya kids have fun, I'm gonna drink till I pass out.

Reno: *b-line, punch bowl*

Tifa: Can you dance?

Cloud: *sashays in, dressed to the nines in a strappy lavender dress, evening gloves, and makeup that is actually subtle*

Tifa: .... CLOUD?!

Rude: ... *looks at feet, like he's actually trying to figure that out* ...

Rude: ... ... *blinks at Cloud*

Cloud: Hi. *smiles*

Seph: Hey.

Cloud: Sorry I'm late. I couldn't find my foundation.

Seph: You haven't missed much.

I think Zak went to the little SOLDIER's room.


Cloud: *can actually walk in heels now* *very femmy walk to Seph*

Tifa: It's like Zangan's fighting, Rude. Except not trying to kill the other person.

Rude: ...fine. *holds out hand*

Cloud: *nods* I hope he likes my outfit.

Tifa: *takes hand*

Seph: It's cute.

Tifa: Why thank you good sir.

Cloud: *beams*

Rude: ... *not many other people dancing, so not much to go on*

Rude: *looking around*

Tifa: Just follow me for now. I know a think or two. *winks*

Rude: ... *nods* *puts hand on her waist and lifts her other hand up*

Rude: *waits*

Tifa: *leads*

Cloud: *adjusts his scarf and sits next to Seph*

Zak: *leans over and starts making out with Seph*

Rude: ... *looking at his feet*

Seph: *nudges Zak* Your date's here.

Zak: Wha.

Cloud: *gets up and spins around*

Zak: *smooch, smack, drool*

Zak: You look great

Zak: both of you do

Rude: *getting the...hang of it...sort of*

Cloud: *blushes*

Seph: *grins* *is in dress uniform*

Tifa: You're getting it! Good job.

Cloud: You guys are so hot. <3

Seph: You guys should go dance, so Tifa and Rude aren't all by themselves out there.

Rude: ...nothing to it.

Cloud: Well, Zak could be a proper gentleman and ask me to dance...*smiles*

Tifa: *grins* Talented punk.

Rude: *spins her* *is pleased with himself*

Cleo: *walks in looking ghetto fabulous* *looks for Reno*

Rufus: *watching everyone else* *trying not to look bored*

Reno: *waves Cleo over and flops next to Rufus* Nice party Ru-man.

Reno: *is on his 5th drink*

Rufus: Thank you.

Tifa: Whee! Rude, how did you get to be so smart? Really.

Cleo: Hey baby. *kisses Reno* Couldn't git away from th' bar earlier.

Reno: Yer crazy bosses gonna show up? *long drink*

Rude: ...by sucking out the brains of my enemies. *weird sense of humor* *totally deadpan*

Tifa: O.o REALLY?!

Rude: *nods, deadpan*

Tifa: Oh wow. Can you teach me that?

Cleo: Hell if I know. *not carrying her pick for once*

Rude: *shakes head* Turks only.

Rude: ...barmaids can't play.

Reno: *Grabs and pulls her onto his lap* Well, maybe it'll be relaxing then. Where's Se at Ru-man?

Tifa: And you won't let me join Shinra.... darn.

Tifa: I'll have to make you a nice drink and get you drunk and you'll spill all your secrets.

Rufus: I sent him to find me something I could drink. I suppose it proved difficult.

Cloud: I guess he's distracted. Want some punch, Sephi?

Rude: ...that won't happen.

Reno: *Hands Rufus his drink* There, mission accomplished.

Zak: Dance?

Rude: ...I don't get drunk that easily.

Cloud: Yeah. ^^

Tifa: I bet I could make you a drink that'll have you drunk in no time.

Cloud: You know, like in the movies...the dashing leading man asks the heroine to dance. *pokes Zak*

Rude: *blinks* ...maybe.

Reno: *has so not been teaching Tifa how to make drinks... much*

Rude: ...in that case, I'll have to be careful.

Zak: *snickers, and takes Cloud's hand*

Cloud: *giggles*

Rufus: Is this alcoholic?

Reno: I've had five now. They ain't bad. Rum and punch.

Tifa: I'm tricky, Rude. Tricky tricky.

Rufus: *giggles* Tseng went to find something that *wasn't* alcoholic for me.

Rude: ...you're sneakier than Wutaian insurgents.

Rufus: *sips at it anyway*

Reno: Well SEE, there in lies his probleM!

Tifa: I should join them, huh?

Zak: *totally hams it up on the dance floor, spinning and twirling Cloud*

Rufus: He said something about me being too young to drink. But, hell, if I'm old enough to run the world, I should be old enough to drink.

Reno: Damn straight, Ru-man.

Rude: ... *pretends to think about it* ...it probably wouldn't be that fun.

Cloud: *laughs and fairys about Zak with his scarf*

Seph: *watches them, grinning*

Rude: *twirlies Tifa* ...you'd have to fight the Turks sometimes.

Tifa: I wouldn't fight you all... you're nice people!

Cloud: You're a pretty snazzy dancer. <3

Rude: ...not really.

Zak: I do try. *looks all suave in his tux*

Reno: Tha's it. *calls the bar*

Cloud: *giggles and blushes*

Reno: Wha are they doin? *phone*

Serge: *answers* Bar.

Cleo: Prolly carryin' on about ties 'n' shit.

Reno: Where tha hell are Vin and Veld?

Serge: ...who cares? *looking around* Nobody's here.

Serge: I came in to eat, and it's all empty.

Cloud: *lightly wraps his scarf around Zak's neck* *stands on his toes and smooches*

Reno: Then ya see that karaoke machine?

Serge: ...yeah. What about it?

Reno: Bring it up ta tha company party, I

Reno: I'll letcha up.

Vin: *so got in pretending to be Reno, but the closet is lovely right now*

Serge: ... *eying how frikkin big it is* ...overtime?

Serge: Or is this community service.

Serge: ... *raar at the Turk hazings*

Tifa: What's Reno doing with that phone...?

Reno: *sigh* I'll buy ya dinner and ya got free food and booze here.

Rufus: *sipping Reno's drink*

Serge: ...deal. *hangs up*

Scarlet: *opens the closet, looking for her own closet with Reeve*

Cleo: *eyes Rufus* Lil' Man, you a bit young fo' dat.

Veld: Oh hey Scarlet. Different hallway please?

Scarlet: oops, my bad totally... nice boxers, Vin.

Vin: *waves*

Rude: ...calling for a karaoke machine. *shakes head*

Rufus: Reno gave it to me.

Scarlet: *aways to another closet*

Cleo: Well Reno a damn fool. *confiscates drink*

Reno: He rules tha free world, babe, he can have a drink.

Rufus: Tseng went off to find me a drink and didn't come back. He must have run into a problem.

Cleo: What's a matter witchu, tryin' ta git dis po' baby to' up?

Cleo: *totally in overprotective mom mode*

Reno: He ain't a baby, Cleo. And have a sip, It ain't strong anyway.

Reno: *Frowns* Ya want me to go find Se, Ru-man?

Tifa: Karaoke? Oh no....

Rude: ... *internal groan*

Cloud: Did somebody say karaoke? XD

Reno: Only if ya sing wit me, Spike.

Tifa: *facepalm*

Cloud: Sure!

Reno: When Serge gets here, if he ain't nice Tifa can kick his ass

Rufus: I'm sure he'll be back sooner or later.

Tifa: Ya. *pumps fist*

Cloud: I'm gonna go get some punch...want some Zak?

Reno: *nods*

Zak: sure

Hojo: *wanders in, wearing a suit and no labcoat*

Cloud: *sashays off to teh punch bowl*

Rude: ... *silently leads Tifa to the punch too*

Seph: *trying not to stare at Hojo*

Tseng: *is not at the party because he's on guard duty*

Hojo: *looking around and feeling really awkward*

Cloud: *gets two punches* *hands one to Zak* Here ya go. I'm gonna go sit for a bit.

Zak: *knocks it back* kk

Seph: *sitting on the couch by himself*

Hojo: *walks over toward Seph*

Hojo: Your mother wasn't feeling well. In case you're wondering.

Cloud: *sitting pretty, sipping punch all ladylike*

Zak: *snarfing food and punch*

Seph: *nods* That's too bad; I know she bought a dress just for the party and everything.

Hojo: Hopefully she'll feel up to coming later.

Cleo: *wanders over to Cloud* Daaamn. You go girl. *grins*

Cloud: *giggles*

Elevator: *opens*

Jukebox: *comes out really slowly, surrounded by ShinRa MPs pushing it*

Serge: *totally not pushing it himself* *looking around for Reno*

Rude: *gets punch for himself, then looks questioningly at Tifa like, "It's spiked, you know."*

Tifa: *drinks punch anyway*

Reno: Sweet! *hops up and directs*

Reno: Ya sing Ru-man?

Serge: *is bored and still hungry*

Rufus: Sing? Um... not in public.

Rude: ... *automatically looks around for Veld in slight apprehension*

Reno: Ya suuuuurrreee??

Cloud: I wanna sing!

Rufus: Yeah.

Rude: ... *downs punch and winces cause it's like 10% punch*

Cloud: *slightly tipsy from punch*

Reno: *has had about 7, has Vin's booze tolerance*

Rufus: Oh, Reno, remind me later - I have presents for your sibs and your mom.

Drakon: *obviously related to them both*

Veld: *is so in the closet, Rude, do your thing*

Reno: Didja get the cookies Ru-man?

Vin: *so keeping him in that closet a LONG time*

Rufus: Yeah! They were great.

Reno: Wonderful man. She was worried.

Rude: ...do you like it?

Seph: You want some punch or something, Dad?

Hojo: Oh, sure, punch... *distracted*

MPs: *set it down by the stage*

Reno: *puts a song on and gives a mic to cloud* You remind me of the babe.

Seph: *goes to get him some*

Rude: *actually groans and covers his eyes with one hand*

Tifa: What's going on?

Seph: Chaos has just ensued. *hands punch to Hojo*

Rude: ...it starts.

Cloud: What babe?

Rufus: *tucks up his feet and watches*

Hojo: *drinks* *blinks* I wish the people spiking the punch would use good alcohol...

Reno: The babe with the power!

Zak: *getting snockered over the punch*

Cloud: What power?

Rude: ... *drinks another one of the beer/vodka/10% punch mix*

Reno: The power of Voodoo

Cloud: Who do? *totally hamming it up*

Reno: You do!

Cloud: Do what? *giggles into mic*

Reno: Remind me of the babe *jumps up and spins Cloud* I saw my baby, Crying hard as a babe could cry! What could I do?

Seph: It's better than last year.

Tifa: *is soooo giggling at their antics*

Rude: *another, so getting drunk*

Cloud: *whee!*

Hojo: I believe I spent last year's party in the lab.

Seph: Oh, yeah.

Reno: *so pulls cloud up to the bar to dance* *why the hell not?*

Cloud: *giggles* *so tipsy*

Rufus: *giggling*

Rude: ...

Cleo: *laughing her ass off*

Cleo: Go 'head wit yo' bad self!

Cloud: I wanna sing some more!

Seph: *gives up on finding anything else and gets some punch*

Tifa: *slightly drunken giggle*

Cloud: *pops in a CD* *fairying about with a mic*

Zak: *hands Seph some punch* this tastes like crap

Cloud: *singing* Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me, I think they're ok...

Seph: *drinks half of it in a go* Utterly appalling.

Cloud: *twirly* If they don't give me proper credit, I just walk away-ay!

Seph: I wonder if we could convince Rufus to give us the keys to the Presidential wet bar. You think?

Rude: *slightly drunk too* ...

Reno: *swigs*

Cloud: They can beg and they can plead but they can't see the light...'cause the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mister Right! *hic*

Vin: *growllll*

Veld: *that's right, we're in a closet*

Cloud: *fairying about like whoa* 'Cause are liiiiiving in a material world, and I am a material girl! *spins scarf*


Reno: *dances with Cleo now*

Cleo: *gets down*

Seph: *heads over to Rufus* Mr. President?

Rufus: *looks up, somewhat worried* Yes, General?

Seph: Have you tried the punch?

Rufus: No... is there something wrong with it?

Seph: *hands over his cup*

Rufus: *sips* *makes a dreadful face* What's wrong with it?

Rude: *tugging at collar a little* ...can you sing, Tifa?

Seph: It's been spiked. More than once. With the cheapest stuff available, I'd say.

Tifa: ....not really.

Reno: Naw, looks like we did darks and lights.... lines of convo crossed er something

Cleo: *peering at Reno* Whut?

Rude: ...me neither. *bored, but doesn't want to get drunk because he's being responsible for Tifa right now*

Reno: Reeve, Vin an I tink used different booze

Rufus: Then fix it, Reno, if you would?

Reno: I used Gin, Vin used Rum and... *sniff*

Reno: snops.

Reno: ... I don't know.

Tifa: *tipsy* So wha are we doin?

Cloud: *looks at half-empty cup* Phew...good thing I didn't have that much.

Reno: ... I could fix it or we could just take shots and wash it down wit coke.

Zak: *grabs Seph*

Rufus: It tastes like paint thinner.

Zak: *drags him under the table.*

Reno: ... *goes to get some sherbet and dumps it in*

Cloud: *goes to the table for snacks*

Rude: ...thank god they stopped. *looks around* ...we're going outside.

Tifa: Why? *totters*

Rufus: *sighs* *goes over and gives instructions to the bartender*

Rude: *grabs hand* ...fresh air. *

Bartender: *now running an open bar*

Cloud: *munches on mini meatballs* *mumbling to self* I wonder where the guys went?

Seph: *fondles Cloud's ankle from under the table*

Cloud: o_O

Cloud: *knows that hand* *peers down*

Zak: *is so going down on Seph under the table*

Seph: *much more pleased about the party now*

Tifa: *whee! fresh air!*

Rufus: *managed to obtain a soda from the bartender without anything in it more dangerous than cherries*

Cleo: *getting sloshed at the bar*

Cloud: *wanders to the little SOLDIER's room to freshen up*

Reno: *whispers naughty things about closets to Cleo*

Rude: ...but first... *goes to bar and gets two champagnes* ...you should try this. *hands one to her*

Cleo: *snickers wickedly*

Reno: *aways to a closet*

Cleo: *whee closet!*

Reno: *opens the WRONG Closet* Oh my fucking gods, Veld.

Rude: ... *tries it* ...better than the punch, anyway.

Cleo: Shit!

Cleo: Can that even go there?!

Reno: ... damn you're flexible.

Veld: Close the door, dumbass.

Rufus: Somebody needs to sing something.

Reno: Ya got camera, Cleo?

Vin: I'll kill you.

Hojo: *tries to look like someone who wouldn't ever sing*

Rufus: Hojo. Go sing something.

Scarlet: *Grabs Hojo* Let's sing!

Hojo: *coughs* What?

Scarlet: Come on, I know you sing.

Cleo: *whips out PHS* Hell ya!

Vin: ... when I find my pants...

Veld: Are these your pants?

Reno: *also has his camera PHS*

Hojo: I don't... I mean, I haven't sung in years...

Reno: *so taking pictures*

Cleo: *fo' shizzle*

Scarlet: Come ON, sing Lady in Red.

Rufus: *do-not-argue-with-me look on his face*

Hojo: Oh god, Scar, not that one...

Cloud: *walks back in* *yay for re-application*

Vin: I'm going to commit infanticide, I think.

Cloud: *looks a bit flustered* *sits by the bar*

Veld: Oh come on. He's not THAT bad.

Reno: Are you double jointed, Velly?

Veld: And it's your fault you didn't lock the closet.

Hojo: *behind the microphone*

Cleo: Dunno 'bout him but V-man sho' as hell is.

Scarlet: Alright then. Something ziggy stardust.

Cleo: *snap*

Reno: Well that's genetics.

Hojo: *sighs* Just pick something.

Scarlet: *puts on She Blinded me with Science*

Reno: *closes Closet*

Hojo: *recognizes it as it starts up* Ha...

Reno: *offs to another closet*

Hojo: *sings*

Scarlet: *joins him*

Vin: *goes back to doing that thing with his tongue*

Rude: *kind of staring at them* *believes himself not nearly drunk enough for that*

Cloud: *waves hand* Bartender, can I have a Blue Mideel please?

Tifa: I bet you have a LOVELY singing voice, Rude....

Reno: *AHAH! an unoccupied closet*

Cleo: *drags Reno inside* *slam!*

Reno: *locks the fucking door*

VIn: *oh yeah, locking doors*

Pepper: *is amused at the singing*

Veld: *duh*

Seph: *comes out from under the table and joins Cloud at the bar*

Rude: ...! *staring at her in horror* ...

Tifa: *smiles that smile that means she could get away with murder*

Cloud: *kinda shaking a little* *sipping drink with little umbrella dammit*

Pepper: *finds himself humming along*

Seph: Hey, Croudo.

Scarlet: *Grabs Pepper and now has both Pepper and Hojo* Come on, pepper, sing!

Cloud: Hi, Sephi. *peers at him* You look...relaxed.

Seph: *smirks* Found something better than the punch.

Rude: ... *so suspicious* No. I don't.

Cloud: Bet you did. *giggles*

Pepper: *stumbles over* I..er... ... *sings*

Seph: What're you drinking?

Cloud: A Blue Mideel. Wanna try it? Cleo showed me how to make them.

Rufus: *watches the party with a benevolent-dictator smile*

Seph: What's in it?

Rude: *points at her, like two inches in front of her nose* Don't get that look.

Hojo: *snickering at Pepper*

Pepper: *smirks back at him -- hey, you've been singing longer*

Zak: *has fallen asleep under the table*

Cloud: Blue curacao, pineapple juice, orange juice, and rum.

Cloud: *offers glass*

Seph: I can't have pineapple juice. *to the bartender* Give me a rum and Coke.

Cloud: Oh, that's too bad. It's tasty. *sips*

Tifa: *smiiiiles*

Seph: Food allergies suck.

Scarlet: *leaves Hojo and Pepper to sing and strides up to Tifa and Rude* Is he being a stick in the mud?

Cloud: *ears perk up* Is that who I think it is?

Tifa: *nods*

Rude: ...no. *looking around for something to distract her with* ...

Seph: Who do you think it is? *takes his drink*

Scarlet: Rude, I think this pretty lady wants you to sing.

Pepper: *does not sing half bad, kthx*

Cloud: My dad...and your dad.

Rude: *staring at Scarlet* ...no.

Seph: Yeah. Rufus ordered my dad to sing.

Scarlet: *the look* *hand on a hip*

Rude: ...

Cloud: *giggles and looks on* They're pretty good.

Seph: *laughs* Yeah, not bad at all.

Scarlet: Tifa? Grab one hand I'll get the other.

Tifa: OK!

Reno: *busy*

Rude: *is attacked on all sides* ... *attempts to fold arms*

Scarlet: *tickles*

Rude: *tries to be stoic*

Rude: *mouth twitch*

Scarlet: Don't make me make you laugh. I will.

Cloud: *a little more tipsy* Hey...wanna dance, handsome?

Scarlet: *tickle*

Rude: ... *mouth clamped shut*

Hojo: *enjoying himself*

Seph: I'm not much of a dancer.

Tifa: *tickles*

Scarlet: *tickles side*

Seph: But it's not like anybody's sober enough to remember it, anyway. Why not?

Seph: *takes Cloud's hand*

Cloud: *giggles* What'd you tell me that time? *imitates Seph pose* "If you can fight, son, you can dance."

Cloud: *tipsy laugh*

Pepper: *having more fun than he would've guessed*

Scarlet: *draggy drag*

Rude: *lets out air cracks up in silent laughter and grabs Scarlet's hands* ...stoppit.



Rude: *glares at them both*

Rude: *dragged*

Seph: *is actually a very good dancer*

Cleo: *practically auditioning for Cirque du Soleil*

Vin: *oh we can so do better than that*

Rude: *next to Hojo now* ...

Cloud: Aww, this is so nice...

Hojo: *hands him the mic*

Scarlet: *hugs Hojo* The doctor advises you sing!

Rude: *looks at him like, "Nooo, how could you..."*

Hojo: *snickers* Come on, it's harmless.

Pepper: I second that!

Reno: *would sing but ah... busy*

Scarlet: Two doctors.

Rude: ... *looks at mic* *adjusts collar* ...

Rufus: *very amused indeed*

Hojo: Cue something, Scar.

Cloud: You know...some guy hit on me when I was coming back from the restroom. *giggles*

Rude: *looks around for help*

Seph: Oh? *growls*

Pepper: *grinning since Rude's actually quieter than he is*

Vin: *walks out of the closet, totally dressed, like NOTHING happened. Goes to the bar, mixes up two drinks and walks back to the closet*

Cloud: He totally thought I was a girl. I said I was spoken for, and that was that. *giggles*

Rude: ... ... *mic feedback*

Seph: Good. *pulls Cloud a little closer than absolutely necessary*

Hojo: Here, hold it like this, and speak up. *adjusts*

Cloud: Oh! *blushes*

Scarlet: *puts up we could be heroes*

Scarlet: *unless Vester would like another song*

Cloud: Heeey, what were you talking about? You're a great dancer. *giggles*

Seph: I'm not much for public performance.

Rude: *sings, and it's on-key, but really really quiet*

Pepper: ... Hey, that's pretty good! Come on, speak up. ^^

Scarlet: *turns the mic up a little*

Cloud: *snickers* Says the guy who grabbed my ankle underneath the table.

Rude: *continues*

Tifa: <3!

Scarlet: <3!

Seph: That's different.

Hojo: See, and you were nervous.

Reno: *hopes they didn't need that coat rack*

Rude: *eyes closed like he's by himself*

Pepper: *quietly to Hojo* So, you're going to dance with me a little later on, right?

Cloud: Okay, Mr. Doesn't Like Public Performances. *drags Seph towards the balcony*

Rude: *when done, practically throws the mic at Hojo's head when he's done, not from anger but relief*

Seph: *is dragged*

Rude: *tries to escape*

Scarlet: *glomps from one side* You're wonderful!

Tifa: EEEEE!

Rude: ... *is hugged* ...

Tifa: *totally glomps from OTHER side*

Cloud: Oops! Look what I found! *pulls mistletoe out of purse*

Rude: *trying to loosen collar, but can't move arms so swallows a couple times*

Seph: *raises an eyebrow*

Cloud: *wiggles mistletoe in front of Seph* Know what this is?

Seph: A species of parasitic plant?


Rude: ... *needs alcohol, as he did that entirely too soberly*

Cloud: Nooo, silly. *holds mistletoe over his head* It's a Yule tradition. If you stand underneath it, someone has to kiss you.

Seph: ...Why?

Scarlet: *Grabs Tifa* Wanna sing?

Seph: Not that I have a problem with kissing you. But.

Hojo: *wishes Lu were here*

Cloud: *dumbfounded* *never really thought about it before*

Hojo: *looks at Pepper* ... Wanna dance?

Scarlet: *pulls Tifa to the bar to dance ON said bar*

Pepper: *smiles* Sure.

Cloud: Um...it's just a tradition...

Rude: *relieved* ...

Rufus: Shouldn't that be hanging somewhere to trap the unwary, Lieutenant Strife?

Cloud: o_O

Seph: *kisses him quickly*

Hojo: *dances with Pepper*

Tifa: *dancing on BAR*

Cloud: *kisses back*

Pepper: *is a bit awkward at first due to not having much experience, but gets the hang of it pretty fast*

Seph: Should we hang this somewhere, and trap the unwary?

Cloud: *hands it to Seph* Sure.

Scarlet: *teaching Tifa how to dance in ways that would make Veld yell a lot*

Rude: ... X_- *thinks her skirt is way too short for that kind of thing*

Seph: *looks around the room* *hangs it in the doorway*

Rude: ... *but doesn't want to mess with Scar or she might make him sing more, so he just sits down and gets drunk(er)*

Scarlet: *dancing with Tifa to Love Shack*

Seph: Look good to you?

Cloud: *nods and grins* Perfect ambush, sir!

Pepper: *happy* .. This one too? I've just gotten the hang of it.

Vin: *getting teased horribly in the closet*

Tseng: *walks in*

Tseng: Rufus-sama?

Seph: *busts up* Look up, Tseng.

Hojo: Looks good, Pepper.

Cloud: *squeals*

Tseng: ...I'm not falling for that one.

Cloud: No, really...*giggles*

Reno: *makes it out of the closet*

Rufus: Yes, Tseng?

Reno: *waves* Heya, Se!

Cloud: *wonders if Rufus has ever kissed anyone*

Tseng: *looks up*

Tseng: Oh my.

Mistletoe: *dangles innocently*

Tseng: *blushes and tries to back away*

Seph: No getting out of it, Tseng. You have to kiss someone.

Cloud: Yeah, it's the rules!

Pepper: *dances more -- yay*

Tseng: But... who?

Tseng: *BLUSHES*

Seph: Your choice, I'd say.

Rufus: *standing nearby*

Tseng: ...*just dying here*

Seph: *stage whisper* Kiss Rufus.

Rufus: *blushes* General!

Scarlet: *dancing naughty, no feeling up*

Cloud: *giggles*

Tifa: *having too much fun to care*

Tseng: Rufus....

Rufus: *comes over* *bright red* Yes? *voice cracks*

Pepper: *is dancing rather close to Hojo, yes he is*

Cloud: *leans on Seph and smiles*

Reno: .... *trying not to watch scarlet and Tifa... trying so hard not to... watching*

Rude: *can't remember how many drinks he's had* *watching too*

Cleo: *so passed out in the closet*

Tseng: *leans down and kisses him gently*

Seph: *completely oblivious*

Rude: ... *looks at Reno like, "They made me karaoke...*sob*"*

Rufus: *is kissed* *very happy indeed*

Reno: *offers Rude a beer and a chair for to watch the hot women dance as they are the only straight men in Shinra*

Cloud: *looks up at Seph* Mission accomplished, Sephi-sama.

Rude: *accepts*

Reno: ...

Rude: ...

Seph: Excellent work, Lieutenant. Get me another drink.

Rufus: *hugs Tseng*

Cloud: *giggles* Sir, yes, sir! *scampers to the bar*

Rude: ... *raised eyebrow*

Reno: *smirks*

Cloud: *gets a rum and coke*

Rude: *rolls eyes*

Cloud: Sephi?

Reno: *snerk*

Cloud: *holding drink, looking around*

Tseng: *dying of embarrassment*

Seph: Thanks, Croudo. *ruffles his hair*

Cloud: Sephi!

Rude: *short laugh* ...

Pepper: *does notice the mistletoe and wonders if there is any way to get under it with Hojo* *keeps dancing because it would...uh... be a shame if Hojo were bored. yeah.*

Cloud: *smooths out hair* You know how much mousse I had to use?

Seph: *laughs* Clearly not enough.

Cloud: ;_;

Hojo: *still dancing*

Seph: It looks fine, dove. Really.

Cloud: If you're gonna mess my hair up, I should have something to show for it.

Rude: *wave at dancers*

Seph: We could go find a closet.

Scarlet: *Hugs Tifa and waves*

Cloud: *grins* Good idea.

Seph: Wanna go see if you can wake up Zak? He's under the punch table.

Rufus: Come dance with me, Tseng.

Reno: *taps pocket*

Cloud: Okay...*wanders over to the refreshments* *crawls under the table*

Rude: *pleasantly surprised*

Tseng: okay...

Cloud: *pokes Zak* Kara-kun?

Rufus: *grabs Tseng's hand and drags him*

Cloud: *pokes a little harder* Kaaara-kuuun?

Rude: *examines bottom of bottle, kind of sad it didn't contain more alcohol*

Reno: *so has a cooler* *hands one over*

Zak: *sound asleep*

Cloud: *kisses Zak*

Seph: *crawls under the table with them*

Rude: *this is why we work so well together*

Zak: Zzzzz

Cloud: He's knocked out.

Seph: His loss. *grabs Cloud*

Cloud: ...closet, then? It's a little cramped under here.

Seph: True. *reluctantly lets him go* Balcony?

Cloud: *naughty giggle* *blushes*

Rude: *paranoid glances to see if Veld is there somewhere*

Cloud: We'd probably get caught...

Reno: *laughs, still sounds a bit deranged*

Seph: True.

Rude: ... *still, can't help it, he's paranoid*

Cloud: Closet?

Seph: Closet. *lets Cloud lead*

Cloud: *naughty giggle* *drags Seph outside*

Cloud: *opens closet* o_O

Tifa: *has decided that singing with Scarlet is good too*

Cloud: Cleo?

Hojo: *tangos with Pepper and even lets Pepper lead*

Cloud: *slams door* *ok, next closet*

Rufus: *waltzing with Tseng* *giggling*

Seph: This experience is quickly becoming scarring.

Cloud: Very.

Seph: Empty office, maybe?

Cloud: Okay...let's go find one.

Cloud: *follows Seph*

Seph: Tseng's office door has a lock.

Cloud: Oooh.

Tseng: *smiles down at Rufus*

Rufus: Happy Solstice, Tseng.

Tseng: Your birthday is tomorrow, Rufus-sama.

Rude: *finally pretty sloshed* *eying Tifa and Scarlet but mostly Tifa as that'd be like going for his mom and he likes brunettes anyway*

Pepper: *leads a bit, somehow finding himself under the mistletoe while nearly going out the door* ... *looks up*

Hojo: *notices Pepper has stopped* Hmm?

Reno: *would not want either, but he can enjoy the beauty of nature*

Pepper: *points at the dangly plant*

Hojo: *looks up* Er...

Rude: *wonders idly if he can palm some mistletoe off someone*

Reno: *hands him some*

Rufus: *half-watching Pepper and Hojo*

Pepper: *looks back at Hojo* *is trying so hard not to blush* *smirks*

Rude: ... *surprised, and kind of slow-witted* ...thanks, pal.

Reno: Eh, Letty, I think this party needs a round of Disco King.

Scarlet: *spins Tifa and hops down* I think so too.

Hojo: *looks around for Lu* *shrugs* Go ahead.

Reno and Scarlet: *singing a shockingly good version of Bowie's "Disco King"*

Rude: *goes and sits down at the bar in front of Tifa*

Tifa: *teases Rude's bald head* Hey there.

Pepper: ... *hesitates for a second, but will not be shy now. Oh, no.* *snogs*

Hojo: *is snogged. And maybe is snogging back, just a little.*

Pepper: *wonders how long mistletoe snogging is suppose to last, but decides not to care. Not NOW.*

Rude: ... *pretty sloshed* ...having fun?

Hojo: *is not not enjoying this*

Tifa: Ya. You wanna make out? *even more sloshed than Rude, cause LOOK AT HER, she's tiny.*

Rude: *pleasantly surprised* ...

Reno: *has wandered off to awaken Cleo*

Rude: ...okay. *hopes that Reno was telling the truth in the whole "Veldy's busy" thing*

Pepper: *wonders if there's some sort of plant that means you have to find a closet*

Hojo: *would remind Pepper that he's married and not to push it*

Tifa: Really?! *sloppy smooch*

Rude: *smooches back over counter*

Pepper: *could die now and probably die the happiest he's been* *breaks the snogging off slow and properly*

Hojo: *smiles at him*

Tifa: *breaks off and giggles* I'm so glad I'm lightheaded! Else I would never do that!

Rude: *so happy* ...why?

Tifa: *so red* I'm shy, silly.

Pepper: *much with the smiling* ... what?

Rude: Well, me too. *no hesitation*

Hojo: I've been waiting for you to do that.

Rude: ...it's not a bad thing, is it?

Tifa: *giggles* No, silly. Kiss me again.

Rude: *nods* *kisses her again*

Pepper: *surprised* ...You have?

Vin: *comes out of the closet*

Hojo: Well, sure.

Veld: *also comes out of the closet, yes, this is a joke*

Rude: *holds her cheeks with his hands*

Veld: *sees Rude* OFF!

Pepper: Well, I didn't know... For how long?

Rude: *doesn't notice*

Hojo: Since that night I came back drunk after I fought with Finn and you kissed me on the couch.

Veld: *shrugs* Gah, never mind.

Vin: How did our karaoke machine get here? *smoothes tie down* Screw it *goes to get a drink*

Veld: Hey hey, watch the alcohol!

Vin: Watch? *swig*

Reno: Heya Velly.

Veld: *rolls eyes* Never mind.

Veld: What do YOU want, Reno?

Rude: *stops* ...you're good at dancing. *conspiratorial*

Reno: I'm saying hallo, geeze.

Tifa: What?

Veld: Oh, ok. Hi.

Veld: Just making sure.

Scarlet: Oh, Veld!

Scarlet: I got a Yule gift for you.

Veld: Dear god, what is it with you people?

Pepper: I thought you were too out of it... I didn't think you'd remember. *short, quiet laugh* Had I known, I wouldn't have kept you waiting.

Scarlet: What?

Veld: Nothing. Gift please?

Scarlet: *nods head to her office* Come on.

Hojo: Ah, well...

Rude: ...you're good at dancing. *whispers* ...better than Letty.

Tifa: ....Thanks.

Veld: Ok.

Scarlet: *Is old thankyouverymuch* *walks to her office* I didn't know if you'd want it, but.. *opens door*

Veld: ?

Scarlet: *hands him a photo book*

Veld: This isn't a bomb, is it?

Rude: ...don't tell anybody, but I might be drunk. A little.

Scarlet: Open it.

Veld: *cautious opening of book*

Tifa: I won't tell anything. I keep good secrets.

Pepper: ... Yes, I guess that's about all that can be said about that... *thinks Lu is a very lucky woman and also wishes that he would've been less shy in the past*

Rude: ...good.

Scarlet: If you don't want it, I'll keep it.

Veld: No.... I'll keep it.

Veld: Thank you. For your dedication, Scarlet.

Pepper: *<3*

Scarlet: She'd be really proud of you.

Scarlet: I know you'll never believe that, but she would be.

Veld: I'd hope so.

Scarlet: *hug*

Rude: ...good girl. *pats her on the head*

Veld: You're lucky I'm not pissed off, kid.

Vin and Reno: *eerie drinking at the same time*

Scarlet: Even sociopaths need hugs. You're a cuddly sociopath anyway.

Veld: *glare* Don't let it get around.

Scarlet: I had another gift in mind ^^

Tifa: *likes the patting, oddly* So what you gonna do after the party, Rude?

Veld: I don't want to know.

Scarlet: I'll bring it by later. Oh, hey, when did Vin move in with you that last time?

Reno: *starts singing we could be heroes*

Rude: ...after...I dunno. Usually we're passed out under a table by now.

Vin: *joins in*

Veld: ...Why do you need to know that?

Pepper: *glances over at the party, still holding on to Hojo's hands* Oh, the song's over.

Reno: *throws an arm around Rude* come on, you both know this song!

Tifa: Passed out? Are you a lightweight?

Rude: ...I would have had more than this. *supports Reno's weight tipsily*

Rude: ...no way, pal.

Reno: We could be HEROES!

Vin: *arm over Tifa* Just for one day.

Hojo: So it is.

Veld: Oh god, they're drunk now. When did this happen?

Rude: ...hmmm....

Rufus: *watches*

Scarlet: I'm just keeping date with some photos.

Rude: *tries to wave Reno off like a mosquito* *doesn't work*

Reno: Ru-man? Sing along?

Rufus: *bounces over*

Veld: Scarlet, go join in so I can yell at you all....

Rude: ... ...

Scarlet: When did you and Vin start living together first?

Reno: Though nothing, nothing will keep us together.

Veld: That's none of your business, dearie.

Scarlet: Fine, I'll ask Vin.

Veld: You go do that.

Vin: I, I could be king!

Rude: *kind of likes listening, thanks*

Scarlet: *joins in sing-along*

Scarlet: Where's Cloud and Cleo?

Tifa: *so singing along in her off pitch drunkeness*

Reno: Though NOTHING, will drive us AWAY!

Rufus: *singing too*

Vin: *drunken singing and swaying*

Cloud: *so giving Seph some*

Rude: *kind of hums*

Seph: *is lucky*

Scarlet: Hey, Vin? When you and Veld start living together?

Vin: On and off?

Veld: *crossed arms watching and trying not to laugh*

Scarlet: Like fer good.

Vin: Jan...ah... *closes eyes brow furs drunkenly* 5th.

Scarlet: *laughs and sings loudly*

Cleo: *wobbles in* *sooo hammered* Eeeey, V-man!

Cleo: *gets another drink, what's it really going to hurt?* *drunken dance with glass*

Pepper: I suppose it had to...so another could begin. Heh. Though it's always the worst when a song's cut off in the middle for another. It just leaves the rest up to speculation. *yeah, is so not talking about songs*

Pepper: *realizes he probably sounds ridiculous and glances down at the ground*

Hojo: Well, that's life, I suppose. Sometimes stuff gets cut off in the middle.

Vin: *in a rather large turkish group hug now that the song is over*

Rude: *still on barstool, hand on Tifa's and eyes closed*

Rufus: *feeling very short*

Reno: Ah feel tha love guys.

Veld: *raises eyebrow, weird kids*

Rude: *jabs Reno in the stomach really hard*

Vin: Awright. *yay drunk slang* I'm gonna... go home.

Reno: oof!

Rufus: Thank you for coming to my party, Vincent.

Pepper: *nods* I suppose so. *looks back up* Want to keep dancing? *smiles again*

Vin: Man, thanks for having me. This one's the best one I can think of.

Rufus: *hands him an envelope* Happy Solstice.

Hojo: Sure, why not?

Hojo: *takes his hand*

Vin: *blink* Wha this for?

Rufus: For Solstice. Duh.

Rude: *yay, holiday bonuses?*

Vin: *nods* Happy Solstice, President ShinRa.

Vin: *looks at book* Whatcha got, Velly?

Veld: Just some pictures.

Rufus: *hands envelopes to everyone who's paying attention*

Rude: *paying attention* *taps Tifa on the forehead with it*

Reno: Thanks man!

Tifa: HEY! What's that for?!

Rufus: Happy Solstice, everybody.

Rude: ...good luck!

Hojo: Hmm?

Rude: *opens it*

Rude: Thanks, boss.

Pepper: *blink* *looks at envelope*

Rude: *puts paper back in envelope and thwaps Tifa again*


Rufus: I feel very fortunate to have such a talented group of people around me. I wouldn't be where I am today without you - and I do mean that in the most literal sense, with some of you.

Reno: We love ya too, Ru-man *hugs*

Rufus: *hugs back*

Vin: *looking at the pictures* heh... I was a Muppet.

Rude: ... *tiny grin*

Veld: Aren't you glad I cut your damn hair? Running around like a hooligan...

Hojo: *nods*

Tifa: You're mean sometimes, Rude. I don't know why, either.

Rude: *tries to look innocent, which doesn't work too well*

Pepper: *peers in envelope* ^_^

Rude: ...you're just not good enough.

Rufus: *peering at the pictures* That was you?


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