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Cloud: *slams door and locks it* *snog*

Seph: *kissing back* You know, we could go back to our apartment and have sex in our bed like civilized people.

Cloud: *whimpers* Okay, if you say so...

Seph: Well, you know, if you'd RATHER have sex on Tseng's desk... *nibbles on his neck*

Cloud: *moans* I just want you, I don't care where...

Seph: *slides his hand downward* Here is good.

Cloud: *wraps his scarf around Seph, pulling him closer* Good.

Seph: *struggling with the fastenings of his trousers*

Cloud: *knocks stuff off Tseng's desk*

Seph: *so has lube in his jacket pocket*

Seph: Damned dress uniform.... *would be faster if he could keep his hands off Cloud*

Cloud: *undoes Seph's jacket for him*

Cloud: Gods, every time you wear it I want you to fuck me.

Seph: *growls*

Cloud: *nibbles a nipple and pulls his jacket off*

Seph: *groans* *rubs against Cloud*

Cloud: *quickly unfastens Seph's trousers and kisses him* *turns his back to him and leans against him*

Seph: *preps himself, shaking a little in anticipation*

Cloud: *bends over the desk, whimpering*

Seph: *presses into Cloud*

Cloud: *bites his lip and moans*

Seph: Croudo... *slides deeper*

Cloud: *grips the edge of the desk a little tighter* Oh gods...

Seph: *starts moving in and out, slowly*

Cloud: *shuts his eyes and groans*

Seph: *trying not to dig his fingers into Cloud's hips*

Cloud: *grinds back against Seph* Tenshi-sama...please...

Seph: Croudo-hime...

Cloud: *pleading voice* Fuck me...

Seph: *bites his shoulder* *begins moving faster, harder*

Cloud: *cries out despite himself, and clings to the desk*

Seph: *digging his fingers into Cloud's hips*

Cloud: *hisses in exquisite pain, tears streaming down his cheeks* Oh gods...that's it...hurt me...

Seph: *fucking Cloud hard*

Cloud: *shudders and screams as he hits climax* Seph...oh gods!

Seph: *gasps and moves harder*

Cloud: *goes limp on the desk*

Seph: *comes hard into him*

Cloud: *panting, so terribly sore*

Seph: *kisses the back of his neck*

Cloud: *lightheaded* Hmm...this could be a problem...

Seph: What's wrong?

Cloud: ...I don't think I can move. ^^;

Seph: *pulls out, laughing*

Seph: Give it a minute.

Cloud: *slowly pushes himself upright, and tries to smooth down his dress* *swoons backward*

Seph: *catches him*

Cloud: ...my hero. *soft giggle*

Seph: *nuzzles*

Seph: Hey, fireworks.

Cloud: Pretty.

Seph: Happy Solstice, Croudo-hime.

Cloud: *smiles* Happy Solstice, Tenshi-sama.

Seph: Think you can stand up, Princess?

Cloud: *rests a moment* I'll try...

Cloud: *stands on his own* *a little wobbly*

Seph: *standing close* You okay?

Cloud: *takes a step, knees buckle* Whoa...

Seph: *grabs around the waist* Have you eaten today?

Cloud: Just a muffin this morning, and some snacks at the party. I was at the salon all day.

Seph: No wonder you're halfway to passing out. Let's go find you some food.

Cloud: Okay.

Seph: *fastens his pants*

Cloud: *pulls down dress* Um...shouldn't we do something about the mess? *giggles nervously*

Seph: Leave it. Let them wonder.

Cloud: *blushes*
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