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Cloud: Hot tubs are good for you, right? Like for your muscles and stuff.

Zak: yeah.

Seph: Definitely.

Cloud: So we should get one. For health purposes.

Cloud: *cough*

Zak: bwa ha ha ha ha

Seph: Right. *smirks* Oh, I am a bad bad man.

Seph: General Knightblade?

Zak: Hai?

Seph: Would you say a hot tub would improve your performance in the field?

Zak: HAAI.

Seph: I daresay it would improve mine, as well. And we would make it available to younger officers - like Lieutenant Strife over there.

Cloud: *sporfle*

Seph: I'll be back in a bit. *kisses both of them* I'll be in my office if you need me.

Zak: *still can't get out of bed*

Cloud: Zak, is he doing what I think he's doing?

Zak: I believe so. He's going to requisition a hot tub.

Seph: Except that I'm not allowed to get up either. *sighs* Lieutenant, go bring me a requisition form.

Zak: bwa ha ha. In your office, my ass

Seph: Your ass is broken, Knightblade. I don't want to hear about it.

Zak: =P

Cloud: *laughs* It's good to be the general...*hops up and kisses them both* I'll be back.

Cloud: *comes back with form* Here ya go.

Seph: *grins* Hand me a pen.

Cloud: *does so*

Seph: *starts filling out form*

Cloud: *playing Tetris* Man...this is gonna be so cool.

Seph: How's level 9 treating you?

Cloud: I think I know what I was doing wrong...I'm gonna try something else this time.

Seph: Just relax. Be the bricks. Heh.

Zak: *has fallen back asleep*

Cloud: That's the first time someone ever told me I *needed* to be a blockhead.

Seph: *laughs*

Cloud: *clearing level 5, w00t* There was some stuff I had to fill you in on...

Seph: Okay.

Cloud: There's a bit of a situation down in Sector 7. With Vincent.

Seph: Elaborate, please.

Cloud: Remember Father Adrian? That nutty priest that always goes on about damnation and vampires?

Seph: I believe somebody mentioned that vampires were real when I was on heavy medication. Reno, maybe?

Cloud: *nods* Oh yeah, they're real. I've killed more than I can count in the last couple of weeks.

Cloud: They were attacking the bar, 'cause they wanted Vincent for something. I still don't know exactly what's going on, but it appears to be under control for the time being. We've pretty much contained the threat.

Seph: I'll expect a full report, of course.

Cloud: *nods* Yeah, of course. I just thought you should know. *grins* I've gotten a LOT of combat experience, though.

Seph: *nods* Very good, Lieutenant. Have you been working with other SOLDIERs?

Cloud: *so gonna ace his urban warfare eval* At first it was just me and Kilroy, and the bar folks, but when it started getting really heavy, I organized some patrols.

Seph: Good. Very good. You're turning into quite the officer, Strife.

Cloud: *blushes and grins* Thanks. I've had really good role models though, right?

Seph: I have a good squad. Do you need anything else? Equipment?

Cloud: Not really...*goes quiet* Maybe some extra fire materia, they--YES, YES, YES! *leaps out of his chair and pumps Game Boy in the air*

Seph: *laughs* Did you do it?


Seph: Fan-fucking-tastic. *grins*

Cloud: *stupid grin* I just quit worrying about making triples and quads and just tried to make lines as I saw them.

Seph: Good strategy.

Cloud: *nods* It's the simple ones that work the best, I've noticed.

Seph: In gaming as well as war.

Cloud: Yeah. *sticks Game Boy in his pocket and sits back down* It's funny...people are starting to look up to me.

Seph: There's no reason why they shouldn't. You're a good officer, Cloud, and a good man. I didn't promote you because of your ass, you know.

Cloud: *giggles* It's a nice ass though, isn't it?

Seph: It is indeed. But that doesn't affect my policy decisions. *hands him the completed form* Take that up to Scarlet. Right now, I'm requisitioning myself another nap.

Cloud: Okay, Sephi. *kisses him* Want me to get you anything?

Seph: No, I'm good. *leans back*

Cloud: Okay. *tucks him in* Sweet dreams.

Seph: *drops off*

Cloud: *walks down to Scarlet's office* *knocks on the door*

Scarlet: Come in!

Cloud: *walks in* Hi, Miss Scarlet.

Scarlet: *happily reading reports* *sits them aside* Well if it isn't superman. How are you?

Cloud: *giggles* Doing a lot better, now. *hands her the form* Seph wanted me to give this to you.

Scarlet: *reads*

Scarlet: *snickers* A hot tub huh?

Cloud: *flushes* It's for health reasons...

Scarlet: Oh *knowing smile* Of course it is. I totally agree. *flips over and signs* Though putting into your apartment is going to be loud and messy. Do you get along well with Reno?

Cloud: *blushes* Thanks...yeah, me and Reno are pretty good friends.

Scarlet: Then would you mind taking over Zak's position till he's fully recovered? I don't want him killing himself to get back to work.

Cloud: *blinks* ...are you sure? That's a pretty important assignment...

Scarlet: That's why I want you to cover it. *pats a stack of reports* I've got reports from Reno, from VELD from everyone that's worked with you and they glow Cloud.

Scarlet: This requires a SOLDEIR who not only can get along with the line of communication, but one with enough humilty to turn it back over to Zak when he gets better and I know he trusts you.

Cloud: *scratches his spikes* Wow...okay. I'll do my best.

Scarlet: I know you will. I just wanted someone Zak would feel comfortable doing this and you're it. And I've got faith in you

Cloud: *beams* Thanks. I won't let you down, Miss Scarlet.

Scarlet: *smiles* Anything else hun?

Cloud: Um, yeah...I just wanted to thank you for coming to see me the other day. Sorry I was in such a crappy mood.

Cloud: Those pictures were funny. *giggles*

Scarlet: Veld liked them. It was nice to, I dunno, think about the past. One of these days you zak and seph will do that. Of course I still have his... *snicker* anniversary gift to give him.

Cloud: Anniversary gift?

Scarlet: How familiar are you with Midgar Common Law?

Cloud: *frowns* Reno looked some stuff up for me once, but I don't know much about it.

Scarlet: If you live with someone and share expenses with them, over half, for more than 3 years. *snickers* By Midgar Law you are legally married... *snicker giggle*

Cloud: *laughs* Oh, that...yeah, Reno told me. So that means Vin and Mr. Dragoon are married.

Scarlet: Veld threw a FIT.

Cloud: *grins* I bet he did. He doesn't really seem like the marrying type.

Scarlet: Not like it means anything but if he kicks Vin out Vin gets half his stuff, and he's not going to be kicking Vin anywhere.

Scarlet: BUT anyway, I found all the cute pictures I could of him and Vin and put them in a book to embarrass the hell out of him. I used Tifa squees to help me pick what ones to use. Valid scale of measurements if you ask me.

Cloud: *giggles* Aw man...that's great. You must have some really embarassing ones, 'cause those are the ones Tifa likes the most.

Scarlet: *flops the book out* Oh yes, yes I did. And a few where they ended up cuddling Cassio, and a few where they ended up cuddling Reeve. Reeve was scared the next day.

Cloud: o_O That's a weird mental image.

Cloud: Who's Cassio?

Scarlet: One of the originals.

Scarlet: Him and Taila died before Reeve started working with us

Cloud: *looking at pictures* *nods* Oh...is that him? *points to a picture*

Scarlet: Yeah, pretty good looking, wasn't he?

Cloud: ...wow, he was HOT.

Scarlet: *laughs* He and Vin drove Veld INSANE.

Scarlet: Though your, mom, Talia and I helped. Talia was the leader, not much Veld could do about Vin and Cassio.

Scarlet: Ignore the picture of them in the shower.

Cloud: *nods* *looks at an unfamiliar woman* That's her, right? She was pretty.

Cloud: o_O *quickly flips the page*

Scarlet: Vin, Cassio and Veld, Kitty took that one.

Scarlet: Yeah, she was a GREAT Turk

Cloud: ...what happened to them? If it's ok to ask.

Scarlet: Bad information leak. *digs out her cigarettes* Amon knew of course, and he expected we'd loose someone. He wanted to prove that we'd die for him.

Cloud: *frowns* That's horrible. I'm sorry.

Scarlet: *lights up* I don't think about how they died, I prefer remembering the fun times. The'd like it that way.

Cloud: *nods* That's probably for the best. *closes the book* Mom doesn't talk much about back then. I guess I can kind of see why, now.

Scarlet: We aren't really proud of those times, but all you can do is enjoy the better times. *puff* Rufus is so far removed from Amon or Finn its like another person.

Cloud: I didn't really get along with him at first, but he's a nice kid. I like him.

Scarlet: *laughs* That kid is the owner of the world, Cloud. Don't let the fact that he's 13 let you forget that. You're all good kids. I'm proud of you.

Cloud: *blushes* Thanks. That really means a lot.

Scarlet: *waves hand* Now shoo before I keep rambling on like the old war horse I am.

Cloud: *giggles* Okay...but you're not an old horse, Miss Scarlet. You're too pretty for that.

Cloud: *waves and walks out*
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