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[Sephiroth, after some time in bed finally awakes to the bright lights of the ShinRa building. He's a quick healer, thank gods]

Cloud: *asleep in a chair next to him*

Seph: *groans*

Cloud: *startled awake*

Cloud: *mumbles* Must have fallen asleep...*looks at Seph*

Seph: *blinks* Hey.

Cloud: *gasps, eyes go wide* Oh...Sephi! Thank gods!

Seph: That bad?

Cloud: *bends down and hugs him* ...I was scared you wouldn't wake up.

Seph: How long have I been out?

Cloud: I'm not sure. I woke up a couple days ago, I think...my head was really fuzzy though. Still kinda unsure what day it is.

Seph: Fuck. *Days*?

Cloud: I kept hearing cheesy Nibel folk music in my head. ^^;

Seph: That must suck.

Seph: How’s Zak?

Cloud: *eyes downcast* He's...in a coma still.

Seph: *brows draw in, worried* How bad was he hurt? Gods, I should’ve been faster, I should’ve caught him....

Cloud: Seph, it's not your fault. I know you did everything you could for him...

Cloud: It's all my fault. If I hadn't gotten those stupid costumes, none of this would have happened.

Seph: Don’t you dare regret that, Cloud. That was an absolute blast.

Seph: Did they figure out what went wrong with the airship?

Cloud: It was a bad patch of turbulence.

Cloud: *sighs*

Seph: Bad patch of turbulence, my ass. But whatever. We had fun; that’s what matters, right?

Cloud: I...I guess so. How are you feeling?

Seph: My very eyelids hurt.

Seph: But pain’s just your body reminding you that you’re not dead yet.

Seph: When can I get up?

Cloud: *strokes his brow* You'll be okay.

Seph: Yeah, I bounce. Literally, I think.

Cloud: Hey, my dad's the scientist...I'm just the muscle.

Seph: Are there any scientist around, or did they all abandon me for more interesting projects?

Irena: *walks by looking at gory pictures*

Seph: *groans dramatically*

Irena: Hey! You're not dead!

Seph: No such luck.

Cloud: Thankfully, no. *smiles*

Irena: You need anything?

Seph: When can I leave?

Irena: How not-dead are you?

Seph: I can feel everything.

Seph: It all hurts.

Cloud: Oh...I probably should put some more water in these. *gets up and fills a glass, pours it into a vase of lilies*

Cloud: I got you flowers yesterday, but you weren't awake to see them. ^^;

Irena: That's good. You want some morphine?

Seph: If Dad has found a flavor of morphine that I’m not allergic to.

Seph: Those are pretty, Cloud.

Seph: Thanks.

Irena: Well, there's these things here labeled "painkillers for Seph". See? There's a little smily face on the note.

Cloud: *smiles a little* I'm glad you like them. I wasn't sure if you would or not.

Irena: *hands Seph the note*

Seph: May the many gods bless my mom.

Irena: *hands him two blue pills and a cup of water*

Seph: Nobody’s ever brought me flowers in the lab before.

Seph: *takes them and swallows* Are Pepper or Hojo around?

Pepper: *following the cat around for a minute*

Cloud: *trying to be cheerful for Seph* Well, it's about time someone did. I'm glad it was me.

Irena: I think Pepper's playing with one of his cats. Hojo and Miss Lu went out somewhere. I think for dinner. Miss Lu was giggling.

Pepper: *hears talking and looks in the room's direction* ?

Seph: So how long have I been out? Clearly everyone’s gotten bored waiting for me to wake up.

Irena: *counts on her fingers* Week or so?

Seph: Wow. Fuck.

Irena: Sure, I'll get you guys a curtain.

Cloud: o_O

Pepper: *wanders over* Hi, Irena. Are you talking to-- Oh! Sephiroth's awake.

Seph: *laughs* I don’t think I’m quite that repaired yet.

Irena: Okay... Oh, hello, Pepper.

Cloud: Hi Dad.

Seph: Hi, Pepper.

Pepper: Good to have you back with us. Feeling okay?

Irena: I'll go call the professor.

Seph: I hurt everywhere I have places.

Seph: How’s Zak?

Pepper: Hm. *frowns* Well, that's to be expected, I suppose.... Zak's still out. We're waiting for him to come around. It should be anytime... He's stable.


Seph: *nods* How many of my bones were left intact?

Seph: *weak shout* Thanks, Irena!

Pepper: Oh, you know, a few here and there. You're healing, though. *half-smile*

Cloud: *clasps Seph's hand*

Irena: *comes back over*

Pepper: It's essentially all recovery from here. You've passed the uncertain stages.

Seph: The ones where I was unconscious?

Pepper: *nods* Basically. But Zak's come a long way too, so don't worry about him still being out. He'll come around.

Seph: Good.

Cloud: Dad, when will Seph be well enough to come home?

Cloud: *would really like to get him out of the sterile lab*

Pepper: Oh, it'll still be a while. Have to keep an eye on him and make sure all the bones are knitting back properly.

Cloud: ...oh. *wonders about a cute candy-striper outfit*

Seph: *grins at Cloud* My bones knit. Do yours? I’ve been trying to teach them to crochet, but so far, no dice.

Cloud: No, but that's cause your bones are cool.

Pepper: *smirks*

Cloud: *whoa he looks kinda...stoned*

Seph: Actually, my bones are pretty warm. My average body temperature is three degrees above normal.

Cloud: ...I kinda noticed. *blushes*

Seph: Yeah, you would’ve.

Pepper: ...

Cloud: *eek, Dad's here* *glances at Pepper* ^^;;

Pepper: *shrugs*

Pepper: We'll have to take another X-ray later to see how everything's coming along, but it looks good from here. I'll leave you two to talk, then.

Cloud: *nods* Thanks, Dad.

Cloud: *meow from his shirt pocket*

ZombieCat: *ear perks*

Seph: Hey, did you sneak Ash in here?

Ash: *little head pops up* =^_^=

Cloud: No, actually...he followed me. ^^;

Cat: *stalks down the hallway* *pokes head into room*

Cloud: I have no idea how he keeps sneaking out of the apartment.

Seph: ...Am I REALLY drugged, or is Ash now the size of Dark Nation?

Cloud: Huh? Dad said he was gonna stay little. *takes Ash out of his pocket* See?

Cat: ...Rawr?

Cloud: ?!

Seph: Then what the hell is that?

Ash: ...meep?

Cat: *sniffs and wanders in* *flicks tentacle*

Cloud: ...oh, that's one of Dad's other projects.

Cloud: C'mon, it's okay. *holds free hand out*

Seph: Fuck, you sleep a week, you miss everything.

Cloud: Heh, that's the least of it. Wait till you find out about the vampires.

Cat: *walks over and sniffs his hand - licks it* ^^

Cloud: Good kitty. *pets*

Cat: *purrs*

Seph: Vampires?

Reno: *knocks*

Cloud: ...it's a long story.

Cloud: *looks up* Looks like you have another visitor.

Seph: I’m not going anywhere.

Cat: *turns and looks at the doorway* *flattens ears*

Seph: Come in, by all means.

Irena: *lets him in* Hello, Mr Vincent

Reno: Reno, Irena.

Irena: *blinks*

Cloud: Yeah, it's Reno.

Irena: No WAY!

Seph: ...Reno? Why do you look like Vincent?

Cloud: You missed a lot, Sephi.

Irena: You had hair, like, my color! Are you under cover or something? Is it sneaky?

Reno: I was over cover if ya wanna be real technical

Reno: I took my contacts out and dis is ma natural hair color.

Irena: Weeeeeeeeird.

Reno: I didn't wanna draw attention since I'm workin Vice. And I got a file ta give Seph.

Reno: *and is so not going back to the bar alone, nope*

Cloud: He's under the weather, Reno, Can't it wait?

Irena: Oooh, Vice. That sounds exciting. Are you still shooting people?

Seph: One day, shit will stop happening the second I turn my back. I’d just gotten used to my parents being snuggly, and now Reno looks like Vincent and works vice, and there are vampires.

Reno: Yeah, just an update on tha past week. I got one fer Zak too. *laughs* I got people ta STOP shootin at Zak does that count?

Reno: An anyway, I tink Hojo wanted ta talk ta me more about ah... my problem.

Seph: That sounds great. Tell me more.

Reno: Ya wanna here it all now, er ya want me ta come back?

Cloud: *very protective* I can fill him in on that. He just woke up.

Seph: Tell me while I’m drugged. Maybe it’ll hurt less.

Reno: *laughing that deranged laugh he's picked up*

Cloud: *peering at Reno* Maybe you should go wait for Professor Hojo to get back.

Seph: You sound like you fell out of the crazy tree, Reno. Really.

Reno: *snicker* Funny ya should say that.

Reno: *clears throat and hands the file to Cloud* Not much to tell you about the slums. The Vampires are new. But that seems to be a Valentine issue.

Cloud: *takes file*

Ash: *sniffs it*

Reno: Basically I'm out of the Turk program. I'm running go between with a terrorist organization called AVALANCHE and ShinRa.

Seph: But people aren’t shooting at Zak any more?

Reno: I keep AVALANCHE updated on what Rufus is doing and a full line of ah... *thinks of the word* Communication open and they stop shootin

Cat: *sniffs Ash* ^^

Reno: They also keep an eye on his back and report any OTHER terrorists to me.

Irena: So no explosions?

Seph: We’re dealing with terrorists now? I’m going back into my coma.

Ash: *looks curiously at zombeh cat* Meow?

Cat: Mrrow?

Reno: *deranged laugh* Naw, it'll work out Rufus is sure of himself. I don't know why MY ass is doin this, but fuck, better than gettin them shots and totally loosin my goddamn mind.

Ash: <3

Seph: Yeah, losing your mind is pretty bad.

Reno: No more boom if Ah can help it.

Reno: Oh, ma brains done slipped Seph, Valentine's my Pepper or somethin.

Seph: Vincent’s your dad?

Seph: That coma is looking really good.

Reno: No. He helped make me. My dad died in a reactor explosion. Families ain't relatives.

Irena: *pouts* Everybody has a dad but me. I was promised this place was dysfunctional.

Cloud: *chuckles* It *is*. I'm a drag queen.

Irena: ... Cloud. I grew up in the Market.

Reno: But I got all his bad traits and none a his talent. Sorta twerked bout that, but *shrugs* *Smilllles at Irena* I'm a fuckin schizophrenic.

Seph: It used to be much more so. And then my dad was replaced by a pod person.

Pepper: *looking for cat* ... *listening*

Reno: *shakes head* I need fuckin sleep. Ya gonna come back ta tha bar tanight, Spike?

Irena: You've got TWO dads, Reno.

Reno: No, I got one and a sperm donor.

Irena: You don't get to complain.

Cloud: *shakes head* I'm gonna stay here.

Reno: *frowns* Right.

Irena: Sperm donor counts.

Irena: Just cuz you're scared of him doesn't mean he's not.

Reno: Oh I'm everloving terrified of that psychopath.

Cloud: If they send more after the bar, I'm no real help anyway, in the shape I'm in.

Reno: Eh, I'd rather deal wit vampires than Gigas er Hellmasker.

Irena: Well, he's crazy, you're crazy. It's all GENETIC cuz he's your DAD.

Seph: I like Vincent. Also kittens.

Reno: *stands and dusts his pants off* I'm crazy, he's crazier and he's not a Dad. Jerkin off in a cup don't make you a father. I had a father, a damn good one.

Seph: Word. And stuff.

Reno: He ain't bad when he ain't crackin up about one of his monsters fucking gutting someone and cuddling their innards, I suppose.

Irena: Just cuz you have TWO doesn't mean the first one doesn't count or something. What, are you afraid Vincent's gonna make your other one stop existing?

Cloud: Reno, I've been working at that bar for weeks and weeks now, and Vin hasn't hurt me.

Pepper: *wanders back over and stands in the doorway, leaning against the frame*

Reno: He's just a guy that shares biology wit me. We don't hate each other but we don't rightly need ta chill wit each other.

Seph: *half-falling asleep*

Reno: Yeah, well... you didn't see him crack up after that blood bath, Spike.

Irena: You're there, like, all the time, aren't you? How can you not chill with him?

Cloud: *looks worriedly at Seph* Guys...Seph needs his rest.

Seph: Go have your philosophical debates about the nature of fatherhood somewhere else. With beer.

Reno: *nods head to door* wanna walk me ta the doc Irena?

Cloud: What he said.

Irena: So he eats people and fucks their skulls or something...

Irena: Fine, fine. I think Pepper's around.

Reno: Can't have a beer. *shudders at skullfucking* Thanks, I needed that image BACK in my head.

Cloud: o_O *don't think about Gigas, don't think about Gigas*

Pepper: *is like right behind Irena*

Pepper: I might be.

Irena: *turns around and runs into Pepper*

Reno: Glad yer feelin better Seph. I mainly wanted ta tell ya that Zak should be safer, if I can help it he won't have no more problems.

Reno: Oh and ya got a damn good SOLDIER work'n for ya. In case ya don't know.

Cloud: *blushes*

Seph: I appreciate that.

Reno: *nods* *out tha door*

Irena: Pepper, Reno wants to talk to you and whine about having two dads.

Pepper: ...oh? That sounds... interesting. *looks up at Reno*

Reno: *sputters* Wha the fuck you smokin and WHY don't you share?

Irena: I've been mostly clean since I got up here, actually.

Pepper: .. that doesn't sound anything like talking about having two fathers. *blinks at her* Mostly clean?

Reno: Then you must have developed a case of motherfucking crazy.

Irena: Well SOMEBODY needs to be crazy up here and all the professors caught a case of sane.

Cloud: *strokes Seph's forehead* Do you want me to let you get some sleep, love?

Reno: Point.

Reno: I think they all got religion in them. *snickers at his own joke*

Pepper: Well, not all of us.

Seph: Yeah. For all that I’ve just laid here, I’m exhausted.

Irena: What did you need, anyway?

Reno: Me er pepper?

Irena: You.

Cloud: Okay. *kisses forehead* I'll be just downstairs, if you need me. I'll come check on you later, okay?

Reno: Oh, I wanted to give them files to Seph. I already handed some off for Zak, but that'll haveta wait a few weeks. Pretendin that I know what I'm doin mostly.

Reno: And Hojo wanted ta ask me about my nightmares or something I think.

Seph: Mmm-hm. *falling asleep*

Pepper: *nods*

Irena: Well, he's not here. So you can just go angst and be crazy somewhere else.

Cloud: *tucks Seph in* Sweet dreams.

Reno: *sighs* Right. Later.

Seph: Dun forget ta water the....

Pepper: .. You sure you going to be okay, Reno? I'll listen, if you have something you'd like to say.

Seph: *zonked*

Cloud: *smiles a little* I won't. *gets up and leaves, quietly shutting the door behind him*

Reno: *shrugs* Complicated shit hurts ma head, Pepper. A lot of things just made sense and I have to fix a buncha shit I never asked for.

Reno: Whatever I need ta talk to Valentine about will have to wait till things calm down. My ma ain't too happy with this either, ya know?

Irena: *grumbling something about how nobody else ever has to fix shit they never asked for as she goes into the lounge*

Cloud: *leans against the door and sighs*

Reno: And I need ta tell Irena sorry fer being a bastard and I really don't even know what I did.

Reno: *pinches nose and laughs*

Pepper: *nods* I can imagine not. Well, all I can say is for you to take it easy. Sort it out one thing at a time and work through it. We all get stuck with things we don't want to do.

Pepper: *blink*

Reno: *snicker*

Pepper: I think that would be a nice thing to do.

Reno: heh. Right. Well, kill some time I guess till Cleo gets back ta tha bar. I'm real glad ya and Cloud get along so well.

Reno: Kid needs some more faith in hisself.

Pepper: I am too. Heh. I've noticed that. Maybe having a father around could help with that. ...I hope things will work out for you, Reno.

Reno: *shrugs* Ever look in one of those fun house mirrors? the kind that make you look all strange?

Pepper: .. Yes. Why?

Reno: That's what it's like lookin at Valentine.

Irena: *in the lounge. on the couch. with the afghan pulled up over her head.*

Reno: If she dun kill me, talk ta ya later. *walks over to couch and tugs on the end of the afghan*

Irena: ... mnothome.

Pepper: See you. *wanders off, but plans on poking Irena once Reno's gone*

Reno: Ya know talkin sorta means yer there.

Irena: *overdramatic sigh* What do you need?

Reno: I'm sorry. I think I know why yer pissed at me, and yer sorta right and I wanted ta tell ya that.

Cloud: *walks out of the lab with Ash in tow*

Irena: *sticks her head out* Really? I'm right?

Reno: Yeah.

Pepper: *waves at Cloud* Where you heading?

Irena: Coooool.

Reno: *rolls his eyes* So since you right, what ya think I should do about him?

Cloud: *waves tiredly at Pepper* I was just on my way home.

Pepper: Alright. Have a good night, Cloud.

Irena: Well, talk to him, silly.

Cloud: You too, Dad.

Irena: He'd probably like to know that he helped produce something good.

Cloud: And thanks for taking care of Seph.

Reno: Well, he sorta wanted ta rip my throat out till recently.

Reno: On account a I don't get along wit his boyfriend.

Irena: I thought that was just him being friendly. *snickers*

Irena: But really?

Reno: Yeah, really.

Pepper: *nods* *smiles*

Irena: He'll get over it, or he wont. *shrugs*

Cloud: *smiles* *heads home*

Irena: Doesn't undo anything if he won't.

Reno: Eh, we actually ain't never talked. Ah talked ta Veld a lot more than Valentine. And we sorta found a common ground.

Reno: Its creepy talkin ta him. I think that's what it is.

Irena: Why's it creepy? The skullfucking?

Reno: GOD stop talking about that... *shudders*

Irena: Sorry

Reno: *starts laughing but stops* No. *deep breath* no. *thinks*

Irena: Then why?

Reno: *Thinks* Awright, dis is gonna sound fucked up and make no sense but I really don't know how else ta say it.

Reno: When it all clicked I admit I was bitter and pissed off at him. And that's fuckin stupid. It ain't HIS fault I got all tha bad parts, ya know?

Reno: But... Chaos don't scare me like Hellmasker and Gigas. And those last to are HIM. They came out of his head and *I* couldn't handle that.

Reno: I got ONE voice an dats only when I sleep and I'm wiggin. I couldn't take Hellmasker and Gigas in my head, man. I'd off myself.

Irena: Everybody's got fucked up shit in their head. If you think about it, it's better with Vincent because if you're talking to one of the fucked up ones, you know it.

Reno: *laughs*

Irena: No innocent-looking girls with secret past times or anything. *smiiiiiile*

Reno: Right, Wallmarket drug dealer.

Reno: *shrugs* Hojo looked at me crazy when I told him I wished I was a factory worker.

Irena: Sad when that's the simple part, right? But enough about me.

Irena: So you got a voice in your head. I think that's cool. Like, you can't be lonely.

Reno: Naw, you owe me one life story and like six beers, babe.

Reno: If he made sense, maybe. But this ain't like happy cuddle demon fun time. It's like... blood an fire an feathers an swords and shit.

Irena: You should write it down. I'd like to read it.


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