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[Lu and Hojo are having quiet moment talking and trading notes about the recent events, namely chaos and looking at pep's Vampire samples and how they effect those with geostigma. Meanwhile Lady B and Levi will dragon flirt]

Lu: ::organizing notes and stuff::

Lu: HOjo...is this written on a NAPKIN?

Lu: full of KETCHUP?

Hojo: *staple* Er... actually, yes.

Lu: ohwiat it just that one side...

Lu: ::removes ketsuppy end and proceeds to copy notes onto regular paper::

Lu: well, I suppose when inspiration strikes, one must roll with it

Lu: ::typety::

Hojo: *staple staple* *fills in "I Belong To _____" label with "Rufus"* I think this is the last one.

Nii: *taps on door*

Lu: yay

Pepper: *typing on the other side of the lab*

Hojo: Who's there?

Lu: oh um here ::hands him re-typed ketchup notes:: I think this one goes in Kil's stack

Nii: *peek* I'm Taxes. Death is delayed.

Lu: ::chuckles::

Lu: Did Argyle enjoy the moldy sushi?

Nii; need any he...wow, gore napkin. And yes. He did ^^

Hojo: That's probably for the best. *reads* I think this was repeated, actually...

Lu: Oh? Did you beat me to typing it out then?

Hojo: Yes, sorry. I didn't recognize the ketchup stain.

Lu: ::smiles:: he'll devour Midgar one day, if we're not careful ;}

Lu: Ah, well, as long as we have it all documented ::toss::

Pepper: *glances over at one of the locked up side rooms* *blink* *goes back to typing*

Nii: riught now he's sleeping in my bathtub. I think.

Lu: heh.

Lu: don't Clorox him by mistake :P

Lu: or salt him >>;

Hojo: *leans back*

Hojo: Maybe we should leave a little early today. I think my stapling hand is going to be sore.

Lu: awww

Lu: heh we can do that

Nii: Oh heck no. ...*to Hojo* it'll turn into a clwa and run amok.

Lu: I'm almost tempted to ask who you are and what you've done to my husband ;}

Reno: *strolls in cause like his bio-dad, he doesn't knock*

Lu: ::gets up and rubs his shoulders for him::

Hojo: *knotted and tense*

Lu: ::rubrub::

Hojo: *totally not noticing Reno*

Lu: ::modestly fangirling over Hojo as only she can do::

Lu: ::oblivious to the Reno::

Reno: *picks up heavy object and drops it with a clang*

Pepper: *finishes typing and looks rather satisfied* *turns to look at everyone*

Hojo: *jumps*

Nii: *JUMPS*

Lu: O_o;

Nii: God DAMMIT >_o

Lu: ::mini-heart attack:: xx;;;

Reno: *clears throat* Ah... hi?

Lu: Don't DO THAT!

Pepper: *saw him, so wasn't quite as startled* o_O

Hojo: *deep cleansing breaths*

Lu: Oh hello Re-Vi-... ::double-take::

Lu: erm...

Hojo: *blinks*

Reno: *flinch* Not so loud, Mrs. H. I ain't been sleepin well.

Lu: Reno? Is that you?

Hojo: What's wrong?

Lu: and I'm sorry but I have a heart condition. :P

Nii: *lowers voice* wanna ibuprofen?

Lu: No heavy objects next time please?

Reno: Ibuprofen would be wunnerful man.

Lu: heh ::releases Hojo long enough to fetch glass of water then returns to the shoulder rubbing::

Reno: Yeah, its me. Sorta, stopped wearn contacts and dyin ma hair since I workin underplate

Nii: *offers it, and bottled water*

Reno: *takes and swigs* I look tha much like tha guy?

Reno: Ya look like yer scared shitless, Doc H.

Hojo: It's impressive, the resemblance.

Hojo: And she's easily rattled. You should be more careful in here.

Lu: ::nod::

Lu: ^^;;;

Reno: Sorry. Anyway, ya got anythin ta stop nightmares?

Hojo: Sleeping pills and a psychology degree?

Lu: Well, my insides do not react well to undue stress- which is danged near anything aside from sitting around and looking beautiful 9_9

Lu: what he said.

Hojo: *stands up next to Lu* Thankfully she's good at looking beautiful.

Lu: I suggest chamomile tea and a heating pad. ::nod:: ::can NOT sleep if she's cold::

Lu: ::blushes and tries not to giggle like a school girl::

Reno: *shakes head like he hears a bad noise* No, like... I REALLY need ta sleep like death.

Hojo: ... What kind of nightmares are they?

Nii: *curious* Maybe post traumatic stress.

Reno: When I start ta nod off ah here this guy talkn.

Hojo: Ah.

Lu: ::remembers Vin complaining about that as he came to her quicker than he would to Hojo::

Reno: And I see shit. And its... *rubs temples* It sorta makes Gagis look cuddly.

Hojo: Does he have a name?

Nii: *concerned*

Lu: oo;

Reno: I don't name pests, doc.

Hojo: Vincent's named themselves, as I recall.

Reno: I'd talk ta Vincent, but ta be honest he scares tha holy livn shit out of me.

Lu: mm

Lu: he used to aks me...when they got too loud...

Hojo: Oh?

Lu: ::rummages in cabinet::

Lu: yes. you weren't getting along then. remember?

Hojo: Vividly.

Nii; So they are as a collective 'you fuckheads'? *writing things down madly*

Lu: these helped knock him out. but...well...you may have to deal with them sooner or later.

Lu: they may NOT be hostile.

Lu: not all of them anyway.

Reno: Naw, it ain't that but... shit. *flips through files* Here I got some pictures of Gigas and Hellmasker's handiwork... *Hands a file to Hojo* Warnin, these... they ain't pretty.

Hojo: Do you mind if I take notes, Reno? This completely sidelines the results we thought we had.

Hojo: *takes*

Lu: >>;;;;

Hojo: *flips through*

Lu: ::looks over his shoulder::

Lu: *urk*

Nii: *peers over Hojo's shoulder* Looks like the aftermath of 'Akira'.

Lu: ::green::

Pepper: *is also eyeing from a distance*

Hojo: Not too terrifically deviated from the data we originally collected...

Lu: ew...

Nii: ...*gives Lu ginger ale?*

Lu: and ow....

Lu: bathroom. xx;

Lu: ::hurries there::

Pepper: *scoots a little closer*

((For ref. Gigas ah... screwed the elder vamps eyeball along with... lots of other places and Hellmasker disemboweled someone and played in their entrails)

Hojo: *calls after* Do you need anything, Lu?

Lu: ::can handle entrails- not so much the other stuff::

Nii: When Akira met Doji.

Lu: ::emerges after a moment:: I think I may need a sleeping pill tonight >

Lu: yes I saw that movie >>;

Lu: blood'nguts aplenty...

Reno: *flops to a chair* An ya don't gotta be nice doc. Ah know that my mediocre scores are not wha ya'll were 'spectin with me being Valenitine's kid.

Nii: Yeah. And doji - the ove4rfiend - for the gratuitous uh.

Hojo: That's not the point, Reno. Clearly we gave up on you too early and you didn't get the support you needed...

Hojo: Is this the first you've heard of this voice?

Reno: not like ah told anyone, I mean, I've had dis buzzn fer years.

Hojo: *foreheadpalm*

Nii: *speculating about antipsychotic medication. and kinda leaning on Hojo*

Reno: *thinks* Since tha shots started I've been havin nightmares.

Pepper: ...

Hojo: It's the exact same fucking pattern. I'm sorry, Reno, I should have been asking you...

Reno: But it's been constant fer months now. and I quit tha shots when I started workin vice with the terrorists

Nii: The shots probab;ly have a long half-life in the system.

Reno: So this'll go away den? *hopeful*

Hojo: They make some permanent changes, especially in people with... irregularities, like Vincent. He hasn't had a shot in years, obviously.

Nii: Maybe. When all the makou and such dissipates and gets metabolised out? ...mph. *thinking* n*still leaning*

Reno: Yeah but...he ain't human.

Hojo: *quietly* Levi? Would you be able to tell if he had a summon like Chaos? I just want to check.

Nii: ...He's not what int he what?

Pepper: Hm.

Hojo: Vincent was human, you know.

Nii: *his braaaaain*

Levi: I most certainly could. However he's frightened enough as it is. I don't think being a dragon should be a good idea.

Nii: ...*feels leviathan and wants to bow suddenly*

Hojo: You were small and nonthreatening that night in my room.

Reno: Yeah, I know he was but he ain't now. I mean. I don't blame him fer being pyscotic, man. If I had them shits livin in my head?

Nii: *HIS BRAIN. ...actually that mental image is hot.*

Levi: Well I borrowed your form, if you do not mind I shall do so again, as Lord Alexander does with Veld.

Nii: *pr0n* <3

Pepper: One is better than four, I suppose.

Hojo: That's fine. Thank you.

Nii: *rumble*

Hojo: And Reno, your symptoms mirror his, I'm not sure what the distinction you're drawing is.

Nii: *still picturing naked Leviathanhojo. plz leev a mesij*

Reno: He turns into monsters and I won't. Unless ya did shit ta me that ya failed ta mention.

Lu: ::eyes the leaning::

Lu: >>

Nii: *is a ho*

Hojo: No, we didn't. But the monsters were there. We just brought them out.

Levi: *looks just like Hojo and is RIGHT next to Nii*

Hojo: *writing*

Reno: *looks at his shoes* Dats what I'm afraid of.

Lu: ::blinky::

Hojo: We can do a lot to help you with this, okay, Reno? Don't worry too much. What does the voice tell you to do?

B: ::

Lu: ::stands near Reno for morale support and stuff as she is cute and non-threatening::

Nii: *wakes up a bit* *taking notes again. be useful you h0r*

Levi: So, what do we have here? *adjusts Hojo's glasses*

Reno: *rubs eyes* *blinks* *keeps eyes closed* Please tell me someone else sees two Hojos?

Hojo: Leviathan, this is Reno. He's Vincent's son.

Nii: ... <3

Hojo: And no, Reno, you're not seeing things.

Nii: <3~

Pepper: He's just using Hojo's form. =P

Lu: heh

Nii: *having a lust-on*

Lu: ::gets wings, horns, and a tail when Levi borrows her::

Hojo: Haven't you met Veld's twin brother with the cool hat, Reno? It's like that.

Lu: ::eyes Nii:: >>

Reno: Yeah, dat's Alex.

Nii: 8rumble*


Hojo: Right. And this is Levi.

Reno: So how many gods yall got runnin round now?

Nii: *ack, wake up* *bows ot Levi*

Levi: *proper Wutain bow* A pleasure.

Lu: ::bow::

Reno: *bobs head* Oh and didja hear bout last night?

Pepper: *does the same*

Lu: I have one, so does Hojo, so does Veld. sooo three.

Hojo: Last night...? Which last night?

Lu: er...

Lu: what he said.

Levi: *walks over to Lu and legs a courtly bow* And good evening to the Ladies.

Reno: So... ah, dis Vampire kidnapped Veld.

Levi: *turns and tilts his head at Reno*

Lu: :;with the formal curtsy:: ^^;;;

B: ::swoon::

Lu: ::blink:: Vampire?

Hojo: Is that where those pictures came from?

Lu: ohdear...

Reno: Well, one of them. Tha other was from tha night before when they tried ta make off with tha Padre. Vin got his neck snapped and Gigas came out *shudder*

Pepper: Ah, vampires.. *sighs and thinks about DrVamp*

Pepper: *has his head in a jar*

Reno: It ended up with Veld and Vincent totally wigging out, a lot of dead vampires and apparently Chaos is the god of the undead. And I hid fer most of the rest.

Hojo: *nods*

Reno: That Hellmasker's one scary sonofabitch

Lu: eek o.o

Hojo: An understandable reaction, I assure you.

Lu: Gigas is scarier >>;

Hojo: I pissed myself the first time he almost broke through the restraints.

LadyB: ::Chaos! *hissssssssss* DamnatioN!::

Reno: But yeah, so now there are fuckin MASTER Vampires after Vincent.

Lu: Thatwasnotfunno xx

Levi: Because he is the vessel...

Reno: Wha he said.

Lu: that can't end well...

Pepper: The vampires even sent one of their doctors here to see what was being done with the samples.

Lu: theydidwhatnow?

Levi: *adjusts glasses* Usually with a demonic possession I would just let the body wear out. However, it appears that Vincent is a powerful immortal. They will have to extract Chaos quickly.

Lu: you take an afternoon off... >>

Hojo: Wait, what?

Reno: *shakes head and rubs temples*

Levi: *Frowns*

Hojo: Pepper, you were attacked?

Nii: This is a clusterfuck.

Lu: Nii...

Pepper: Ah... Almost.

Lu: areyoualright?! oo;

Hojo: Almost?

Pepper: Yes, I'm okay. ^^; Cloud was here. The doctor started hovering pretty close to my shoulder. I'm assuming that he planned on biting me, taking the samples, and running. But Cloud stopped him.

Nii; *coughs* Sorry. feck.

Hojo: ... That's grounds for a day off Pepper, honestly.

Lu: yay Cloud ^^;

Reno: *sighs*

Lu: Totally. :P

Pepper: He merely attempted the latter. Heh, it's alright. It happened a while ago. ^^; Besides, I had to finish a...er.. few things.

Levi: *just watching*

Lu: tho he's probably safer in here...in theory...

LadyB: ::so swooning over Levi::

Levi: The Lady Bahamute and I could bless the building.

LadyB: *Oh yes!*

Hojo: That would be a relief, yes.

Reno: Yeah, Alex did that ta the bar, Vin had ta ask ta come in and the Vampires fried.

Lu: Bahamute says she'll help.

Pepper: Oh? Er, how would that affect a zombie?

Lu: ::questions how well that would work with all teh Faceless Guards (TM)::

Levi: Immortals have to ask permission to enter. That is all the blessing does

Lu: which worries me...

Levi: Though I do not envy the headaches it must cause Vincent, since Chaos is who he is.

Lu: given the intelligence level of some of the new recruits >>;

Lu: mm...

Nii: *ponders*

LadyB: ::growl::

Pepper: Ah... *glances over at locked door again*

Lu: ::ends up growling herself:: oO;

Lu: >> what, pepper?

Hojo: Well, it'll be a start, anyway.

Pepper: *blink* Hm?

Lu: ::nod::

Lu: You keep looking at the door. what is it?

Pepper: Oh! Well.. that... it's what I was working on in my spare time. ^^; Since we have so many security issues, it seems.

Lu: ::eyebrow::

Levi: You're projects are yours. They will be fine. *to Lu* Would you mind summoning the lady for me? There is very little I can here. *looks over to Reno* I am sorry, little one.

LadyB: ::sooo...with the blessing?::

Lu: hm? oh um sure. ^^;

Lu: she'll probably borrow me again...

Lu: ::materia summon thingy::

Levi: I assume you are needed here, Mrs. Hojo. And a dragon tail would be rather unseemly with mortals.

Hojo: So he's just got personal demons, Levi?

Lu: ::sprouts wings, little horns, long nails, and a tail:: ooh...

Reno: *defeated sigh*

Hojo: *blink*

Pepper: I'll let him out in a minute and show everyone. *waits and watches*

B!Lu: Those are always nasty little buggers.

B!Lu: Hello.

Hojo: Let him... what... *distracted by Lu*

Levi: Yes, and unfortunately there is nothing a god can do to for insanity.

B!Lu: ::sparklyeyes at Levi::

Levi: My deal lady, do you think the tail and horns are a tad much? We will be walking around mortals you know.

B!Lu: ::shakes head:: Oh and the wings aren't? ::fluffs 'em::

B!Lu: You're no fun. ::horns, wings and tail go poof- can't quite seem to ditch teh fangs or nails tho::

B!Lu: YOU try squeezing into a body this small :P

B!Lu: better?

Hojo: *snickers, vaguely recalling the Lab Dragon*

Levi: *to Hojo* You see, Lord Alexander has strict rules that we cannot effect mortals without their consent. *motions to Reno* And the mind of the insane, is something that can never fully consent.

B!Lu: Because there's too much going on

B!Lu: it's hard to make it all up to one decision

Pepper: *watching with interest* *quietly* That makes sense.

Levi: *nods*

Reno: *wow my shoes look interesting*

B!Lu: In Reno's defense, "insane" does not have to be a death sentance

B!Lu: this room is full of insane yet perfectly functional people

Hojo: Okay. So, Reno, that's good news. You don't have to deal with anything like Chaos.

Levi: *nods again, prefers that Lady B do most of the talking*

Nii: Or mostly functional in my case ^^

B!Lu: Heh

B!Lu: it's not a BAD thing Reno

Reno: *nods*

B!Lu: Only when it consumes you, when it interferes with your life

B!Lu: There are ways to work with and around one's personal quirks

B!Lu: Who knows, maybe this part of you just needs someone to listen.

B!Lu: ::smiles gently, not unlike Lu:: I think you'll figure it out.

B!Lu: You are far more intelligent than you give yourself credit for.

Reno: *laughs* could be worse

Pepper: It still hasn't been determined whether the voice is good or bad, or even somewhere in the middle, has it?

B!Lu: I believe the consensus was "scary and annoying"

Reno: If it was good ya think it'd let me sleep without drinking enough booze ta drown a small dog.

Hojo: If you're interested, I could give you a list of ways it could be worse...

Pepper: *nods*

Hojo: I have case studies.

B!Lu: Don't traumatize him. 9_9

Hojo: Sorry.

B!Lu: Give him something that would be helpful and encouraging.

B!Lu: He doesn't need any more reasons to be sleep-deprived.

Hojo: ... Have you met Tammy?

B!Lu: ::hasn't::

Reno: *shakes head*

Hojo: *was talking to Reno*

Pepper: That's a good idea...

Levi: *offers his arm* M'Lady, if you would accompany me?

Lu: ::oh! perfect example!::

Hojo: Vincent's mother. She had more voices than Vincent and she learned to cope admirably...

B!Lu: ::blushes and smiles:: Thank you. ::takes his arm::

Reno: Wasn't she in the nut house a while?

Levi: A shame there are no demons to slay, I miss you in battle, my dear *away to bless the ShinRa building... and all those thrice damned doorways and windows*

Hojo: Yes. That's where I met her, actually.

Hojo: *slightly disturbed watching not!him and not!Lu fly off*

Nii: *wasn't looking at L!Hojo's butt*

B!Lu: ::blushes:: A pity indeed. I'm sure the time will come. ::blesses door ways and windows and oh look a mouse hole::

Pepper: *also thinks that's a bit weird, but hey, blessing is good*

B!Lu: ::and the mail slot and the little tube letter system and ggod GRIEF this building has too many openings!::

Reno: Ya know, I wanted ta have a factory job...

Hojo: A factory job? Why?

Nii: Not as much to worry about all the time.

Reno: Cause its simple.

Reno: I jus wanted that, ya know, go home spend time wit my family.

Reno: *laughs a bit crazily* but fuck no man.

Hojo: *shrugs* You could always quit. Go back to Corel with Cleo.

Pepper: That's true.

Reno: Rufus got me runnin shit with the terrorists, fucking Veld and his goddamn responsibility speeches.

Hojo: Responsibilities do tend to just... happen.

Nii: I assure you no one here would 'wack' you for leaving. and if they tried - well. Ex-lax in their coffee will make them get out of your way.

Reno: I don't WANT that either, man. But fucking stupid people actually listen ta my dumb ass.

Nii: because there's a brain in your head.

Hojo: That's because your ass is quite good at giving orders. Your mouth, too.

Reno: *laughs again*

Hojo: For the time being, I can give you some sleeping pills.

Reno: Thank fuckin gods.

Reno: ...er... shit. Maybe I shouldn't say shit like that.

Lady!B: ::blessing, not f---ing, thanky::

Hojo: *digs out a bottle of pills* It doesn't matter, Reno. I don't think they care.

Reno: *yay gonna sleep yay!*

Pepper: Nyah. Alex puts up with Vincent and Veld, so...

Reno: Them two crazy.

Hojo: *hands bottle to Reno* No more than two in a night. No alcohol.

Reno: I only drank ta stop tha buzzin and tha nightmares, doc. If this works, I won't be drinkin.

Hojo: That's fine. No alcohol while you're trying, either.

Reno: *salutes*

Nii: *grins* Godspeed, and may the voices feck off.

Hojo: And ask Vincent to introduce you to Tammy.

Hojo: I think she'd like to know she has a grandson.

Reno: ... I'll tink on it.

Reno: Thanks man, later.

Hojo: Call if you need anything.

Pepper: *waves*

Reno: *waves on his way out the door*

Lady!B: ::with the blessing::


Nii: *salutes*

Levi: *quickly with the blessing, hey they aren't undergodly beings for nothing*

Pepper: *blink* *to Hojo*.. I kept that vampire's head. I was planning on showing it to you. Interesting...race? Class? *shrugs*

B!Lu: ::whee! blessing done?::

Nii: ...Head?

Levi: *I do think so?*

B!Lu: ::yay! blessing done!::

B!Lu: ::so making eyes at Levi::

Levi: *escorts Lady!Lu!B back to the lab*

B!Lu: ::is escorted::

B!Lu: ::eyelashes::

Hojo: Vampire's head? I'd like to see this.

Pepper: *wanders off and comes back with vampire head in a jar* ... *shows Hojo, but looks sort of awkward with Levi and B!Lu there*

Nii: ...Wow. it's like the punchline to a joke in very poor taste.

B!Lu: o.O; is that a...head? of a vampire?

DrVampHead: *has an expression of 'oh shit', though his fangs show nicely*

B!Lu: Wow.

Pepper: *nodnod*

Hojo: *pokes the glass*

B!Lu: ::examines:: he hasn't flossed...

Nii: he looks rather distraught.

Levi: Chaos you fool.

Nii: *leans at Hojo a titch*

Hojo: You would be distraught too, if you were in a jar.

Nii: true.

Hojo: What was that?

Nii: *pokes lid* Helloooo in there.

B!Lu: A bit over the top, isn't it?

Pepper: Hm? *glancing down at jar*

Levi: *Aeons have no concept of personal space and has nudged between Pepper and Nii*

Levi: *shakes head*

B!Lu: ::right behind him::

B!Lu: He's done it now.

B!Lu: He always DID like to make things DIFFICULT. 9_9

Nii: *slowly turns pink and is bumped closer to Hojo*

B!Lu: ::grumbles nasty things about Chaos- smokes a little::

Pepper: *adjusts jar so that everyone can get a better look*

Nii: *mrt*

Levi: *looks up at lady B asking if he should explain or if she'd like to*

Pepper: I just know that this vampire.. Dr. Benedict, I think his name was, wasn't too happy that mortals had gotten their hands on vampiric samples. ... Kinda ironic that he is one.

Nii: Owned, verily.

Levi: *sighs*

B!Lu: ::nods to Levi- you do it::

Levi: As you all know, it is possible to create an immortal.

Levi: *adjusts Hojo's glasses and rather likes the labcoat*

Nii: ...You're kidding.

B!Lu: *

B!Lu: Nope.

Levi: What do you think that Vincent and Mitri are?

B!Lu: There are strict rules and regulations to this, not all of which are adhered to.

Pepper: *blinkblink* *nods*

Nii: ...So...wait. If it's possible to do that then... *wonders if the dead can be brought back*

Levi: *FIRM look* Do not think to meddle in the lifestream.

B!Lu: Seriously. Don't.

Nii: *flinches* ...Sorry. 'M sorry. Just wishful thinking.

B!Lu: it's generally not good to muck with the natural cycle of things..

Levi: *taps on top of Jar* See, your soul isn't yours.

Levi: You're just borrowing it.

Levi: If you were to call a soul back and it is in another being already you'd be killing the soul. Furthermore, souls need time in the lifestream or they...ah... *thinks* Poof.

B!Lu: yes
Nii: And once they recharge they can be reborn.

B!Lu: by the time life is over, a soul is very tired

Levi: *nods*

B!Lu: more or less.

Nii: *starting to Get It* ... *still misses Gingetsu*

Pepper: Hm. *nods*

Levi: If you do make an immortal you must be careful. Because as you have met Dr Benadict, a mortal soul can go insane if trapped in a body too long. That would be why most of the old vampires that worship Chaos are far from sane.

Nii: *taps the jar lid again*

B!Lu: The elder and master ones are particularly whacko.

Levi: *nods*

Pepper: *thought Benadict was whacko enough*

B!Lu: with an exhausted soul, the body just runs and does as it pleases.

B!Lu: which is not a good thing.

B!Lu: ::still arm in arm with Levi::

Levi: *still bumping shoulders with Nii and Pepper* *looking at the head like he expects it to do something, or maybe he just thinks it looks neat*

Nii: *tapthejarlidtapthejarlidtapthejarlid*

DrVampHead: *stares ahead like a good decapitated head*

B!Lu: ::wonders if it tastes any good::

B!Lu: ::decides not, what with the formaldehyde::

Levi: *not moving*

B!Lu: ...

Levi: *adjusts glasses* At any rate, you've two immortals now, and I do hope you trust them to not go too crazy. Though Mitri and Vincent seem rather pleasant.

Pepper: *nods*

B!Lu: ::nod::

Hojo: We'll just have to do our best.

B!Lu: We'll help you however we can, but we can't do your work for you.

Levi: *turns to face pepper, so face right next to his ear* Have you perhaps checked out the sample from the vampire against the illness?

Pepper: *quietly* I was noting an interesting pattern regarding that...

B!Lu: hm?

Pepper: I will... continue to investigate that.

Levi: *chuckles and the is gone*

B!Lu: ::pof::


Lu: ::blinku, dazed:: ooh...

Pepper: *blink* *looks down at head*

Lu: ::sways::

Hojo: *catch*

Lu: ::is caught:: ooh...xx ::dizzy::

Lu: Ukoku...make the floor hold still...

Hojo: *fetches over a chair*

Pepper: *hears light scratching from locked door and puts the head down over on his desk*

Lu: couchplzthx

Pepper: *edges over to the locked door* I think it wants out. It's been in there a while.

Lu: mph....

Lu: ::tired now::

Hojo: *moves Lu to the couch*

Pepper: *unlocks door and lets a Dark Nation-sized zombie cat out*

Lu: oo

Lu: big kitty

Hojo: *blink*

Pepper: I figured it would come in handy what with all the security mishaps we've had in the past. ^^;

ZombieCat: *stalks out, stretching a bit* *sniffs the air*

Hojo: ... Okay.

Lu: good idea ^^

Lu: ::wonders if it eats old fish heads::

Lu: ::undead fish for undead cat::

Pepper: I guess it's sort of my Yule gift. A bit odd, but... *shrugs*

Lu: heh

Lu: thank you

Lu: ::ooohcouch::

Lu: ::lays down, so tired xx::

Pepper: *is happy Lu likes it*

Lu: ::seeing like 3 kitties::

Cat: *wanders over to Lu and Hojo* *sniff* *flicks ears about*

Lu: nice kitty...

Lu: ::so going to faint::

Lu: ::Dragon migraine::

Nii; *offers tea?*.

Lu: xx

Cat: ... *licks her hand and looks at Hojo*

Lu: heeh

Lu: good kitty ::pets the one in the middle::

Hojo: Hmm?

Lu: ::faint:: xx

Cat: ... *purrs* *turns, flicks tentacle and nudges Hojo's hand*

Hojo: *holds hand out*

Cat: *sniffs it, licks it, and then looks around the laboratory* *has never been out in the main lab before*

Pepper: *wonders if Hojo likes it -- worked very hard on making a full grown cat*

Cat: *goes about poking its head into each room -- has been trained not to bother equipment*

Hojo: Impressive work.

Pepper: Heh. *yay* It's kept me busy when I wasn't analyzing the vampiric blood work. *glances over at computer*

Cat: *seems to have a thing for doors*

Nii: *crouches and makes beckony noises at cat*

Cat: *wanders over to Nii* *sniff*

Hojo: How is that blood work coming?

Nii: Yo, feline ^^

Pepper: Coming along well. At first there was little to no progress, but I'm noticing patterns when it comes into contact with geostigma.

Hojo: Oh, good. What's it showing?

Pepper: Quite simply.. geostigma doesn't have any affect on it. When left in contact long enough, the geostigma vanishes. Vampires have quite an immune system, it seems.

Hojo: Do you think you can develop a treatment, then?

Pepper: It's certainly promising.

Hojo: Excellent.

Nii: fantastic. ^__^

Pepper: *nods* *grins* Oh, did you know your priest friend is a vampire now?

Hojo: What? Adrian?

Pepper: *nods* He was bitten, so.. now he's a vampire. However, they asked Alex about it, and Alex said that he'd turn Adrian mortal again. He should be back to normal in a few days. Adrian was pretty twitchy when I saw him last.

Nii: So he was only mostly undead.

Hojo: *nods* I should go see him.

Hojo: *snickers*

Pepper: He'd probably like that. He wasn't happy about being a vampire.


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