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[Scarlet and Tifa are playing with pictures, Reno's at the music box. Everyone and anyone else jump on in. MASTER VAMPYRE VESTER will show up later in the game]

Xavier: *is so tempted to poke the window where it was wiped down with holy water*

Tifa: *totally love picture <3*

Reno: Ha, take that crappy music! *starts singing desperado*

Claudia: *looks up at him* You'll burn yourself.

Scarlet: *feelin kinda old* I hope Veld likes this.

Cleo: *fixin' a big pot of greens*

Reno: Ya sing Cloud?

Tifa: You feel bad or something? Cause you're not smiling with your whole face.

Xavier: *smirks* Yeah, I know. 'S why I ain't touched it yet. *washes dishes instead* This beats the gas station. The atmosphere's better.

Cloud: *sitting in a booth* Sort of...when I'm dressed like a girl.

Scarlet: I miss them, Veld NEVER talks about them, but I know how much he cared about them.

Scarlet: I just hope he's in a good mood.

Claudia: *stands on a step stool and puts things away* It's kind of weird. I haven't been around this many humans in a really long time.

Tifa: *shrugs* He's kinda the type not to talk about people that are gone and stuff.

Ceiling: *LOUD crashing sound*

Xavier: Oh? I saw 'em all the time at my old job.

Adrian: *blink* ...?! Damnation?

Reno: Well hop in, man. Or do you want people ta just hear my caterwallin?

Claudia: What the fuck?

Muffled Voice: You're going to fucking break something!

Cloud: *chuckles* Really, I'm not that good...

Tifa: I think they're awake now.

Ceiling: *Crash*... *growling*

Reno: Yeah those freaks awake.

Adrian: *eyeing the ceiling suspiciously*

Scarlet: Dear lords. *looks up*

Claudia: I thought the building was blessed? *baffled*

Kilroy: ...what are they doing, humping anvils?

Muffled Voice: Alright, I'll fix it later...

Muffled Voice: Oh shut up. hey! watch it!

Cleo: *snickering* S'awright, baby. Jus' V-man 'n' th' chief.

Tifa: *giggles*

Reno: Ya know "We could be heros"? *to Cloud*

Claudia: o.O What the fuck are they...? Oh.

Adrian: *snickers* *is back in his cassock, yay*

Cloud: Not really...

Reno: You do not know David Bowie?

Tifa: *shows Scarlet the pic she took*

Scarlet: Awwww they really are cute.

Cloud: Um...is he cute?

*loud crash from other side of ceiling*

Claudia: >>

Reno: That was not Vin and Veld.

Adrian: ... *hopes no one else heard that* Oh, I'm sure it wasn't anything.

Kilroy: Anvil sex.

Tifa: Uh oh...

Reno: *was booting up laptop to show Cloud the joy that is Bowie*


Adrian: Ah heh. I'll go check! Just to be sure! *runs upstairs to Cloud's old room*




Vin: *so downstairs in his boxers and with a LARGE GUN*

Kilroy: >.> Hello, little Vinny.

((Kilroy: or not so little.))

Adrian: *sighing at all his damnation equipment that fell out of the closet, which he so snuck out earlier to get from the church*

Veld: *so managed to grab pants and has an unbuttoned dress shirt on and appears with sniper rifle behind him*

Cloud: *ignoring Vin* *yeah, he's that upset*

Scarlet: Is something knocking at the door?

Veld: Door?

Veld: *yes folks, he is so totally almost casually dressed. SHOCKER.*

Adrian: *equips a few things, cleans up hastily, and goes back downstairs*

Vin: Well, they won't need their heads. *throws door open*

Kilroy: ...*will not quote poe will just get guns8 Maybe it's Lenore.

Outside: *nothing...there*

Cleo: Sugah, do me a favor an' take dis on out ta Blondie? *hands giant plate of soulfood goodness to Claudia*

Claudia: Sure...who's Blondie?

Vin: *snarls* When I get my pants on... *goes back upstairs*

Door: *swinging back and forth*

Adrian: *has a funny look on his face*

Veld: Hurry it up, kid!

Vin: *comes back down, jeans on, shirt not buttoned* Lets kill somethin.

Vin: *pokes head out*

Veld: *looks down, right need to BUTTON the shirt*

Reno: *loads his gun up*

Adrian: This is..new...

Vin: *not complaining about lack of buttons In Veld's shirt.

Veld: *starts buttoning* What is it crazy priest?

Outside: *mist so thick it's impossible to see through* *footsteps*

Kilroy; Darkness there and nothing more; suffice to say, it's not lenor.e Oh what a bore.

Cloud: Is this more of that vampire stuff? 'Cause this is starting to get old.

Vin: When did it get foggy?

Door: *slams shut, then opens again*

Kilroy: A massive snore? :D *coughs* Sorry. ...Oh gah, if some vengeance youkai comes out of the mist with a little marionette, I'm leaving.

Veld: The hell?

Claudia: *vamp senses tingling* Hold that thought, mama. *runs out of the kitchen*

Adrian: I sense something.. it's different. Vampiric, but different.

Mist: *coming inside the bar*

Claudia: SHIT

Veld: Great. What do they have now, super vampires?

Claudia: It's a Master!

Kilroy: And if it was 'nihao, you murderer' I'll wet my pants. *trains gun on mist* Aaaghhhfuck.

Adrian: *growing suspicion* A Master?! *excited*

Veld: Oh, right, a Master. Can I shoot it?

Vin: Everyone get back!

Dark shapes: *visible through mist*

Mist: *shifts*

Claudia: Shit, shit shit...let Vincent handle this. Just trust me.

kilroy; *clibms onto a table so themist doesn't unf her boots* ...

Adrian: Worthy of MUCH damnation.

Vin: *so still on the portch and NOT inside like he thinks everyone else should be*

Mist: *surrounding Vin*

Veld: *just inside door, cause he's backup like that*

Vin: *growls* *Backs up through the door*

Voice: *laughter*

Kilroy: ...Are you guys the angry survivors of the Qing clan come to wreak vengeance on the Zhu clan? Because I'm technically a Niwa, not a Zhu.

Vin: *SO wearing the claw*

Shapes: *coalesce in street*

Reno: Hey I saw a really bad movie like this. If the guys dressed stupid I so get a shot.

Everything: *comes together suddenly and shapes emerge*

Cloud: Let me just...*tries to get up*

Veld: Cloud, sit down.

Reno: *clicks clip in* And not of booze. Want help, Cloud?

[There is a croud of vampires in the street, but they are standing very quietly for once. (more)]

Vin: LOOK I was FUCKING BUSY can you shits SPEED THIS UP?

Adrian: *watching from behind Veld, SO wants to see a Master*

Kilroy: *guns on the shapes* DEATH TO THE QING.

Cloud: *whoa who moved the floor?* *sits back down* ...sorry.

[There is still mist, which forms into the shape of a woman in the crowd.]

Woman: *dressed like...just imagine Edea, kay?*

Veld: It's ok... *squinting* Fun, there's a crowd.

Cloud: *hates being an invalid*

Reno: Do I need to get a tallyseet going, Velly?

Adrian: *narrows eyes*

Claudia: *shaking in her tiny shoes*

Male Vampire: *still laughing*

Scarlet: *pulls cloud up a chair and helps him over and hands him a gun* Here ya go, babe.

Veld: That woman is very indecently dressed.

Vin: Ya get yer shot, Reno.

Cloud: Thanks, Miss Scarlet.

Xavier: ... So this is vampire-proof against Masters too, right, Claudia?

Reno: ... fucking damn. Cleo baby, can ya get one of them?

Cleo: *so got her shotgun* I'mma try.

Reno: I mean tha outfit, baby.

Claudia: Let's hope to...Alex, it is.

Edea!Vampire: *raises arm*

Reno: *sexy math: Cleo + Outfit = BA-DAMN!*

Xavier: Yeah. If anyone knows what they're doing, 's Alex.

Vampires: *tense*

Cleo: *WTF look at Reno* ...bitch, are you fo' real? I can't fit my badonkadonk in dat.

Veld: Valentine, get inside.

Kilroy: *wanna sniiiipe*

Adrian: *has materia ready*

Edea!Vampire: *black energy shifting into a point*

Edea!Vampire: *points at Vincent*

Vin: *hops back inside* FUCK that hurts!

Vin: *rubs head*

Claudia: *so hiding under a table*

Veld: *rolls eyes*

Kilroy: *gonna blow her finnnnger offfff*

Vin: *mutters bad things about Chaos*

Veld: Bitch was about to energy blast you and you complain about the barrier? Bah.

Reno: Yo fine ass would so look good in that, baby.

Scarlet: It is an intersting get up.

Edea!Vamp: *shifts energies to taking the bar apart instead*

Windows: *break*




Kilroy: ...*tries to bust a cap in Edea V* NO VANDALISM!

Adrian: Heh... *waves to Edea!Vampire* DAMNATION! *casts barriers on people to prevent glass from hurty*

Vampires: *watching, all quiet*

Vin: Alex blessed the place

Vin: Calm.

Bullet: *totally misses*

Claudia: Easy for you to say...

Kilroy: But--VANDALISM--SHIT! O_O how--I--

Scarlet: *Looks out the window* Well, I know what we are doing tomorrow...

Edea!Vamp: *lowers arm very slowly*

Adrian: Yeah, it'll keep them out. *grinning at Edea!Vampire -- always wanted to see a Master*

Veld: And she can still break shit and smack people. Kids, at least stay down.

Kiltoy: *hasn't ever missed that badly before* ;3; Fuck a souvlaki.

Male Vampire: *steps forward*

Vin: *really fucking wanted to get back to what he was doing*

Reno: *still with just his left hand* *wonders if he's a better shot with it* *fires at Male Vamp*

Cloud: *takes aim at Male Vamp* *shoots*

Adrian: *watches Male Vampire suspiciously, rolling various materia around in hand*

Kilroy: *fires a few more times!!* I! AM! NOT! THAT! LOUSY! A! SHOT.

Male Vampire: Occupants of the bar are condemned to death. *is shot in the forehead and falls over*

Edea!Vamp: *bullets miss*

Vampires: *all charge*

Kilroy: Condemn THAT, Lenore.

Cloud: Nice shot, Reno.

Reno: Fuck it using my left hand from now on

Vamps: *shooting into bar with many large guns*

Adrian: IS THAT SO? *grins at vampires and casts firaga! Yes, materia leveled up. Finally.*

Veld: Well, this is sure a good time to test the barrier.

A few vamps: *are incinerated*

Claudia: *freaking out under the table*

Edea!Vamp: *walking forward slowly*

Kilroy: ...ufufufu... *loads up again* Let's see how they like lightning rounds. *fires madly*


Adrian: *tries casting on Edea!Vamp*

Adrian: *assumes what he's doing is considered shooting*

Cleo: Bitch gon' down. *fires at Edea!Vamp*

Edea!Vamp: *gestures slowly* *spell hits barrier*

Veld: *so aiming from like just under a window*

Kilroy: *likes element shots*

Reno: *turns on fight music on his computer*

Kilroy: ...reno, I love you. <3

Edea!Vamp: *gestures again* *doorway to the bar widens and cracks outward*

Cloud: *fires at Edea!Vamp*

Vin: BITCH, STOP with the breaking my fucking bar!

Adrian: *smirks* I've been searching for one of your kind for a long time, vampire. *watches with interest*

Edea!Vamp: *all projectiles hit barrier*

Kilroy: *getting pissy. Limit bar: 75%*

Veld: *clipping off minions*

Doorway: *widens more*

Adrian: *starts to concentrate on breaking barrier*

Claudia: You're just wasting bullets on her!

Wee vamp: *leaps into doorway and gets shocked by the holy barrier*

Veld: Shit, anyone else that can do any barrier spells?!

Kilroy: *moves to a bertter vantage point* These fuckbatteries are going DOWN.


Scarlet: ... Veld?

Other vamps: *trailing master, trying to get a good vantage point*

Kilroy: *salutes at Veld and casts*


Edea!Vamp: *pauses*

Scarlet: Ah.. this may be a bad idea.

Veld: WHAT Scarlet?

Scarlet: Carbunkle casts the highest level barrier and reflect spells.

Veld: ....oh hell no.

Scarlet: Well she does.

Edea!Vamp: *blinks very slowly at Adrian*

Adrian: *arm outstretched, muttering a prayer and hoping the barrier is going to snap soon*

Cleo: Ain't no time fo' pride, chief.

Veld: Fine.

Kilroy: *decides to help Adrian, and picks at the barrier annoyingly with fire rounds*

Edea!Vamp: *slight smile* *gestures* *doorway cracks to four times its size*

Scarlet: If Adrian casts on us then it will refelct back.

Scarlet: and hopefully get rid of the undead army. They double in power.

Scarlet: *so beat FF4*

Veld: *aims his gun at his neck and fires*

Vampires: *continuously shooting*

Vin: *flinches*

Bunky: _> <_>

Claudia: I got somethin' in my fangs, or what?

Bunky: <3!

shard: *attempting to make circle around Adrian*

Vin: Father, back up!

Cloud: No...it's nothing. *will probably have to find a new drag name now*

Adrian: *is moving around a lot, making that pretty difficult*

Vin: *picks up Bunky*

Bunky: rrr!

shard: *looks as annoyed as an inanimate object can look*

Adrian: *trying to get a clear shot to throw a broad blast at the shard*

shard: *dodging*

Vin: *shoots a holy water bullet at Shard having sat Bunky on his shoudler*

shard: *gathering a tiny dark spell*

shard: *bullet goes through, burning through it a little*

Bunky: *curls tail around Vin's neck*

shard: *presses against Adrian*

Adrian: *grabs at shard*

Claudia: *looking at Cloud intently* Seems I'm indebted to you, kid.

Vin: *unloads clip, in his bad ass Turk shooty way, prolly clips Adri's cassock once or twice*

arms: *appear from the mist and grabs around him*

shard: *turns back into Edea!vamp*

Vin: *walks over and flings Adri back*

Vin: We have been THROUGH this LAY OFF OUR HOLY MAN.

Bunky: rrrr!

bullets: *are deflected*

Cloud: *blinks* ...how?

Edea!Vamp: ... *raises hand at Vincent*

Vin: *between Adri and Edea with a bunky*

Edea!Vamp: *looking at Adrian*

Vin: *growls*

Bunky: *casts barrier*

Adrian: *fires holy energy around Vincent*

Edea!Vamp: ... *amused*

Edea!Vamp: ...very well.

Adrian: *smirking at Edea!Vamp*

Edea!Vamp: *steps toward Adrian again*

Claudia: Run into any asshole doctors with fangs lately?

Vin: *moves in the way*

Vin: I said off of him.

Bunky: <

Edea: *picks Adrian off the ground, getting zapped*

KIlroy: *attempts to pointblank nail Edea in hed*
Edea: *barrier for guns, etc*

Adrian: *is so digging claws into Edea's hand*

Kilroy; *swears a lot in wutainese and kicks the barrier*

Veld: *shooting no working? DAMMIT*

Adrian: *HOLY claws at that*

Vin: Oh barrier this, bitch. *tackles*

Edea: *choking him*

Edea: *gets tackled*

Edea: *bliiiinks*

Kilroy; I should have done that *yeah sure, Kil, you're five feet four.*

Adrian: *is jerked to the ground*

Edea: ... *rakes claws over Vincent's face*

Adrian: *yanks back with the opportunity* *gasp*

Vin: *Rakes HIS claw over Misty*

Edea: *vampie no-blood wound*

Edea: *is shocked*

Adrian: *blasts Edea with gathered energy*

Vin: Immortals seem to fight rather like pissed off cats*


Adrian: *heals him*

Edea: *eyes glow red* *hit and jumps away*


Vin: *lunges again*

Adrian: *eyes glowing also*

Edea: *waves him off balance*

Vin: *totters, falls back and tries a foot sweep*

Edea: *is swept*

Adrian: *pounces on with dagger*

Edea: *shocked at the audacity* *black magic sweeps over Vincent*

Vin: *snarls, makes choking sounds*

Edea: *grabs Adrian's wrist and pushes back*


Vin: *chainsaw sounds*

Veld: *sharp object? SHIT CHAINSAW*

Vin: *tackles again, transforming again*

Adrian: *struggling* That's MY WORD, VAMPIRE! DAMNATION!

Edea: *struggling too* *white vs. black*

Veld: Godsdamned can't use guns... you think I should shoot myself again?

Hellmasker: *laughing like a kid in a candy store* *stabby chainsaw*

Adrian: *gritting teeth* *struggles* NO VELD, NO MORE CRAZY VAMPIRE FROM YOU.

Edea: *throws Adrian off and dodges chainsaw*

Hellmasker: ha ha ha ha Helloooooo

Veld: Of course, Hellmasker seems to be handling this well.

Edea: *raises hand in the air as she jumps away* *ice shard attack at Hellmasker*

Adrian: *scoots along the ground* *jumps back up* Hell?


Hellmasker: *slashes at ice, he's not squall bitch*

Hellmasker: Do you like .... nightmares?

Edea: ...we...enjoy nightmares. *on crumbling roof*

Veld: Four.

Adrian: *is panting, but doesn't realize it* *glowy, whee* You won't like whatever he has, I can assure you.

Edea: ...

Hellmasker: *stands jerkily like a twitchy crazy on the roof with her* he he he he.... like this? *casts nightmare*

Adrian: *smirks*

Edea: *is caught up*

((For those who do not have the book: mini, frog, sleep, mute and confusion))

Kilroy; AAAAAAGH *hits the fucking deck*

Edea: *is confused and sleepy*

Reno: .... *is fucking scared of that one*

Veld: *get out of way of casting, make sure people don't go too crazy, le sigh*

Edea: *jumps off the roof and onto Adrian, proceeding to try to rip out his heart*

Adrian: *yes, go to sleep* *is just out of reach of the spell*

Kilroy: *just scared of vinnie's creatures period* *attaches to Reno* zdgjkhsgdjgkhd

Helly: *splatter combo*

Edea: *spell lasts short time on her* *dodges misty away*

Adrian: *keeping her hands away by grabbing her own, but just barely*

Helly: Come back! Come back I have more nightmares to show you!

Helly: *chase*

Edea: ... DAMNATION! *fast-mists away*

Kilroy: aaaaghhhh

Adrian: *follows as well* DAMNATION, STOP SAYING THAT! *follows with vamp-speed*

Helly: *chase as far as he can*

Veld: Shit. *wants to kick Edea in the head*

Helly: Faster than Adri and the others.

Edea: *floating in the sky, kind of hard to see*


Edea: *goes for Adrian again* *un-mists*

Hellmasker: *lunges again*

Edea: *lets Adrian go, knocks the chainsaw away from her*

Helly: He he he... perhaps, father, it would be wise to leave. You are causing me issues.

Adrian: *pantpant* *backs up a bit*

Veld: *grabs Adrian* You and me are being summoned.

Helly: The blood, the fire... oh the angels will sing.

Edea: *thrusts hand at Helly's chest like a knife*

Helly: He he he... are you crazy yet? are you talking to me?

Adrian: What?! I can't let her go! I have to make sure she gets the damnation she deserves!

Helly: *holds wrist* Why are you hitting me? I'm not real?

Edea: ... *surprised*

Helly: He he he you're fighting yourself!

Edea: ... *confused*

Veld: No no, she seems to want you and we need to get you in a barrier. *drags*

Edea: *sees her Adrian getting carted off* *mists away from Helly*

Helly: *moment of fluidity* You cannot beat her, Father. Please, allow me to handle this.

Edea: *tackles Adrian/Veld*

Adrian: *protecty Veld*

Helly: *twitching, follows*

Hell: *lunges is trying to go AWAY from the bar*

Veld: *geez, stop dragging ME I was dragging YOU*

Adrian: *is a crazy priest, you must remember*

Edea: *throws ice shards at Hellmasker*

Hell: He he he he... come on! I haven't had a good fight yet! I'm not here, fight me!

Hell: *slash*

Veld: *right, is forgetful*

Hell: I need blood! you do not bleed!

Adrian: *goes back to the bar, sure to keep the fight in sight*

Edea: *lightning dodging back to the bar*

Adrian: *breathing really hard*

Veld: Alright crazy priest do those things ever DIE?!

Hell: *drives for Edea* Fight me fightmefightme!

Veld: *also with the slightly out of breathness*

Edea: *is slashed*

Adrian: We've worn her down. They aren't Master vampires for nothing. She can be defeated.

Reno: *peeks out from under bar* Is tha fuckin monster gone yet?


Veld: No.

Edea: *knocking away chainsaw with long fingernails*

Veld: Everyone else in here and still alive?

Reno: *reaches around for the booze on the top of the bar and drags it under with him*

Scarlet: yeah.

Reno: here, man.

Edea: *back at the bar* ...die beast... *darkness attack*

Hell: he he he he he *Nightmare*

Adrian: *is barely behind the barrier* *pulls out dagger again, and starts concentrating holy energy into it*

Hell: I'm not HERE!

Edea: *confused and sleepy for a time*

Hell: I'm not here I cannot die I'm not REALLLL

Hell: *slashes*

Edea: ... *slashed*

Hell: *is upset that she's not bleeding*

Edea: *slashes back, but in the wrong direction*

Adrian: DAMNATION! *throws dagger while she's sleepy, hoping to impale her with holy blaaade*

Hell: Why whywhywhywhyw don't you BLEED!

Hell: *slashes a lot*

Hell: *twitch twitch* *looks back at the bar* You bleed...

Edea: *struck by the blade and Hellmasker*

Edea: *falls to knees, clutching at the blade in her chest*

Reno: *offers drink to Xavier*

Hell: *walking jerkily to bar* I need to see something BLEED!

Xavier: ... Uh, thanks. *is staring at Edea*

Veld: Kids, hide.

Veld: NOW.

Hell: Do you bleeeeeed?

Hell: He he he he he.

Edea: ... ... *rips it out slowly*

Adrian: *falls to knees, panting* *watching Edea rather than Helly* *wants to make sure she's going down*

Hell: *moment of clarity* It would be wise, now. To not allow me to pass.

Hell: *walking to adrian* When I cut you... he he he he he You bleeeed?

Veld: You're not coming in here, Hellmasker.

Veld: Adrian, take a step back.

Adrian: *is so behind the barrier* Sorry.. can't.. come.. in... *holds arm out, trying to keep the holy energy strong in the blade*

Edea: ... *looks up* ...you will not touch the priest, beast.

Veld: Damn, it's STILL alive?

Hell: *getting agitated because he cannot pass* LET ME IN! I NEED TO BLEED YOU

Adrian: *is making dagger really uncomfortable to touch/hold/remove*

Veld: Go play with the vamp out there.

Reno: *twitch*

Hell: Come play with me, you bleeeeed

Edea: ... *coughing*

Hell: *swaying*

Hell: Do you blllll he he he he he eeed?


Veld: You're really damn annoying sometimes.

Edea: *knife sizzling her*



Reno: *fucking scared shitless*

Scarlet: I don't like this one, Veld...

Hell: .... I ... *starts tottering away* something to bleed.

Edea: ...

Adrian: *looks really bloody insane at this point--grinning like a madman*

Veld: He's not the worst. He's actually quite intelligent when he's lucid.

Scarlet: there's lucidity there?

Veld: Briefly.

Scarlet: Where is it going?

Adrian: Now she'll bleed... Rip her to shreds... *focuses holy energy to Helly's claws*

Edea: ... *coughing*

Veld: Shit.

Hell: *so going to find and slaughter a random person*

Reno: Shit's bad. don't shit. What are we shitting about?

Edea: *knife pulls out, blood comes out in spurts, but it's purple*

Adrian: HER! SHE'LL BLEED NOW! *points at Edea*

Hell: *giggling*

Veld: *is so grabbing another gun and going after Helly to keep that from happening*

Edea: ... *clutching at wound*

Hell: Need to bleed.... something to bleed *so out of hearing distance*

Veld: *running out the bar and after it*

Scarlet: Oh fuck. *grabs gun and follows* Reno move it!

Reno: ... *is fucking scared but does what he is told*


Edea: ... *stands up, tottery* ...we wanted...to speak...to the ...priest...

Adrian: DAMNATION! *glaring at Edea*

Edea: *walking to the barrier* ...we wanted...

Adrian: ...About what, vampire?!

Hell: *twitchy looking around*

Hell: *totters drunkenly down an alley*

Edea: ... *at barrier, looking at Adrian*

Random person: *walking around innocently*

Adrian: *practically gasping for breath* IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY...SAY IT NOW!

Reno: *following Veld* Yer boyfriend is flipping insane.

Scarlet: ... oh fuck.


Hell: *Bad slasher movie attack on RP* BLEED!

Hell: *slashes, bites, growls*


Edea: *reaches out through it, getting zapped* ...we wanted to meet...the one who made the barrier...

Scarlet: O_O

Reno: ...

Hell: *drops chainsaw and plays in entrails*

Adrian: We? But you just figured out that there was a barrier. Heh. *scoots back slowly* You mean you?

Hell: *cuddles spleen* bleed... blood.

Random person: x_X

Edea: ... *farther through it* *hand melting* ...no more... *coughing*

Reno: oh fucking... *heaves in a corner*


Scarlet: ... Veld, ah, what do we do with it?

Edea: ...a strong barrier. We have not seen magic like this... *melts up to lower arms*

Veld: *instead of looking sickened, he looks pissed off* I'm going to shoot at it.

Hell: *digging out ribcage singing the blood song*

Adrian: *smirking* I bet you haven't.

Scarlet: CAN we shoot it?

Edea: ... *both hands now* ... *leaning through purposefully*

Veld: Worth a try. Need to jar Valentine into taking control again. *bang*

Reno: *Left hand shot*

Hell: *jerks*

Edea: ...masterful...*melts up to upper arms, now feet*


Adrian: ... *starts giggling wildly* Damnation.. damnation on you.. your mom... your followers... Face it. You're going to lose.

Hell: Oh... oh lords... dear gods, this is unseemly... *falls over*


Reno: *so totally needed to hold the gun with two hands*

Scarlet: *looking down the sights*

Vin: *groans*

Edea: ...bless you, priest. *smiles* *walks through the barrier and melts away*

Veld: You alright kid?

Vin: *tries to stand, hand slides on what MAY be a liver*

Vin: *looks down*

Vin: *starts laughing*

Veld: No more disemboweling things in monster form.

Vin: *gets onto his knees* *shakes out hand, laughing* Shit... that was... messy.

Reno: *swallows*

Adrian: *laughing* Such lovely... last words... Ee hee hee hee hee... Damnation... heh...

Scarlet: Vin... I feel the need to remind you that blood and guts are not happy fun time.

Edea: X_X <---ded

Vin: *shakes his head* Yeah... yeah, I know. Sorry.

Vin: *stands*

Adrian: *stands up, teetering quite a bit*

Veld: What, near genocide last night wasn't enough? Geez, kid.

Vin: *COVERED in blood*

Vin: Hellmasker wanted out. *as if that is full explanation*

Adrian: *has stopped laughing and is just generally grinning a lot* The vampires have lost a Master tonight.. Yes... *steps out of the bar*

Reno: Can I get drunk now?

Veld: Whatever. Let's get back, Reno looks like he might pass out.

Reno: Reno is damn proud of himself for not pissing his fucking pants thankyouverymuch.

Adrian: They know damnation awaits them, now... *goes down the stairs, nearly falling*

Scarlet: *confused look at Veld*

Vin: *nods and starts back to bar*

Veld: What, Scarlet?

Scarlet: You're angry.

Veld: I'm always fucking angry, what's your point?

Vin: He's mad at me, Letty, not you.

Scarlet: *just gives up and walks*

Veld: *is trying very hard to hide the fact that his hands are shaking*

Vin: Ya need to take a walk, Veld?

Adrian: *falls to knees and picks up knife*

Veld: *and yes, his shirt is totally half buttoned*

Scarlet: Reno, please walk faster.

Veld: I'll be fine, go clean up.

Reno: *drops smoke he was lighting and DOES in fact walk faster*

Vin: You're shaking.

Veld: And you just disemboweled someone again. Your point?

Adrian: *holding knife* Hee... you've served me well... *clutches knife close to him, nearly falls forward, but stands back up*

Reno: *SO not thinking about Hellmasker*

Scarlet: *weee in the bar and remotely safe if Veld doesn't flip out*

Vin: I didn't... you know I can't...

Veld: How did you transform the second time? No one shot you.

Vin: Whatever she-bitch hit me with made me go.

Vin: That black chokey cloud thing.

Vin: Gigas wanted out, I couldn't get Galian again I went for the only other option.

Veld: *chuckles* They always have the worst timing, these vampires...

Vin: *looking at the ground* Fucks, it's not like they are on some sort of lever. I'm JUST getting to the point where I can influence who comes out. And I need time to think for that.

Vin: "..."

Veld: I know, I'm sorry.

Veld: We've got to quit flipping out, we're scaring people.

Vin: I know.

Reno: *oh way already terrified of Vincent Thankyouverymuch*

Adrian: *turns and looks back at the bar, which is sort of fuzzy looking*

Vin: *walks in, why look how covered in guck he is* *looks around* *mumbles about a shower and goes upstairs*

Reno: ... ah, Veld?

Veld: *hands aren't shaking so much now* Hmm?

Adrian: *watched them all go inside* *follows up steps, putting dagger away*

Reno: *dodges a part of the ceiling as it falls*

Reno: Ah, what are we supposed ta do about tha bar?

Rude: *walking down the street* ... *looks at the front of the bar like WHAT THE HELL!?*


Veld: I don't know... buy some 2 by 4s?

Vin: *walks downstairs* We have fuck all for water pressure.

Veld: Then use a hose.

Rude: ... *calmly walks up to Veld and grabs him* Tifa.

Vin: Don't GRAB

Veld: Rude, no touching, and she's under a table. At least she should be.

Reno: Shit man no touching our sociopathic ex boss.

Rude: *looks, while letting go*

Tifa: *crawls out from under table* Hi Rude! Don't touch him or you'll die!

Rude: ... *relieved*

Reno: Ya think god would ah... fix the mess or does it not work like that?

Reno: *so edging far away from Vin*

Veld: It couldn't hurt to ask.

Rude: ... *raises eyebrows at Reno*

Reno: *very harsh look at Rude*

Adrian: Damn..nation? *collapses into bar, panting*

Adrian: *whee, room spinny*

Veld: Crazy priest? You alright?

Veld: Shit, alright. Valentine, don't freak out but I'm calling God up.

Adrian: *tries to get back up again*

Vin: *slumps onto booth*

Veld: *materia, mumbles*

Adrian: God? Hi, Alex!!

Reno: *fumbles around for smokes*

Rude: *raises incredulous eyebrow*

Rude: *looks around the place again* ...

Reno: *smoking*

Scarlet: *smoking*

Vin: would smoke, his are soaked in blood

Adrian: *pant* *scratches floor with claws as he gets back up onto his knees* Oh.. sorry... I'll pay for that...

Veld: *points to NO SMOKING sign which is still intact on the floor*

Reno: *shaking*

Adrian: *is really quite hungry now*

Scarlet: Just this one.

Vin: *dripping blood on the floor*

Veld: *points again, raises eyebrow*

Veld: Alex? Come on...

Adrian: *weak from using all this energy* *notes the blood and tries very hard to look away, failing* *stares*

Rude: ...you guys need...help?

Reno: *starts laughing*

Scarlet: *oh great he's crazy too*

Rude: *believes in god just about as much as he believes in vampires, btw*

Alex: Well this is disconcerting. *walks up behind adrian and flaps his wings once* *so still Veld in a cool hat*

Rude: ... *notes that Reno sounds a bit hysterical*

Reno: *snickering*

Veld: Hey Alex we ran into some trouble can you help a bit?

Cloud: *hobbles back downstairs with Claudia's help*

Alex: *disapproving look at Scarlet: Now, Scarlet, you do know that smoking is very bad for you.

Adrian: *panting, mouth open* *shudders* *looks back at Alex* ...God? Hi! Gotta.. got a Master vampire...

Rude: ... *blinks once, raises eyebrows at Reno*

Veld: *HA God agrees with me!*

Alex: Adrian... *frowns* You kids have REALLY overdone it.

Reno: *snicker snort*

Veld: Master vampire. She was kind of a bitch.

Adrian: *smile fades* Well... they aren't.. Masters for.. nothing...

Veld: Reno, you alright?

Scarlet: *so totally putting the smoke out for god*

Reno: *laughing and shakes head*

Adrian: *turns around with much effort to look at Alex* *stares*

Rude: *notes that Alex does NOT in fact, have Easter Bunny ears, or a Santa suit*

Veld: Reno, drink something.

Alex: *walks outside* Well this is rather a mess.

Rude: ...yeah, we need to get some booze in you.

Claudia: *helps Cloud to a chair* *whoa, God*

Reno: *walks to the bar still snickering*

Adrian: But.. we're all alright.. so... it's...worth it?

Rude: *fills him with alcohol*

Veld: *eyebrow raise at Vin*

Alex: Mentally you are all very worn out.

Tifa: *so totally mixes the drinks*

Alex: *so just to rude and not moving his mouth* Rudolph? It isn't exactly Vincent's fault now, I know you dislike him on account of Reno.

Rude: ...!

Adrian: *smiles* Yes, but.. sleep.. is good... for..mental..ness. *tries to stand up again* *does so, but is a bit wobbly*

Rude: ... *blinks and shakes his head*

Alex: *out loud* I suppose you kids want another miracle huh?

Reno: *snickering* Blood and feathers, man. All over.

Rude: ... *coughs, going to ignore that whole...divine...experience*

Adrian: If you would bless us with.. such a thing, Alex... *loves miracles*

Adrian: *tired sparkly eyes*

Veld: At the very least point us to a good hardware store.

Vin: *wow look at this interesting bartop!* *drips blood on it*

Rude: *jams more alcohol down Reno's throat, as he is obviously not drunk enough*

Alex: Are you all starting up the damnation depot or something?

Veld: *flops into seat next to Vin*

Claudia: *peers at Vin* *twitch*

Adrian: *can so hear the blood dripping* DAMNATION DEPOT!!

Rude: *has a few himself, for good measure*

Veld: *facepalm*


Rude: ...shut up.

Claudia: *so hasn't eaten in two nights*

Adrian: What a...WONDERFUL idea...

Scarlet: I think Reno's lost it.

Reno: Oh Reno's so lost it.

Veld: *snaps head to look at Reno* Reno. STOP IT.

Xavier: *hasn't eaten either* *man, hungry*

Cloud: Can you really blame him though?

Veld: You can't let people get too comfortable with their crazy.

Rude: ... *tries covering Reno's mouth* *cackling is still heard through the glove*

Alex: Right. First off. Cleo? Be a doll and open the fridge and get blood packets out for Father Adrian and Claudia and Xavier?

Reno: *stops laughing*

Xavier: Ooh. *perks*

Reno: *bites lip to stop but stops*

Rude: *cautiously takes hand away*

Adrian: *frowns* But.. Alex, I... I don't drink blood.

Cleo: *blinks* *nods and bolts for the kitchen*

Claudia: You will if you want to live.

Alex: You need to, you're going a little insane, Adrian.

Alex: And there is nothing I can do for you then.

Rude: *watching proceedings, wondering at Alex's wings and whether they could be explained away by ShinRa's scientific experimentation*

Rude: *decides that yes, this is possible*

Adrian: Insane...? But I'm.. I'm coherent! Crazies.. aren't. Hee. And blood... But it's... wrong?

Alex: *still looking at the bar* You kids really had this coming huh? *flaps* No, it isn't wrong.

Cleo: *comes back with handy Capri Sun!Blood packets for teh vamps*

Alex: You just shouldn't hurt anyone to get it.

Veld: Yes, remember the whole almost genocide deal? They weren't too happy with us.

Rude: ... *is uncomfortable with strangeness*

Cleo: *passes them out*

Veld: *headcounter* *tired*

Vin: *drip drip drip on booth*

Adrian: Yes... well.. if you say so... Alex. Can't...argue... with you.. *weak smile* Not my place... *still thinks blood is icky*

Claudia: *sticks straw in hers and goes to town*

Alex: *disapproving look* Alright, kids, I'm going to be perfectly frank. TRY TALKING FIRST.

Xavier: *also straws his packet* *sluuurk* ^_^

Veld: *tiredly* Noted.

Alex: *walks back into the bar and its so fixed and clean like that* Because I will not be doing this again. You're all old enough to pick up after yourselves.

Rude: ... *rubs eyes*

Rude: ... ...

Alex: *smiles at Rude* I love skeptics.

Adrian: *marveling a bit much* *<3 Alex*

Rude: ... ...

Claudia: *conversing with Cloud in Nibel*

Rude: ... ... *drinks a Tifa-made shot*

Alex: *yawns, stretches wings*

Alex: You kids give me a work out, you know that?

Adrian: *eyes blood packet with both distaste and hunger*

Veld: *into counter* Sorry about that.

Adrian: Forgive us, Lord Alex. Hee...

Alex: Oh eat already, please, Adrian.

Cloud: Sorry, Alex. ^^;

Alex: The sooner you are rid of Chaos the better. I imagine hell is quite the ... chaos without him.

Reno: *gigglesnort*

Adrian: *sticks a straw in it* *wrinkles nose and empties the thing as fast as he can*

Veld: Hardy har.

Vin: *grabs head* *twitchy*

Adrian: ...! *will not admit that at the moment, blood is bitter metallic GOODNESS*

Rude: ... *mournful sad look at Reno* ....you think so?

Reno: *grinning like a fool* *shakes head*

Rude: ...THAT...is not god. *points dramatically* It's NOT.

Rude: ...

Adrian: *puts empty blood packet down* *looks like a kid that just ate his veggies -- proud to be finished, but eew*

Veld: *rolls eyes* Come on, Valentine, let's get you cleaned up.

Vin: *nods*

Cloud: Alex?

Rude: ... *sighs*

Vin: *walks to the stairs shaking his head*

Alex: Yes, Cloud?

Veld: *follows* He's complaining a lot, isn't he?

Cloud: Did you...help me last night? With my head?

Vin: He's so pissed off right now... *laughs* But he's scared to come out.

Adrian: Er... *actually feels hungrier now than he did earlier*

Veld: Well, that's good in a way.

Alex: Do you think I did?

Cloud: I dunno. It felt like you, but I'm not sure.

Alex: There will be more in the fridge for you kids tonight. But no more you'll have to get it yourselves. Since the Devil caused this problem, I may as well fix it.

Alex: *to Cloud* <3

Cloud: Thanks. ^^

Reno: *shakes his head*

Vin: *So leaving clothes on the floor*

Rude: ... *surprised at Reno*

Reno: *drinks*

Rude: ...

Veld: *so going to wait til later to yell at him about that*

Adrian: *headache* *is growing more weary the longer his body has time to calm down from all the excitement*


Veld: *ZOMG BED flop*

Adrian: Since I've had a blood packet.. I'm safe from.. crazy.. yes? *mutters quietly about damnation*

Rude: ...it's not god.

Alex: If you are hungry, Adrian, eat. *weary of this conversation*

Alex: Rudolph? When you were a little boy you used to talk to me. About your mom. I'm sorry.

Rude: *looking at Alex*

Alex: I truly am. But she had to go and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Claudia: He's right, kid. If you don't eat, you'll go crazy. I've seen what happens, and it ain't pretty.

Rude: ...what...

Rude: *swallows*

Adrian: Oh...? Like...what?

Alex: Reno's family loves you, you are not as out of place as you feel.

Claudia: Ever seen a rabid dog?

Veld: *going to go "check" on Vin*

Rude: ... ...

Vin: *barsoap to head*

Adrian: *blinking at Claudia* *finds this fascinating* Yes. I had one. We had to...put her down. o_o! Is..that what.. you must do with.. a vampire?

Reno: *snickers* *makes spin motion with his finger*

Rude: ...shut up, pal.

Claudia: *nods* If they don't throw themselves into the fire, first.

Adrian: Even if.. they get blood...? It doesn't.. cure them?

Vin: *is being "checked" on nicely*

Claudia: It varies. The longer you go without, the crazier you get, and there's a point of no return where no amount can bring you back.

Rude: ... *thinking hard*

Rude: ...what a hat.

Alex: <3

Alex: I'm not going to show up as quickly next time, kids. *gone, feathers fall to the ground*

Reno: Fuck not bein religious, Ah talk ta god alright.

Reno: *snicker*

Adrian: So... what..about.. for .. *swallows, since mouth is suddenly dry* five more days?

Rude: ... *breathes deep for a second*

Rude: *rubbing under sunglasses suspiciously*

Rude: *clears throat and sniffs*

Reno: *walks over and hugs Rude, hey he's drunk and crazy*

Claudia: *shrugs* Who can say? Everyone's different. It also depends a lot on how old you are. Older ones can go longer without feeding.

Rude: *clears throat again and pats him on the back*

Adrian: Hee... Let's see how long a two-day-old can go.. eh? I think I'm...doing pretty good!

Reno: Ya wanna go fer a walk?

Rude: ...yeah, pal.

Reno: *fumbles for smokes, bites lip to keep from laughing*

Rude: ... *adjusts sunglasses, finally put together again*

Claudia: *glares at Adrian* You're getting on my fucking nerves, priest. Stop being such a pussy and deal with it.

Reno: Naw... it.. he ain't... This is a lot of shit. I think I'm loosin it.

Reno: *finally gets his smoke lit and shakes out hands*

Adrian: *smirks* I shall do as.. Alex says.

Claudia: Good.

Rude: ...yeah...

Rude: ...did he do that...mind-reading thing to you, too?

Reno: no. *points* That's what Valentine did, man.

Corpse: *looks rather nasty*

Adrian: *wanders over to the fridge, wobbly-like* Hm...! *pulls out blood packet* *eyes it* So.. can you mix it with drinks and still.. get everything you need? Or must it.. be pure? *has straw, in case of the latter*

Rude: ... ...

Reno: *shakes heand and looks away* And thats NICE compaired ta "Gigas"

Claudia: You don't have to drink it straight if you don't want to. Don't know why you'd wanna mix it with anything though, tastes like shit when you do that.

Reno: Motherfucker's crazy

Rude: ...you're not...

Rude: ...gonna go crazy.

Reno: *shakes head* I dunno man.

Reno: I don't want shits like that in my head.

Rude: *pat on head* Quit thinking about it, pal.

Reno: *shudders* Ah try not ta.

Reno: *looks at Rude*

Adrian: 'S that..so? Well.. I trust.. you on that.. *sticks straw in and drinks*

Rude: ...!

Rude: ...

Reno: *walks back to the bar*

Reno: I... I can't handle that man. not like that, not... *shakes his head* I hope I stopped them shots soon enough.

ProfVamp: *yeah, totally stayed nearby and watched EVERYTHING like woah* *is still staring at the bar*

Rude: ... *not good at the whole comforting...thing, as it's not his field of expertise*

Rude: ...if you haven't heard anything by now...it's unlikely.

Rude: *adjusts sunglasses* From what I've read.

Rude: *pokes his pretty nose into scientific reports where it doesn't belong*

Reno: Valentine went crazy cause of the shots... I ...

Rude: ... *tactfully quits talking*

ProfVamp: *perched on roof, hiding behind chimney*

Reno: *walks back into the bar*

Scarlet: *watching him from corner of her eye*

ProfVamp: *blinku*

Scarlet: I should be going now.

Scarlet: *looks at Reno again* Get rest.
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