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[Cloud is still in one of the shinra hospital rooms. Nii, Lu, and Kil are welcome to come in and check on him. Reno and Tifa show up because they are on a mission from god. while in the lift, they meet Scarlet]

Tifa: *has basket of cocoa packets*

Reno: *has the info for the GED classes* *sighs*

Scarlet: Hey guys!

Scarlet: Where you off to?

Tifa: We're gonna make Cloud better.

Kilroy: *gonna bring Cloud an ice cream sammidge*

Tifa: I brought cocoa.

Reno: Going to try school... again.

Tifa: He's going to sit next to me and I'm going to poke him.

Scarlet: *hands a picture of a wee Vin and Veld cuddling* I have these.

Tifa: *wide eyes* Where did you get these?

Scarlet: That's my couch.

Tifa: Really? What were they doing on your couch?

Scarlet: I was a Turk with them... see the guy and the girl in the back? Cassio and Tally.

Scarlet: Piss drunk and cuddling.

Tifa: *giggles* Awww.

Scarlet: They did that EVERY time Veld got wasted.

Scarlet: *flips through* Oh oh here's Reeve with them. Poor Reeve was traumatized. *hands*

Scarlet: Wasn't Veld hot?

Reno: *rolls eyes*

Tifa: I'll have to show Cloud these. Ooo, Reeve was cute too...

Scarlet: Reeve's still cute :P

Tifa: I mean like younger cute. Course he's still cute.

Tifa: *is surrounded by cute men all the time...*

Scarlet: *knocks on Cloud's door*

Kilroy: *perks as she sees Scarlet* --! :D

Scarlet: Kil! look, embarrassing pictures of my friends! *shows*

Cloud: *quietly* Come in...

Scarlet: Ignore the picture of Vin and Cassio with my bras on their heads...

Reno: Heya, Spike, how ya doin?

Tifa: Cloud! I brought cocoa!

Cloud: My head's less fuzzy. And I don't hear the oom paa band anymore.

Kilroy: ice cream sammidge? ^_^ ...ooh. photos. *eyes 'em* <3

Cloud: *would really rather be left alone* Oh, thanks...it's okay though, don't really feel like any.

Tifa: And Scarlet has embarrassing pictures of people!

Cloud: *chuckles*

Reno: Ya have ta help my dumb ass with applications, spike

Cloud: What for? School stuff?

Scarlet: *hands Cloud a book* Here are embarrassing turk pictures. We used to kill for this.

Reno: Yeah, Rude said he'd beat me to death if I didn't go

Tifa: *smiles* Rude's so smart...

Cloud: That's good...*takes book*

Reno: He's got a masters in chemical weapons ya know.

Cloud: *absently fingers his new pendant and kinda flips through the book*

Tifa: <3

Reno: How ya feelin, Spike?

Kilroy; *puts sammich in minifridge* I snuck around with a disposable camera.

((that's adorable))

Cloud: Pretty lousy, to be honest.

Reno: Ya wanna talk er somethin?

Tifa: Awww. Want me to make you some cocoa?

Scarlet: Yeah, the rest of us can clear out if you wanna talk?

Cloud: *glances at book* *oh yay, more Vin/Veld snuggle pictures* *hands book back to Scarlet*

Cloud: *sighs* I guess so.

Scarlet: don't want to help me embarrass Veld?

Kilroy: 8tilts head* *quiet* Want I give thee space, Cloud?

Reno: *shares a look with Scarlet*

Cloud: Don't really care.

Tifa: Embarrass? What are you going to do?

Kilroy: :/ bweh.

Scarlet: Hey, Teef, Kil why don't you guys help me out ... outside. I have to find Lu and ask her about Reno's hand.

Reno: I'm... ah, yeah. yeah.

Tifa: Ok. *sets cocoa basket down on table* This is all for you Cloud. Let me know if you ever want me to make you some.

Cloud: Thanks, Tifa.

Scarlet: *leads Kil and Tifa outside*

Scarlet: *hands photobooks to Tifa cause she'll love them*

Reno: Whasup, Spike?

Tifa: *eee!*

Scarlet: Oh here's one with Cassio in it, you would have liked him...

Cloud: *eyes downcast* Kinda wishing I fell overboard.

Kilroy: ...

Reno: Hey, why ya say'n that? A lot of people'd miss ya, ya know.

Tifa: *wow Cassio's hott*

Cloud: ...they don't want to marry me.

Cloud: *tearing up*

Scarlet: *telling the story about when they all got arrested in Junon and Veld picked the locks, got them out and Cassio cheered too loud then they came and took Veld's pick and affixed him to the wall and Vin had to get him out*

Kilroy; *pays attention to Scarlet* XD

Reno: *winces and reaches over to rub Cloud's shoulder* They told ya no?

Cloud: ...I...I didn't even get the chance to ask.

Cloud: When we were opening gifts, Sephiroth proposed to Zak.

Reno: An not ta you? *moves to sit on the bed with him, he's got a sister Cloud's age and has chosen to treat Cloud that way*

Cloud: *nods sadly* ...I...I felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest.

Scarlet: Oh and then Kitty, Tally and I flashed the guards and Veld YELLED and yelled. So then Vin and Cassio flashed them... and he YELLED and yelled.

Cloud: *cries*

Tifa: *dying laughing*

Reno: *hugs and does that back rubbing thing* ah... man.. an he didn tell ya bout it? Maybe he jus didn't think ya was ready?

Kilroy: *laughing so hard she's squeaking~*

Cloud: *shakes his head* No, no...he doesn't love me. Not the way he loves Zak. I'm just in the way.

Cloud: Reno, Seph had him this katana made, with their family names on it.

Tifa: Whatever happened to Tally and Cassio? I've never met them.

Cloud: ...I don't belong with them.

Reno: *blinks* Damn, that's a lotta money. *shakes head* If he thought that he wouldn't a had ya be there wit them, man. *really does side with Cloud on this one*

Kilroy: *wishes she could recall*

Scarlet: *frowns* They ...ah, they were killed before Reeve came on.

Kilroy; *oh. yeah* ...Heidegger screwed up the info on that run, didn't he.

Tifa: Oh.... sorry to hear that.

Scarlet: Amon didn't care. He knew, but he wanted to prove that ... I don't know.

Cloud: *sobbing* I was so fucking stupid...so fucking stupid...

Cloud: They've been together five years...of course they don't feel that way about me, I'm just some dumb kid...

Tifa: Prove what?

Scarlet: Vin got wounded, really bad. Took a hit for Veld. Kitty and I got blasted back, and ... Tally pushed us out of the way, we thought were were clear and then the railing gave way.

Scarlet: That his attack dogs would die for him.

Tifa: That's... awful.

Scarlet: He didn't even pay for them to burried. We did it.

Kilroy: Well. Now that person is dead, and may no one ever remember him.

Tifa: I won't. Sounds like a bad man.

Kilroy: kutabacchimaeyo, Amon. <3

Scarlet: Veld was crushed about it. He thought Vin was going to die too... I'd never seen him like that.

Scarlet: He's never looked at photos of all of us, and I figured that he'd I dunno, like them.

Scarlet: And a book of him cuddling, cause he'll hate that.

Reno: Ya ain't stupid.

Kilroy: That person was a useless waste of air. *smirk* I'm glad I helped end his worthless exist...en...heeee. *cheering up* Yes. Veld does not like to be perceived as cute.

Reno: Fuck, yer a good SOLDIER and I know ya ain't dumb

Cloud: ...Jenova was right.

Reno: *still hugging* Now that's a crock a shit, she ain't been right bout nothing.

Cloud: The night Seph killed her, before, when she was in my head...she said I was just a pet to him.

Kilroy: ...*hates Jenova tooo lala*

Tifa: Well pictures are good for everyone.

Scarlet: It took a while before Veld felt up to leading. And then we took on Reeve. I think he was scared of it. He did a great job though. Even though Vin took care of so much. *snickers* If he only knew how much Vincent worked.

Reno: She's a nasty space bitch, Cloud. Wit a big ass. An no arms. What the shit did she know?

Cloud: *wailing* ...it's true, I know it is...

Kilroy; I like Reeve. ^^ He...hm. i wodner if he still has his cat.

Reno: It ain't.

Reno: Does he treat ya like a pet

Cloud: ...you know what he said, when I finally did give them the rings anyway, on the ship? He said I didn't want to marry him anyway.

Cloud: And Zak found Seph's ring earlier and thought it was meant for me...they were talking about me like I wasn't even there...

Reno: *frowns from over Cloud's shoulder* I'm sorry, Spike. That's rough, man.

Cloud: *heave sobbing* And Seph just said...he said Zak was being silly, that they've been together five years and of course he wouldn't propose to me first...

Cloud: ...that it was Zak's idea to bring me into their relationship...

Scarlet: We have the cat still. *sighs* Now if the stupid man would commit to kids...

Cloud: *their* relationship, Reno...that's what it is, that's what it's always been...

Lu: ::wanders in to check on things:: ::overhears much of Cloud's sobbage::

Lu: ...

Cloud: I was just fooling myself.

Reno: It'll be awright, kiddo.

Tifa: You want kids, Miss Scarlet?

Lu: ...

Reno: Just... take a step back, yanno. Stand up for yerself.

Lu: ::kinda standing quietly in the doorway::

Reno: Sometimes people do things and they don't think

Reno: They don't MEAN ta hurt no one.

Lu: ....Cloud?

Reno: But they jus... they stupid and don't think.

Kilroy: *tilts head at Tifa* what brings on said query?

Reno: *looks up from hugging Cloud* *is a bit upset with two boyfriends*

Scarlet: *sighs* I want them.

Lu: ::understands better then Cloud could possibly know::

Cloud: *looks up, face red* Mrs. H.?

Lu: ::gentle, sad smile::

Lu: it's all right.

Lu: I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to eavesdrop

Lu: I...heard what you said...

Lu: about Jenova...and Zak and Sephiroth....

Lu: ::opens mouth- doesn't really want to say this in front of Reno::

Lu: I...know how that feels...

Lu: more than you might think... ::kinda examines the pretty floor tiles::

Reno: *and everything clicks*

Reno: Ya'll want me out?

Lu: ^^;

Lu: just for a minute

Reno: *stands up and pats Cloud's shoulder one more time* *to Lu* That stupid space bint was manipulating him an you know it. *walks out*

Lu: Cloud... ::comes over and takes his hands, looks up into his eyes::

Lu: Jenova...was...is...a manipulator

Lu: she'll find your worst fears and prey upon them

Lu: I...I know what it is to be the "other woman"

Cloud: ...you do?

Lu: to be in a three-way romance where the love only flows one way...

Lu: up until a couple weeks ago...Ukoku...spent more time with Jenova than he did with me

Lu: he was still good to me, mind you

Lu: he never hurt me, or purposely picked on me or belittled me or the children

Lu: he...did everything right....but there was no feeling behind it

Lu: she'd seduced him before we even met...and he had eyes only for her....

Lu: ::not looking at Cloud at this point::

Lu: ::eyes kinda teary::

Scarlet: *sighs* I haven't talked about Cassio or Tally for... gods, years. Veld always clams up.

Cloud: ...

Kilroy: *hugs scarlet*

Reno: *leaning on the wall, not listening*

Lu: ::sniffs and collects self somewhat::

Scarlet: *hugs back* You're good kids.

Tifa: *pats Scarlet* It's alright. You can always talk with me.

Lu: Do Zak and Sephiroth ignore you? Do they wall you off?

Scarlet: *laughs* Its... sad, but I like talking about them. That way I remember the fun times. Like Vin with his first rocket launcher.

Lu: Do they leave you behind? Forget about you?

Cloud: ...sometimes.

Lu: ...do they apologize?

Cloud: ...I never really talk about it with them...I don't want them to get mad.

Tifa: *giggles* Ya, I can understand.

Lu: Cloud...I think...what you need to realize...is that the boys- both of them- really love you

Lu: but they have had a little longer to figure each other out and learn one anothers quirks

Lu: you're still new to the equation

Scarlet: *holds up a picture* Here he is, 15, wasn't he adorable? It's bigger thanhe was.

Lu: that's not to say they love you less

Lu: they just aren't used to having another person

Picture: *wee Vin and his launcher and a hole in Amon's wall*

Lu: it's...painfully easy....to accidentally hurt someone you care about

Tifa: Awww, he was my age there? I hope he doesn't get a hold of one of those again...

Lu: gently remind them when they accidentally leave you out

Cloud: *nods*

Scarlet: Yeah, he was really kinda tiny till he hit about 17, I swear he grew two feet in a year.

Lu: and I'm sure they'll welcome you even more than they have already

Lu: ::so endlessly jealous of him- glad Hojo's back, can't help feeling the TEENSIEST bit bitter about it all::

Lu: please...don't....tell anyone what I've said.

Lu: Ukoku...it wasn't his fault.

Tifa: *giggles*

Cloud: I swear, I won't Mrs. H.

Lu: ::smiles::

Scarlet: And then, OH did he get Veld back for the midget jokes.

Lu: ::hugz Cloud::

Scarlet: Got him a step stool and everything.

Lu: Love isn't easy, Cloud

Lu: only 2% of the time is it like a fairy tale

Tifa: *cracks up*

Lu: the rest is plodding through the tricks and boringness of figuring out life together ::smiles::

Lu: but you'll find that can be fun too

Cloud: *sighs* *hugs back*

Reno: *so smoking and blowing the smoke into a cup by a blower so no one smells it*

Lu: ::patpat::

Reno: *slides back in* Later, Mrs Hojo.

Reno: Ya look a little betta.

Cloud: She's really good to me.

Reno: She's a nice lady, real smart and stuff.

Cloud: *nods She talked to me about some things. I know what she meant, and it makes sense, in my head...it's just...*sighs*

Reno: *sits down again* I'd be hurt too, man. I think yer entitled. They didn't mean ta though. I can bet on that.

Cloud: I dunno...maybe it's better if I just left them alone.

Reno: They been down ta see ya?

Cloud: I almost got them killed.

Cloud: They were in much worse shape than me. Especially Zak.

Cloud: Zak...I don't even know if he's awake yet...*sighs*

Reno: *nods* Well... *sigh* What I would do is wait till they get betta. And then ya know, honestly tell them. Don't yell. Never yell at someone fer shit like this, awright?

Cloud: *nods* I'm not angry, really...I'm just really sad. I wouldn't yell.

Reno: Honestly say how that makes you feel and tell them whatha want. If dey can't do that then yer just gonna hurt and make all threea ya miserable.

Cloud: ...okay.

Reno: Ya gotta stand up fer how ya feel sometimes. And sometimes walkin away is all ya can do. And it doesn't make them not care bout you, but ya gotta think bout CLOUD sometimes, awright?

Cloud: *nods sadly* ...I understand. I just...damn, is it always this hard?

Reno: Love wit one person is hard. Ah can only imagine that wit two its harder. But its worth it. An people are all different.

Reno: What works wit you don't work wit me, or wit Scarlet or Tifa.

Reno: If yer feelin betta get outta here fer a while, come down ta the bar er just, take some time away fer a while?

Cloud: *nods*

Cloud: I might come by later. It was weird, last night when I was asleep, I felt all warm...

Cloud: And when I woke up, my head stopped hurting.

Reno: We coulda used ya last night man. I hope ya get betta soon.

Reno: *laughs* Well, Alex said he was worried bout ya.

Cloud: *blinks* Alex?

Reno: In fact, he told a chick we got at tha bar now that you were a loyal and brave man.

Cloud: *gobsmacked* No way...

Reno: Yeah, *looks around* So Veld got kidnapped by Vampires, Vin and him wigged out, I got shot a lot, and now we are minus one Vampire coven, and plus two new friends. And yeah.

Cloud: o_O

Reno: But you got someone tha wants ta shake yer hand.

Cloud: Really?

Reno: Yeah, yer like a hero and shit, yo.

Cloud: *turns red* Whoa...

Cloud: I guess I should come by then, right?

Reno: Well, everyone wants ta make sure yer alright, if yer feelin up ta it, I drove.

Cloud: Yeah...I'm a little woozy when I walk, but physically I'm pretty much ok. Just sore.

Cloud: I think I can visit, if I take it easy.

Reno: *smirks* Den grab yer pants and lets get out of dis sterileness

Reno: Tifa and I went and got some music too, since Valentine has shitty taste in entertainment.

Cloud: Cool. *smiles a little*

Reno: *so has desperado, bowie and some other stuff for the jute box*

Cloud: *gets up slowly* Okay, just give me a minute. I'll be right out.

Reno: *nods* Ya need help holla. *walks out* Spike's comin ta tha party.

Scarlet: Party?

Reno: yeah the "no one's dead" party.

Tifa: Party?! YAY!

Scarlet: Oh I like those.

Reno:... is that Valentine and some guy wit panties on their heads?

Kilroy: ...Hootenanny!

Scarlet: Ah, yes... see this one time in Wutai...


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